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Best Burger in Providence??

Yes, it used to be Georg's Deli.

Best Burger in Providence??

All great burgers, A new addition to Prov this summer will be uglyAmerican check out

Macaroni and cheese

uglyAmerican in Fall River Mass, has deep fried Mac & Cheese Poppers


uglyAmerican of Fall River is coming to Providence on 167 Ives St East Side.


What Happened to Salvation Cafe in Newport?

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

Sorry ugly American is in Fall River Ma.

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

I like the speciality dogs at ugly american. The Bacon cheddar dog, the griddle dog, the godzilla dog, and the Jalapeno dog. They also do a good chili dog.

Need recommendations for Fall River area

does anyone know if ugly american is moveing?

Beautiful burgers @ Ugly American, Fall River

does anyone know it ugly american is moveing?

Need recommendations for Fall River area

Mesa 21, Fall River Grill, Ugly American, are all good choices.

Fall River Grill
363 2nd St, Fall River, MA 02721

Mesa 21
21 Lindsey St, Fall River, MA 02720

New England BYOB

ugly American in Fall River Mass

4 Day Drive, Boston to Monhegan ME in June, where to eat?

in Wesport, the Back Eddy. in Fall River Ugly American.

MA eats..where would you send Guy Fieri

In Fall River, Mass
Ugly American for burgers & hand cut fries of all kinds. Mesa 21 for Pizza. Sarges for Portugese food.

Chow in Fall River Mass.?

Abby is closed the auction is next week.

Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA

There's an interesting post on chowhound ( Chow in Fall River ) it goes back and forth on what's good in Fall River. Warning, it might be too much information.

Chow in Fall River Mass.?

Mark You has been closed at least 2 years. The Abby is up for sale, they just had to do a lot of work because it was literally falling down. I would guess it is closed or closing soon. It was never run by Johnson & Wales, they had there own cooking school there.

Best Wings in Providence or Southern MA?

I'm kind of suprised how scarce good wings are in my area (Fall River). But a place I like, for just about everthing is uglyAmerican. There buffalo version are very good,as well as BBQ.

Best Fries in Providence

What they are fried in is a factor, but the main question to ask is, are they handcut. if they are serving frozen fries, they shouldent be even mentioned.
Peanut oil or lard are the best for flavor, but each have different issues

Restaurant recs for Fall River/Westport/ Point

Both are great choices. BackEddy is great at sunset. uglyAmerican is a new place in Fall River.

Chow in Fall River Mass.?

You have to try Michel's and Mello's markets, Sam's bakery. What else do you need for a food trek. A new place to try is uglyAmerican for burgers. If you make 2 of any of these it'll be worth the trip

halfway between Hyannis and Providence?

It does'nt have a lot of seafood, but another option in that area is uglyAmerican in Fall River. It's a burger joint you might want to try.

Spicy Red Pepper Jelly

A burger joint in Fall River, uglyAmerican has this carmelized jalapeno relish that they put on hot dogs is really good.

Burgers at the Lantern?

I dont know how far away Fall River is but uglyAmerican is worth the trip ( phantom Gormet)

Best Burger in Providence?

It's not in Prov but worth mentioning. uglyAmerican in Fall River.

Crayfish / Crawfish in RI

May sound funny but check bait stores for live crayfish. I've seen a few but with them, depends on the time of year.

Seeking Restaurant in Portsmouth, RI.

Sakonnet fish co is closed, and please it was nothing to recommend.

Mexican in RI?

A new Mex place in Portsmouth El Perkey on Park ave is pretty good. Please, I love the Bar at Tortilla Flats, but the food has never been any good.

Looking for RI "diamonds in the rough"

In Portsmouth, try El parkey a Mex place on Park ave. Gold's Grill in Middeltown. And uglyAmerican in Fall River for Burgers.

Good Eats Around Portsmouth, R.I.?

Fall River has good Portugese food O-Gils, Academica try the portugese steak at both. upgrade to the sirloin at both if available. Try uglyAmerican for a good Burger, also in Fall River on new boston rd.