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S'more Desserts?

Great suggestions! Thanks! ooo s'more ice cream pie! that sounds worth investigating! i guess that is more of what i'm after...alternative takes on s'mores...Anyone got s'more?

S'more Desserts?

Summer is making me think camping, which means: S'MORES!! Anyone seen any good s'mores around town? Or maybe s'more inspired desserts? Reading about Americano's inside out s'more ice cream sandwich in the Chron last week has me going on this one. Interested to hear what other cool s'more inspired desserts are out there right now. Thanks!

Your Favorite Chocolates Available in SF.

I recently purchased a box of Coco Luxe chocolates from Bittersweet cafe on Fillmore for a friend. It was the "Red Box," a dark chocolate assortment, consisting of three chocolates each of: double cherry, devil's food (it had a little pitchfork printed on it, nice!), and after dinner mint. All quite good, but I was very impressed, with the cherry truffle. Oh man it makes me swoon just thinking about it, and I usually despise chocolate cherry things because they taste so fake. This thing is oozing with dried cherry bits and juice that gushes into the ganache. The cherry taste is fantastic and concentrated like good dried cherries taste.

Best German, Swiss or Austrian in SF (or on Peninsula)?

I haven't tried the others, but I have had really good experiences at Schnitzel Haus. The sauerbraten there is awesome, as are the schnitzels, bread dumplings, and of course, the German beers! I find the beer a little expensive (I think it's around $8 for a liter), but I always end up getting it anyways because it's quite good with the food. I would avoid the German chocolate cake there-I haven't been very impressed with it, and it's been served cold so the frostings aren't so great (should be room temp I think for best consistency). I have heard the apple strudel rocks, but have yet to try it. As far as the neighborhood...I haven't had any problems walking there after work from Market street to meet friends, it doesn't seem like THAT bad of a neighborhood, but I may have been lucky so far... hehe

cupcake feedback

Interesting reports. I think I'm going to have to give them another shot. I saw one with rose buttercream the other day and it did sound appealing (I still go there for the lattes served in bowls ;))

cupcake feedback

I don't know if it was just an off day or what, but the cupcake I had at Citizen Cupcake was pretty bad. The frosting had a crust on it, was fairly granular, and the cake itself was dry. It also lacked any real flavor intensity. It was just the plain old chocolate one. Anyone have a different experience there? I was pretty dissapointed, since it is so cute and pleasant up there, I had high hopes.

Best salads in SF?

There is a cafe in the Marina district, I think it's called "Lettuce" (seriously =)). My boyfriend had a very nice looking salad there. The place can be a bit on the "wheatgrass" side of things though.

have you read any good food books lately?

Food, A Culinary History english edition by Albert Sonnenfeld, edited by Jean-Lousi Flandrin and Massimo Montanari. I picked this up in Green Apple books in San Francisco, and am finding it fascinating. At 500+ pages, I'd call it a slow read, but it is broken into fairly short articles on topics from "The Diet of the Etruscans" to "From Hearth to Table: Late Medieval Cooking Equipment" to "The Taste for Canned and Preserved Food".

Jul 10, 2006
roxanne_mos in Food Media & News