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What's good Italian options? Anything on crescent or nearby?

Nora Gray!!! A 10-minute walk from Crescent. One of the best restaurants in the city and they just happen to make northern Italian comfort food.

Best prices for cow-free feta in Mtl? (goat, ewe or both)

I can't recall prices but I always buy feta at Akhavan in NDG.

Where do get a plate of fresh pasta

That's easy. Nora Gray.

Thai Sep Restaurant

Spurred on by your glowing reviews, I tried it tonight too! Totally worth the drive from Old Montreal where Thai food is impossible to find, let alone delicious Thai food.

We had tom kha (fantastic; a bit sweet but I didn't mind); a pork laab (eerily similar to the ones we had in Laos); Thai beef salad (similar to the laab but not minced); a sweet and sour pork dish whose name escapes me (reminiscent of street food we had in Bangkok)... and the piece de resistance, the homemade SAUSAGE... it was unbelievable. Packed with a plethora of flavours that are sure to haunt my dreams tonight.

Atmosphere was inviting; service (courtesy of the owner) was friendly and attentive; and they even had a cozy nook in which to stash our snoozing baby in a pram. Noticed a high chair too for those in need of one.

The owner asked me where I heard about the restaurant so I pointed him to this thread and wrote down the name "Chowhound" for him... if you're reading this, sir, thank you so much again!!

Restaurant on Sunday? Montreal

L'Orignal is open on Sundays, in Old Montreal.

restaurants in cote des neiges area and queen mary

My favourites, some of which have already been mentioned:

Farhat (tasty grilled sandwiches)
Sen Vang (my favourite bun bo hue in town)
Carribbean Curry House (obviously)
Thanjai (outstanding South Indian; home of the 6-foot dosa)
Yia Sou (solid Greek)

Montreal dining for 2 year old's birthday

We went to L'Orignal the other night with our newborn in tow; definitely child-friendly but not to the detriment of the vibe. There was a (really well-behaved) toddler sitting nearby too. New look is great - very cozy. Loved everything we tried: oysters, deer tartare, twice baked cheese souffle, deer burger (we love deer...) but the standout was a special of gnocchi with smoked chicken ragout.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

Yes ma'am, still around! I was there just a few weeks ago.

That pita.... sigh.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

I went to Elatos yesterday! What a great call. They even put fries inside like in Athens. Took a looong time to prepare but well worth it.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

I think this discussion needs to be revived. For a town with such a strong Greek heritage, we should all be eating souvlaki regularly. Does anyone have a clear favourite? Does anyone know of a place making souvlaki with nice pita, perfectly flavoured meat, stellar tzatziki, fresh tomatoes, proper ratios, and love?

Here are my thoughts:

Marven's (880 Ball, Parx Ex): Once great but not anymore. Went tonight. Meat dry, not enough sauce, careless over-onioning. Was packed, though.

Arahova (various locations): Everyone loves the tzatziki. In my experience Arahova has always been just OK. Maybe I've been going to the wrong location.

Villa du Souvlaki (5347 Sherbrooke W, NDG): I used to go all the time when I lived nearby, but feel it's not as great as it used to be.

Carveli (6860 Cote-St-Luc): I can confirm that the pita is as amazing today as it's always been, but the meat lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. Still, probably my favourite souvlaki in Montreal.

Yia Sou (5375 Queen Mary, near Snowdon): Really solid option.

Village Grec (654 Jean-Talon West, Park Ex): Another solid option.

Souvlaki George (6995 Monkland): Just OK in my book.

I've heard good things about Elatos (550 Jarry West) and Nostos (9530 Acadie). And, several chefs I know have recommend Panama (789 Jean-Talon West). Will have to give these a try next time the mood strikes.

best ethiopian?

I feel like Abiata and Nil Bleu are owned by the same folks - does anyone know?

best ethiopian?


Gia Ba has arrived. Go there now.

Hey JerkPork! Just about the chicken bones... I agree not everyone's cup of tea but I know it takes a long time to cook and involves a certain degree of expertise... hence the $12 for bones. But I see what you mean!

