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Salt Lake City eats, are these worthwhile?

Sorry I didn't report back. Ok places we went, and what I thought:

Eva - wow. Very good, especially for the price. I was amazed and quality and quantity of food for the cost compared to the DC area. Wife and I left full for under $40, we got gnocchi, spanikopita, tri tip bruschetta, spicy green beans, and something else. Oh, and a dessert.

Copper Onion - Most fun I have ever had at dinner. There were four of us, and the wait was 45 min. We asked if they had seats at the bar. The hostess cleared off 4 seats for us at the "bar" but it wasn't a typical bar, it was right next to where they prepare the food! So we got to watch the chefs prepare everything right in front of us, and we talked with them also. It was a hell of a lot of fun, great cocktails, the food was very good, but not the best I ever had.

Red Iguana - All the moles are interesting, and I liked the complexity. However, the enchiladas were kind of boring. Needed something on the side, or some crisp lettuce and tomatoes or something. Still glad I went.

Chowtruck - Tacos were good, mixed fried chip basket thing needed more seasoning. Good for the cost, definitely worth it if it's nearby.

Wild Grape Bistro - I had the gnocchi here at someones suggestion, and I have to say - it is so far the best (non-dessert) dish I have ever eaten. It was INCREDIBLE. Plus our server was great, put up with a ton of questions from me. All in all, amazing food.

Forage - Wow. Was all the food the best ever? No, but it was all very good, super creative and inspired, and really well thought out. The service is impeccable. Most interesting dinner experience I have ever had, wife and I had a blast. I am looking for a place anything like it in DC and failing.

Aristos Greek Cafe - The food here was solid, and pretty cheap. Lowkey atmosphere, exactly what we were looking for that night. Worked out perfectly.

Blue Lemon - Solid Panera-esque place, but up 2 notches. Good spot for lunch, wish there was one near here.

Market Street Grill - Probably the worst place we went. It was fine, but VERY overpriced (only meal I felt this way in SLC). Like I said, food tasted fine, but it was just an average, and overpriced experience.

Never did get to Growlers (even though we stayed right next to it). I think that is about everywhere we ate, and I literally cannot wait to go back, I would 100% hit up Copper Onion, Wild Grape, and Forage again no questions asked. Also Eva if I was looking for something cheaper, or later in the evening.

Nov 11, 2012
thejavuar in Mountain States

Upscale Thanksgiving Dinner

I did not find exactly what I was looking for (Thanksgiving re-imagined in a tasting menu) but... Equinox looks very good, and we have reservations now. Thanks for the suggestion.

Also, Just Visiting, thanks for making me aware of Potowmack Farms, headed out there for a non-Thanksgiving dinner soon!

Upscale Thanksgiving Dinner

That was my first thought as well. They appear to be closed on thanksgiving.

Upscale Thanksgiving Dinner

My wife and I are interested in an upscale Thanksgiving dinner, on Thanksgiving Day. I don't mind the menu being "traditional" but I have in mind more of a tasting menu (I am hoping for more like 7+ courses, not 3) upscale atmosphere. It could be anywhere in the DC area, VA, Baltimore, or basically anything within 2-3 hours of DC.

I have looked around, and have found plenty of places that do "traditional" Thanksgiving, or a nice buffet, but this isn't exactly what I am looking for.

Any suggestions?

Salt Lake City eats, are these worthwhile?

Is Blue Iguana literally not worth eating at, at all? I am definetely going to the Red, I was just thinking of also trying the Blue since I can go there for lunch one of the days of the convention, and there is a Groupon. I will need lunch 2 days while at the convention center, and I am not too big on delis (coldcuts) but I see that Siegrieds is more of a German restaurant. Looks like it could be worth a visit, do you have a second lunch suggestion?

Thanks for the suggestions btw, Training Table does look better than Crown, and Plum Alley looks good too.

Sep 13, 2012
thejavuar in Mountain States

Salt Lake City eats, are these worthwhile?

I am a DC foodie, visiting Salt Lake partly for business, partly for pleasure. I am looking for places to eat over several days, and have scoped out some likely spots. The first three days I am there, I will not have a car and will be in the Hilton near the convention center, the next three I will have a car so driving a few miles is a possibility. Here are the places I have scoped out, any other good recommendations?

Near the convention center:

Blue Iguana (they have a groupon deal)
Squatters (boss really wants to go, and I love nitro-beers :D)

In general:

Red Iguana (saw on Food Network, looks amazing)
Tiburon Fine Dining (They have a groupon, wife wants to try elk)
The Copper Onion
Crown burger (not exactly "good eats" but my wife grew up in Salt Lake and wants some fry sauce)

What do you think? Anything I should know about these places, or any other places I shouldn't miss? Also, are Red Iguana and Blue Iguana owned by the same people? Same menus etc? I had planned just to go to Red, but Blue has a groupon and is right next to the convention center. I also would appreciate another good rec for lunch within walking distance of the convention center.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Sep 12, 2012
thejavuar in Mountain States

In Buffalo for honeymoon

Me and my SO will be in Buffalo next week for 3-4 days for our honeymoon. I am looking for some good recommendations on things to do, and places to eat. I think we want to maybe go to a couple of the places that have been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We were also thinking about Anchor Bar. Anybody have any input on that, or any other suggestions? Could range anything from a dive, to fine dining.

Also is there a decent place to eat near HSBC arena? We will be at a Sabres game Mon night.

Restaurant for event of 15 people

I am looking for a good restaurant were I might be able to get a room for 1.5-2 hours for an event for about 15 people. I am trying to stay reasonable on price ($500?) and I would prefer it to NOT be IN DC. Near DC is fine, in DC is not the best for me. This event would be on a Sunday evening.

