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New French Bistro coming to Croton on Hudson

Has anyone else tried this place yet? We really used to love Umami but we feel like the quality has seriously declined in the past couple of years and we've stopped going. We've never cared much for Mex To Go so we hope this place will be a step up from their other restaurants. So much opportunity in northern westchester/lower hudson valley for great food spots, especially in Ossining/Croton area. Also, someone mentioned a Vietnamese place coming soon? I couldn't find a thread on that, any deets to share?

Sala on Hudson in Croton

We tried it a couple of times and the food isn't nearly as good as their Manhattan restaurants. If this place was in the city, it would probably go out of business, however for Northern Westchester, it isn't terrible. The scallops were way too small for their $14 price tag. The tortilla espanola could use more flavor. We'll probably go back but wish the wine list was better, the food was better and more value for the price. Perhaps the chef could take a trip to Tia Pol in the city and replicate that experience for us up here. Maybe it will get better with time!

CSA in Westchester

Hi! We just moved to Ossining from NYC and I'm wondering if you still do the CSA - we're looking to sign up for a CSA for the spring/summer/fall. We'd even be open to sharing one since its just me and my husband! I'm looking at Stoneledge but will also consider Cowberry because of your post! Thanks!

Where and what was your best meal in Tuscany?

We're here in Tuscany on our honeymoon and have been hopping from restaurant to restaurant based on numerous Chowhound message threads (report to come soon after we return!!) and with only a few days left (and GPS and car to get anywhere in Tuscany), we'd love to know the best meal you had in Tuscany and where it was. Hopefully this list will be beneficial to others, too.

Sep 13, 2011
yumyumsami in Italy

Roman Memories--Long

Thank you for such a wonderful review, rneeno! As the others requested, would you mind sending me your spreadsheet to This would be incredibly helpful as we plan our honeymoon!! Thanks SO much!!

May 15, 2011
yumyumsami in Italy

Best of Ossining area and Westchester in general

Thanks and sorry about that!!

Best of Ossining area and Westchester in general

Wow! Thanks, all! Can't wait to check out all of the links and restaurants!!!

Best of Ossining area and Westchester in general

Hi everyone!
We put an offer on a house in Ossining, NY and it was accepted! YAY! I have lived in NYC for nearly 10 years so the thought of moving up north is exciting but a little scary too. I was wondering if any fellow foodies would have some information to share with me about the following aspects of Ossining/Westchester...
* Food: Where do foodies like us go to eat? Best Indian? Thai? Fusion-ey bistro-ish? Pizza? Chinese?
* Farms: Do you have any favorite farms where you go to for fresh produce? Is there a great CSA we can join?
* Yoga/dance, etc: Do you have any recommendations for a spectacular yoga studio?
* Stuff I haven't mentioned that is just really awesome?

THANKS a million in advance for your input, thoughts, and ideas! We hope our house goes through and we will be Ossining residents VERY soon!

Best Tuna Burger

I am looking for the best tuna burger in the city - so far I like the tuna burger at Houston's on 27th and Park - any suggestions?

Jul 10, 2008
yumyumsami in Manhattan