Is Maison Publique the right choice?

I second Maison Publique. Perfect choice for this scenario.

Montreal: Poutine and Shish Taouk and Couscous and....

Tried recently. It's stellar.

Old Montreal - Sunday lunch

This seems like spam. Winnie's?!?!

Suggestions for later in the evening in downtown Montreal

My recommendation would be L'Orignal in Old Montreal, open Mondays and usually a pretty good crowd that night since everything else is closed!

Rivière des Prairies

Not all at once...

Business dinner & roundtable options near Old Montreal

Le Local has a private room with good AV system. Not sure how many it seats.

Montreal Restaurants more than 25 years old

Piment Rouge has closed. We went in winter 2013 and it was clearly on its last legs... now it's gone.

If "Restaurant John" refers to the one on Notre-Dame in St-Henri, it is now called "John 2.0" and they have a truly terrible sign outside.

Gia Ba has arrived. Go there now.

I asked the same thing! They don't right now... they do seem to do a brisk take-out business!

Bishop & Bagg

Hi again - went back to Bishop & Bagg for brunch not too long ago. Had maple crepes and ricotta on toast. Simple, tasty options and really reasonable prices.

Also had dinner there once more - tried whole rainbow trout with fiddleheads and beurre blanc (fantastic, if you're man enough to overlook a few bones and enjoy fish the way it was meant to be eaten) and had a few bites of steak which was also really good.

Good news for Montreal chiliheads! Cuisine Szechuan

Whoups - then I misunderstood somewhere along the way. But Chef Andy, who was killin it at CS for a long time, has now opened Gia Ba.

Where has this mysterious Tapioca The chef gone now?

Good news for Montreal chiliheads! Cuisine Szechuan

Posting this in every thread on Cuisine Szechuan -

The original chef, Andy, left CS last year to our great dismay. Happily, he has just opened a new place on Monkland in NDG, called Gia Ba. Same tasty food, more inviting setting. Here's the thread about it.

Cuisine Szechuan, 2350 Guy, corner with Sherbrooke

Posting this in every thread on Cuisine Szechuan -

The original chef, Andy, left CS last year to our great dismay. Happily, he has just opened a new place on Monkland in NDG, called Gia Ba. Same tasty food, more inviting setting. Here's the thread about it.

Is Cuisine Szechuan still good?

The original chef, Andy, left CS last year to our great dismay. Happily, he has just opened a new place on Monkland in NDG, called Gia Ba. Same tasty food, more inviting setting. Here's the thread about it.

Dim sum

Shoot you're right. Sorry!

Gia Ba has arrived. Go there now.

Oh, they have. Let us know what you think!!

Gia Ba has arrived. Go there now.

Me too! I went back to CS once or twice in a futile attempt to get my fix, but it was just never the same without this guy.

Quick, tasy, healthy and cheap lunches near Square Victoria

I work in the area, and these 3 spots have earned by undying love and affection by virtue of their outstanding sandwiches (all around $10) as well as friendly service which is quite important to me.

1) Bello (363 Place Youville)

2) Café Luna d'Oro (469 St-François-Xavier)

3) Café Pavé (243 Notre-Dame Ouest)

I also go sometimes to Marché de la Villette (324 St-Paul Ouest) for a BIG classic ham and cheese sandwich on good baguette, or to Brit n' Chips for a very tasty (if less than wasitline-friendly) box of fish n'chips, or Five Guys when sheer gluttony is in order.

Stash Café, the Polish restaurant on St-Paul and St-François-Xavier, has good specials every day... and pierogies. Sometimes you just want pierogies.

When I want to be more frugal, I get salads and a spring roll at Clafouti. Occasionally I opt for a wrap at Java U and inevitably regret it.

I never, ever go to Olive + Gourmando (I just can't stomach the price of a sandwich, but if they can keep it up, more power to them).

Finally: I heard there is a new spot called Cantinho do Lisboa on St-Paul, and then there's Le Serpent on Ottawa, but that's a little far for the OP. Looking forward to trying those.