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French 75

The gin or brandy argument dates back to WWI. British and American officers came to war drinking gin and bourbon, but soon had to adapt to what liquirs were available in France. Brandy was substituted for whisky and gin. The availability of champagne plus the local cognac combined to make the first "Soixante Quinze" a potent front line drink with a kick like the artillery gun it was named after. Since the war the recipe has been smoothed out with sugar, lemon and othe frivolities, but the original drink was just brandy/cognac and champagne.

Feb 18, 2012
bluedog_IQT in Recipes

Curried Turkey Salad

This reminds me of the curried turkey salad I used to get at a little deli near my office. I experimented with my own version for a while but couldn't ever quite get it. Thank you

Mar 27, 2008
bluedog_IQT in Recipes