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Edmonton 1st Izakaya Opening soon.... :)

Yay..look like they are going to open this December. The picture of the foods look great from their menu.

Edmonton 1st Izakaya Opening soon.... :)

Waiting to try out .. Look forward to their Curry Udon

ramen in Edmonton

Meguro is gone and their Ramen sucks.... now it is changed to a Vietnamese restaurant called Golden Orchids

There is a new Japanese izakaya restaurant opening soon. First kind in Edmonton/Alberta. At 3739 99 Street

New Dim Sum coming in Edmonton

That is not a new Dimsum. It is Noodle Noodle in China town moving there. If you go to Noodle Noodle website, it state that they are moving to that location in South.

Are all the ducks in Edmonton frozen and whole???

You can find frozen duck breast in any Save-On-Foods :)

Looking for classic soda bottles in Edmonton

I am sure I saw some in the Candy store at Whyte Avenue, few store away from Princess Theater.

Five Guys coming To Red Deer, AB

They are opening in Edmonton too at South Edmonton Commons right in front of Lowes

Best Pho in Edmonton?

A new Vietnamese Noodle house quiet good.

Hung Phat Vietnamese Noodle House
3849 99 St NW

ramen in Edmonton

Meguro Ramen
10626 97 St

Updates on Vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton

I forgot the name for it. There is one by Ellerslie Crossing. Next block by Zaika

Where to buy kecap (ketjap) manis in Edmonton?

Super Store ABC Kitchap manis from Indonesia

Cuisinart ice-21 ( ice cream maker in edmonton)


BOSCH Kitchen
9766 51 Avenue Nw
Edmonton, AB T6E 0A6
(780) 437-3134

Great Taste Bubble Tea/ snack Cafe

Anyone tried Great Taste Bubble Tea/ snack Cafe by Cora at Calgary Trail yet?

Anyone tried Bake N Cake at the WestEnd of Edmonton

Bake N Cake foods/Pastry is a crap now.. will never return there. The Sweetheart Bakery at North East end taste very good.. and they starting to sell bubble tea and more Pastry to select now compare to their grand opening.

Kabuki Sushi & Grill

8724 109 Street

Anyone tried it yet?

Edmonton coffee/pupusas/dosas

Transcend Coffee house open up soon by UofA, where Pharos Pizza and Spaghetti used to be.

Transcend Coffee
9869 62 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E, CA

Sunday Brunch in Edmonton

Yes, their Sunday Brunch open for public but recommended to make reservation ahead of time.

Bulk Barn in Edmonton

Bulk Barn opened in Edmonton at South Edmonton Commons near where Super store is, by the 88 dolar store.

Anyone tried Bake N Cake at the WestEnd of Edmonton

I just read in the paper some where that the bakery chef was working in HK for 40yrs as Master Bakery Chef.

I seldom eat their bun.. I most order their stuff from Menu.

Bovril in Edmonton

try chinatown grocery store. Most Chinese grocery store will carry those.

black sesame ice cream

I might seen it at McKay ice-cream at Cochrane. They got many asian flavor there, like purple yam, fresh durian, lychee and stuff.

Sunday Brunch in Edmonton

edmonton glenora club sunday brunch

Milk tea that use in Chinese restaurant

Anyone know where I can find in Edmonton, those Tea Mix that use in Chinese Retaurant to HK Milk Tea and also Chinese Lemon Tea? I think maybe distribute through whole sales only?

Anyone tried Bake N Cake at the WestEnd of Edmonton

Give it a try. It is a chinese dessert, bakery and light snack cafe. I've been there almost every weekend. They got extra weekend foods/snacks. After 2:30pm, you can get HK Mini Eggies during the weekend. Their Taiwanese Pilllow toast also very delicious.

Here is the address

17759 98A Avenue Nw, Edmonton, AB T5T 5W8
Telephone : 780-487-2867

Sunday Brunch in Edmonton

Well at River Cree, if you go before 11am, which only breakfast buffet which not really interest me and try after 11am which will turn into Breakfast and brunch buffet which is around $25 per person

Sunday Brunch in Edmonton

Kitchen Bistro at River Cree

perogies in Edmonton


Bow Bulgogi House

I am going to Calgary for the April long weekend and I heard that Bow Bulgogi House recently changed hand in January 2009. Is the food there still as good as before?

Any good places for Peking Duck in Edmonton

Lots of their Authentic Chinese foods are quite good. You can choose to have 2 or 3 courses Peking Duck. With 3 courses, it come with a duck soup, then you can choose 3 more dishes for it. I like the Cold Duck dishes which mix of duck meat ant Jelly fish.

Their spicy sweet and sour chicken quite good too which sometimes sold out.

Edmonton - Tropika Barely Mediocre

Matahari got better food then Tropika.