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Vegas Trip Dinner

Going to vegas with 7 others, some big eaters, some not. Where is a place with nice decor that will impress, good food a la carte for about 60-100$ a person at most?

thanks for the help

Jul 17, 2011
TopGearFoodForce in Las Vegas

Restaurant for 19th birthday

go to the mondrian hotel, Asia De Cuba. Amazing decor, great views, friendly staff, large portions to share, actually large large. even the tasting menu is sub 100$. check it out online!

Asia De Cuba
8440 W. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Claro Market Rec's?

The brands they carry are a bit off of the mainstream but it is pretty good. Theres one in Arcadia as well... a teacher at my school says thats his family business... being a Claro of course

Restaurants in OldTown Pasadena

What would be a nice restaurant in old town pasadena for Prom?

Best Beverly Hills Restaurant for Dinner?

What is the best Beverly Hills restaurant for about 5 people, doesnt have to be anything romantic. Dont count Spago cause i alraedy know its good. :D thanks

Beverly Hills Restaurants

What is the best beverly hills restaurant you've been too and why?

Good Restaurant for Prom

Prom is coming up and im wonder what is a good place around Pasadena to go for a nice dinner.