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momofuku ko recently?

Thanks! I just got back and it was great...

Feb 28, 2009
kimmich in Manhattan

momofuku ko recently?

I'm going to Momofuku Ko tomorrow lunch and I was just wondering exactly how much it costs, and how much the wine pairing is recently (the current price). If anyone has been there recently for lunch, pls let me know!!

Feb 27, 2009
kimmich in Manhattan

cheap whole fish?

Great, thank you!!

Feb 24, 2009
kimmich in Manhattan

cheap whole fish?

I'm a culinary student and I need to practice filleting some whole flounders. Does anybody know where I can get them cheap that are relatively fresh? Midtown west locations would be best but I can travel. Thanks in advance!

Feb 24, 2009
kimmich in Manhattan

attending FCI as an international student - help!

I'm currently a 3rd year undergrad student at the University of Toronto studying biochemistry and human biology to become a doctor. Although my grades are sufficient enough for me to continue in this direction, I did not sign up for the fall semester and I've decided to pursue what I really love to do and attend the French Culinary Institute of New York.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the support from my parents and I now support myself by working full-time. I have enough savings for the FCI tuition fee, but I will still need to work in order to pay for housing and other necessities. My concern is, since I'm Canadian, is it possible to obtain a working visa while having a student visa? And I mean, even if it's possible, is it realistic? If this is not an option, would there be another way for me to make money there while attending school? I'm sure there are ways to make money, but I mean legitimately?

Another concern is, after graduation, would any restaurant hire me and sponsor me for a visa? Have you heard of any international culinary students being sponsored by a restaurant? Attending culinary school in Canada, or moving back to Canada after graduating from FCI would not be an option, as what I really want is to attend FCI and work in New York for good. Would there be an alternate way, like obtaining a working visa or applying for citizenship and is this realistic? Has anyone here been through a similar work situation in the States or know someone who went through a similar situation?

Any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm going to New York in a few weeks to tour FCI and to discuss the situation in person, but I would like to see first if I can get any advice before going to New York. Sorry for the long post and thanks for your time.

Sep 04, 2008
kimmich in Not About Food

where to buy walnut cakes in toronto

I know exactly what you mean by dry and soggy at the same time. In Korea, they're usually made to order at food stands with less batter, more walnuts and red beans, and crispy on the outside. Here, however, I also find them soggy, dry, flavorless and too dense. If you didn't like the ones at Hodo Kwaja, you probably won't like the ones anywhere else in Toronto.

Sushi Grade Salmon

I know that Galleria Supermarket (7171 Yonge Street) has sushi salmon as well as sushi maguro tuna ready to be sliced and served.

Another tourist here...

Right, Jean-Talon. Noted. Honey wine sounds pretty cool. Can't thank you enough, fellow chowhounders. I should have started this thread closer to my trip... The trip is two weeks away... and I can't wait!

Best Costco buys for cottage? [moved from Ontario board]

I don't cook much but when I go to Costco with my girlfriend who has a membership I always get some fresh mozzarella (other than steak and ribs). It's $7 for a big chunk and I also get a package of tomatoes as well. Comes in handy when I'm watching Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen and I'm craving something decent to eat that I can actually make! Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil (if there's any), salt, fresh pepper, olive oil... doesn't get any easier than that.

Jun 18, 2008
kimmich in Chains

Po' Man's Bibimbap (or Essentially Egg on Rice)

As a kid, my parents hired a nanny who didn't know how to cook and because of that, this is what I used eat all the time. (Despite the fact that my mom would leave a lot of other ingredients in the fridge) While it might not be for everyone, this is one of my ultimate comfort foods!! I always add some sesame oil though.

Jun 18, 2008
kimmich in Recipes

Common Appliances, Uncommon Uses

You can use the sandwich maker to make red bean cakes: pour some pancake batter on the bottom, take a scoop of red bean paste, top it off with some more batter, done in 5 minutes. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Jun 18, 2008
kimmich in Features

Another tourist here...

Yes, I'll visit O&G as well for sure! I like sweets but for some reason I'm not really into chocolate (although my girlfriend might be down for it) but speaking of maple... is maple butter easy to find in Old Montreal? Back in highschool I was in an exchange program that sent me to Longeuille (a long time ago) and I remember there was always maple butter in the fridge in the home I stayed in... I loved the stuff.. :)

Tommorow night (Tues) 3 buddies getting together. Looking for nice food and drinks. In the have past visited places like Bymark

been to Spice Route... I was just passing by and looked pretty cool so went back with my girlfriend a couple of days later. The food definitely isn't up to par but I understand the hype... From what I've heard it's run by the owner of Ultra and I think they're heading toward the same kinda style. It was jam packed but I don't think people go there for the food.

3 days in toronto

...and Mondays!

Three days in Montreal

Hey jbrooke, I'm also going to Montreal for 3 days and I made a similar post last night. You should check it out, I got some awesome suggestions:

I'm also gonna be checking out PDC and Schwartz, as well as La Banquise for poutine and Boustan for Lebanese take-out. Most seem to agree these are musts in Montreal.

Another tourist here...

