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wine tasting in santa cruz mountains?

Friend and I are going to be in Los Gatos for a weekend in September, and were thinking about doing some wine tasting. There are many small wineries in the area, but I'm not familiar with most of them. What do you recommend? Thanks!!

Aquavit Dining Room - Still worth going?


Jul 27, 2009
lauriec in Manhattan

Aquavit Dining Room - Still worth going?


A good friend and I are meeting up in NYC over Labor Day weekend. We're coming from different states, and want to make the most of our meals while we're in town. He's a major Scandanavian-phile (is that a word?) and wants to go to Aquavit, but some readers on Zagat and Times online have complained that quality has slipped. We were thinking of doing the whole hog, i.e., chef's tasting menu. Less interested in going to the Cafe for dinner. So is it still worth it to go for chef's tasting menu in the Dining Room, or should we forget dinner altogether and just drop in for Sunday smorgasbord brunch (or neither)? Thanks!!

Jul 23, 2009
lauriec in Manhattan

any thoughts on Coi?

just went last week and no problem with jeans, at least not for the ladies. the guy in our party wore khakis and a sweater and didn't look out of place. the tasting menu seems to be the only option for the dining room; ala carte not offered.