Anybody have a suggestion?

Dinner suggestion and parking question about Steves

Paid parking is fine.

Jun 14, 2010
thejavuar in Philadelphia

Dinner suggestion and parking question about Steves

I have 2 questions.

The first is I am looking for a dinner suggestion around the Philadelphia area, as I will be passing through coming south from Allentown. I am hoping for a place not too pricey (not more then $25/person) and the important part is there need to be easy parking nearby.

The second question is this - I know there are 2 Steve's Prince of Steaks locations in Philly, is one better then the other, and is one easier to park at. Thanks for the help.

Jun 14, 2010
thejavuar in Philadelphia

Lunch/Brunch on Sunday in DC

I am looking for a good Lunch/Brunch recommendation in DC. It will be Sunday sometime noon-1ish. It will need to be near a metro stop, cost is not an issue, but it needs to be a place where casual dress is fine. If it is somewhere on the red line that is a bonus, as I will need to be at Gallery Place by 3pm.

I know Clyde's is right there at Gallery Place, but their brunch is somewhat boring. Any other suggestions?

best steak in chicago

What is the absolute best steak in chicago. Money is no object.


(Sorry posting from phone, hard to search)

Mar 20, 2010
thejavuar in Chicago Area

Food in Fredericksburg

This coming weekend I will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fredericksburg (which is at 1060 Hospitality Lane) and will be looking for a few suggestions of where to eat. Am looking for 2 places nearby (hopefully within 3 miles or so), one would be a place where you can drink, be somewhat loud, and be able to get decent food. Should be casual, and could be standard American/pub fare as long as it is GOOD. The other should be a little more upscale, maybe a place to get some drinks and a steak, not to expensive but maybe in the $20-$35 range for a piece of meat.

Of course these places shouldn't be major commercial chains, and if you have any other good ideas for me (even if not exactly meeting the criteria above), please let me know! Always on the lookout for good food.

Thanks in advance!

Best burger inside the beltway in Virginia

Ray's Hell burger is by FAR your best bet. You are lucky enough to already be in Arlington (I drive from 40 min North to eat here, somewhat regularly) and they have an amazing burger, and an excellent compliment of free toppings.

Verizon Center area

Looking for a good suggestion, any kind of food, that is relativley inexpesive (less then $15/person) and perhaps has beer? Somewhere near the Verizon Center. Thanks.

MD suburbs good, cheap eats

On Snouffer School road used to be called Vasili's, now called Mythos. Owner moved to Kentlands and opened a new Vasili's (also good, but a bit more expensive, and more expansive menu) and the original chef (Nick I believe?) stayed at the original location and renamed it. I've loved it for a long time. Best tzatziki I've ever had.

MD suburbs good, cheap eats

Looking for delicious, inexpensive, perhaps family owned, and definitely homemade non-chain restaurants in the MD suburbs (I live in Gtown, but anything is good. If you think of something in DC or NoVA I wouldn't mind hearing about it either).

I'm thinking something ala Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, although doesn't have to fit that category (aka it can be clean :P) as long as it is inexpensive (~$15or less for an entree).

The only place I can come up with is a family owned Greek place in Gaithersburg. Any help appreciated.

Any good tea shops in the area?

The closer to Gaithersburg/Rockville the better, but any suggestion is good. Looking for anywhere I can buy high quality leaf green tea.

Looking for authentic Korean food in Gtown/Gburg/Rockville

Well I don't know anything about it, but he assures me that at least where he was living in Korea, sushi was considered Japanese only.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Ray's the Steak, details?

As other posters mentioned, you need to put your name on the list in advance, and they can take your cell phone number and call you when a table is ready. We usually put our name down, then walk a block up to a bar (Rhodeside Grill I think?) and enjoy a drink or two while waiting.

The Sherried Crab Bisque is a must. Amazing. Pretty much anything on the dessert menu is also excellent (be aware the key lime pie is tart, not sweet). I have never had a bad steak there either, and I would never order over medium-rare (personal preference) as the meat is such high quality.

Looking for authentic Korean food in Gtown/Gburg/Rockville

My friend is back from a tour in Korea, and after only a week he already craves Korean food. I am in search of a place serving authentic Korean food (No place that serves sushi, he assures me Koreans would never eat sushi) to take him to before he leaves town. Any thing in mid-North Montgomery County is fine, I would even consider going to Bethesda or Silver Spring. Thanks in advance!

Looking for great food in Hershey, Allentown, or Newark NJ

I know it sounds crazy, but I have a hockey filled weekend going to Hershey for a game sun evening, and Newark NJ for a game Mon night. Looking for great food in either destination (or somewhere in between, like Allentown) to have something to do on Sun Eve/Mon daytime. Prefer something not overly pricey, and also something casual. Any suggestions welcome!!

Sep 27, 2008
thejavuar in Pennsylvania

Pork chops... not so much chops

Sorry, upon rereading I was very vague. I bought pork chops, but cut the bones out of them (I saved them, will use for stock or something similar) but as the chops were sort of thin to start with I made a bit of a mess of them (I'm new to this).

So I was looking for ideas for cut up pork chops other than traditional stir fry, maybe in some sort of casserole or otherwise baked dish?

May 08, 2008
thejavuar in Home Cooking

Pork chops... not so much chops

Looking for a couple recipes for pork chops that are not so much chops any more, would more likely be chopped/cubed. Almost all recipes I have are for actual chops, not the same meat in a different form. Looking for something that would work well.

May 08, 2008
thejavuar in Home Cooking

Nice place for 2

I need a recommendation for a nice place to eat for 2, that is known for good seafood, but has other offerings as well. Price isn't important, it's for an occasion, Any ideas welcome.