Wow. That was fast. I crossed out L'Academie, Brunoise and Romados off the list, and if I can't make it to everything else, I'll make sure to check out 1, 2, 3, 10 and 13 as well as Fairmount. And Reservoir, Byblos and Lemeac if I have time. Thanks for the great suggestions!!

Another tourist here...

I forgot to mention, I'll be staying in Old Montreal so anything near the area will be great. But other places are okay too. Thank you in advance!!

Another tourist here...

I'll be driving up to Montreal from Toronto in two weeks and I'm trying to figure out some places I'd like to check out. I've done some research and I made a list of potential places I might visit:

1. Au Pied de Cochon (I'm looking forward to their foie gras poutine!)
2. La Banquise for poutine
3. Schwartz (my buddy from Montreal is always talking about this place)
4. Le Fromentier for baguettes
5. Olive & Gourmando for breakfast
6. La Brasserie Brunoise
7. L'Academie
8. Patato Patata (are their poutine worth a try? how are the burgers?)
9. Byblos
10. Boustan
11. Romados
12. Cafe Stash
13. St. Viateur (to load up on bagels to take back to Toronto)

I'll be there for 3 days only so I'll probably have chance to visit only about 6 of these places. Which ones should I cross off? And if you have any other recommendations I'd very much appreciate it. Also, I've heard a lot about Montreal bagels but are they worth trying or would one be able to find similar stuff in Toronto?

Brunch with snooty relatives and toddler?

I like Le Select Bistro on Wellington St. The atmosphere is kid-friendly and they have a great kids' menu as well. Their foie gras is awesome... Their patio at the back has a water fountain (Perhaps that might entertain the toddler for a couple of minutes) There's also Brassaii on King St. which serves delicious fish and chips. They have a nice patio enclosed between two other buildings where perhaps you can watch the toddler play while dining. And if you like the Distillery, The Boiler House is not a bad choice either. I hope that helps and good luck with your relatives.

461 King St. W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K7, CA

Le Select
432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

Boiler House
55 Mill St., Toronto, ON M5A 3C4, CA

Skylounge on Bloor?

What a bummer... I actually thought Skylounge was on the roof. Why the hell is it called Skylounge if it's on the ground?? I also like four seasons but I just wanted to show the ladies a view of Toronto. I'm not a fan of Panorama but Roof Lounge sounds great. Do they have a lunch menu there? Thanks for all your suggestions.

Skylounge on Bloor?

Has anyone been to Skylounge? My sister's visiting from nyc and my mom's visiting from Vancouver so I'm thinking of taking the ladies out for some shopping at Yorkville and then walking over to Skylounge for some casual late lunch. How's the food and how's the view?

Best sushi downtown, take-out/delivery

I second Japango and Tokyo Sushi... Both offer very fresh fish. There's also Mt. Sinai Sushi. I haven't been there in a while but from what I remember they have a wide variety of creative rolls if you're into that but I wouldn't recommend it for quality sashimi and sushi. It's a tiny Korean-run joint a couple of steps west of Yonge and Grosvenor. And I'd also stay the crap out out of Sushi Sky...

Restaurants with spectacular views

If your primary purpose is to check out the views, 230 Fifth is one place I can think of. It's a cocktail lounge not a restaurant but they have a rooftop garden with truly awesome views of the city. The food is mediocre and as for the drinks, the bartender doesn't know what the hell he's doing but I go just for the views especially because the place never has lineups and is usually quiet (not surprising). For me, it's a great spot to be able to enjoy a conversation over crappy drinks without having to shout.

You'll probably find some better suggestions here:

Apr 08, 2008
kimmich in Manhattan

Coffee Shop with Free WiFi (Downtown Toronto)

Art Square Cafe on Dundas W. and Starbucks in Manulife both have wifi, I believe

izakaya questions

If you don't mind the noise and the younger crowd at Hapa that's cool but for slightly less chaos, slightly older crowd and equally good food try Shiru-Bay Chopstick Cafe in Yaletown. The food is very similar and they do take reservations.

Sushi Jun review

I second Sushi Jun. I go to ny at least 2 or 3 times a year and it's just a couple of steps from where I stay. I've been there more times than I can count and I've never been disappointed. The fish is always very fresh, the atmosphere is very casual and the service is great. Great value considering how fresh the ingredients are... In terms of the quality of the fish they rival some of the better sushi restaurants in the city. Everytime I walk by this place I can't help but drop in and have their awesome monkfish liver. Definitely sit at the bar and get to know the chef and the staff as they're very friendly and they'll remember you by name after a few visits. It's on W. 50th b/w 8th and 9th (closer to 8th). I guess it's not as busy as it should be because of the location as it's easy to pass by without noticing it (it's tiny).

Apr 06, 2008
kimmich in Manhattan

Chinese noodle restaurants in Toronto?

Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll be sure to check out Mother's Dumplings since I live downtown.

Chinese noodle restaurants in Toronto?

I'm from Vancouver and I used to go to a noodle place called Sha Lin Noodle House on W. Broadway. They make their own noodles that are always perfectly al dente and they're MSG-free. I've been craving their ja jiang dragging noodles with minced pork and sliced cucumbers. Can anybody recommend any good noodle places that have ja jiang on the menu preferably in downtown??