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Rincon Criollo -- Havana in Queens

Just to let everyone know, I've been To Rincon two times this year and it is still as good as ever. My whole spanish family loves this place and now some of my friends do as well....espcially my husband.

May 12, 2008
jessflex98 in Outer Boroughs

Sunset Grill

I'd love some recomendations for the next time I make a trip to Boston Bloomie. Thanks.

Where's Breakfast?

Joe Two's in Waltham is also a good breakfast place.

Sunset Grill

My favorite food at Sunset is the french onion soup, the sweet potato fries with raspberry vinagarette and the nachos....the burgers aren't bad either...i also like thier brunch on Sunday's.

In reference to JoeM and Ralphie_in_Boston - yes these are my only two posts as I have just signed up at CHOW this week.

I'm going to Boston tonight for a wedding and i'll be visiting Sunset as usual.

Sunset Grill

Thanks for the recomendations on places to try.

Sunset Grill

Well everyone, thank you for your responses. I am an out of towner myself and I just love this place. I go to Boston a number of times a year and visit Sunset Grill just about everytime. The food has been great...not anywhere near mediocre. Yes sometimes you get flat beer but bars are much worse. I am a TRUE fan of the place and there is absolutetly nothing fishy about my post.

St Lucia Airport - Vigie

juju is absolutely right about the St. Lucia Airport. I was just there 2 weeks ago.

Sunset Grill

If you are going to visit the Boston area than you have to visit Sunset Grill. They have awesome food and over 100 taps. You'll just love it.