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hosted business dinner in MSP, U of MN area

We went to Alma, and it was outstanding. We each had the tasting menu - mine was steak tartare, miso-glazed black cod, and a seared duck breast. The tasting menu is $42, and an excellent deal.

I think I'll go back tonight.

Korean in St. Paul and Minneapolis

As a former resident of Korea, my vote goes to King's, hands down. Now if only the location were more convenient for me ...

Places we go to despite the food (MSP)

-Loring Pasta Bar
-Pizza Luce
-Village Wok
-Bryant-Lake Bowl

Nominate: Best Pizza in Minneapolis-StPaul (if you say Dominos, you are banned from chowhound 4 good)

Pizza Nea for me. I live Uptown, and was really sad to see their local outpost close its doors. I like Dulono's too, for a less fussy pie to go with lots of beer.

hosted business dinner in MSP, U of MN area

I'm scheduled for a follow-up interview next week for an outstate Minnesota position (white-collar professional-type job). The hiring partner will be in Minneapolis for the day, and wanted me to suggest a place for dinner. I have no idea what his tastes are, so it should be something fairly safe, yet classy at the same time, and near the University of Minnesota. Alma seems like a safe bet, although I haven't been there in ages. The Loring Pasta Bar looks impressive, but I've never been too impressed by their food. I'm drawing a blank on this right now - anyone have a good suggestion? Normally, I'd always go for sushi, but that can be a risky choice with strangers.