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Burlington/Hamilton area

Can anyone recommend a good place in the Burlington/Hamilton area? We're pretty open on cuisine, with no strong aversions. It would be for three people and while we're not looking to spend a small fortune, we're also willing to pay for good food.

Thanks in advance.


There's an article here:

Aug 09, 2008
mcmuffin in Prairie Provinces

Any Calgary restaurant review sites?

FFWD has a lot on their site.

Jul 18, 2008
mcmuffin in Food Media & News

Calgary Pho (A few quick reviews)

Pho Xuan in the NE is really good and my personal fave. Others have also said it's good as well.

Stampede fun

Might as well start a thread for all of your Stampede eating pleasures!

Already had one free breakfast and endless more in sight.

Los Tortillas in NE Calgary

They sell tortillas. As far as I can tell that's it. I was informed they're made fresh on Saturday afternoons, but the ones I got are great. There was no Interact working yet when I was there so it's cash only for now. $6 got me two individually wrapped kilos in one plastic bag.

Jul 02, 2008
mcmuffin in Prairie Provinces

Los Tortillas in NE Calgary open now. Stopped in and bought 2 kilos for 6$ cash on Monday.

It is so nice to have these available now. Made nacho chips this afternoon. So good!

Jul 01, 2008
mcmuffin in Prairie Provinces

Where should I go for lunch today in Calgary?

They'll be lots more opportunities!

Where should I go for lunch today in Calgary?

Leftover scalloped potatoes :(

Where should I go for lunch today in Calgary?

Hi Calgary Chowhounders!

I've got the day off work and am the only one home. Where should I go for lunch today?

I've never been to the Italian Supermarket, so I was thinking of maybe stopping there...

If I had to qualify what I'm looking for today, I'm thinking something reasonably cheap, good portions, not horrible for you and yummy! I guess that leaves it wide open...

Can you tell I'm bored?

Post Top Chef success

Harold is the only one to have opened his own place, right?

Hung's an executive sous chef in Las Vegase

Ilan has opened a taco cart (just read that on another thread... way to aim high)

Anyone had any of their food?

Jun 01, 2008
mcmuffin in Food Media & News

Won Ton Downtown Calgary

I have often avoided gyoza at a lot of places as they're chewy... maybe I'll have to give them a shot again.

Won Ton Downtown Calgary

There's a hole in the wall place in the NE off of Barlow past Hooters called Bun On the Run that has a really good Wor Won Ton.

I don't think King's is using spaghetti nowadays and I do really like their homemade chili garlic oil.

Guess I'll just have to keep on looking downtown and see if I can stumble into something. At least there's lots of other good options!

Won Ton Downtown Calgary

Guess not!

Won Ton Downtown Calgary

Where's a good place to go that's quick downtown? I can't make it to King's during the week on a regular basis. There must be something in Chinatown?

Prairie Regional Barista Championship, Calgary, May 24-25

Cool - thanks Peter. That does help and makes a lot of sense!

Prairie Regional Barista Championship, Calgary, May 24-25

Hey John,

Can you explain the judging more, because I'm confused as to why the judges wouldn't judge all the contestants?


So, where was the fingertip??? HK question

I would try and get on the show next season, but I'm not a smoker so I don't think I'm eligible.

May 20, 2008
mcmuffin in Food Media & News

Bialetti Brikka in Calgary?

Awesome. Thank you so much!

May 19, 2008
mcmuffin in Prairie Provinces

Bialetti Brikka in Calgary?

Since is down, I thought I'd ask here ...

Does anyone know where to buy a Bialetti Brikka in town? I got my moka pot from HomeSense, so I thought I'd check there this week maybe...

May 19, 2008
mcmuffin in Prairie Provinces

Shawarma Knight, Cgy

I was just thinking that I'm due for a Lebanese thread... I used to love the shawarmas in Ottawa years ago.

Are there any good places to check out downtown or in the NE?

Dinner Recs(Calgary)

What you really need to find is a place that serves heavy meat pasta sandwiches.


Dinner Recs(Calgary)

M.T. Tuckers has a salad bar. As an aside, I would also recommend their Sunday brunch as one that would please pretty much anyone.

Fatburger - edmonton

The burgers are decent, but the prices are ridiculous in Canada.

In-N-Out Burger is better anyways, but they're never going to Canada, so I'll just have to keep going to them.

May 15, 2008
mcmuffin in Chains

Good Calgary restaurant for staff Christmas party?

I could use a recommendation on a 200 person place at a mid-to-low-end price, also downtown. Anyone have any ideas?

Which Sub at Bhann Mi Thi Thi,Calgary?

I've tried the chicken and rib sates and both were amazing. Maybe I'll head back today!

Bistro Jo Jo - Closed?

Where else can you get decent French food in town?

In search of butcher in Calgary

We use Horizon Meats in the NE. Very happy with them.

May 13, 2008
mcmuffin in Prairie Provinces

Kawa (Calgary): is it open yet?

Does anyone know if Kawa is open yet or if not, when it does?

I'm looking forward to checking out our newest caffeine provider!

Calgary Steak Houses

I've never been, but Bears Den ( serves AAAA grade steaks.