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Toro in New Orleans area?

I've had toro, recently, at the Little Tokyo on carrollton near Jesuit, Kyoto 2 a few weeks, and Shogun years ago. I believe they offered gulf bluefin toro, as opposed to japanese imported. Oh yea, one time taste of tokyo (both) offered yellowfin toro, but i didn't try it.

Jun 12, 2012
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

Where can I find burnt-ends in New Orleans?

LOL. I'm actually answering my own question. The Arabella station whole foods can do it. They're charging me the same price as their brisket. (13.99). I'll let you know how it tens out

Apr 14, 2011
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

Where can I find burnt-ends in New Orleans?

I called squeal and they don't have it. Squeals menu doesn't have burnt ends either. :(

Apr 11, 2011
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans


The title summed it up for the most part. If you have a Tulane ID, it's free. :)

Apr 10, 2011
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

Where can I find burnt-ends in New Orleans?

I've lived in nola most of my life, and have recently heard about burnt-ends. I was wondering if any restaurant in new orleans had it on their menu? I'm referring to the burnt ends on brisket.


Apr 10, 2011
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

Orchid fried rice @ Pho Orchid


Located not to far from clearview mall across from houston's lies this vietnamese fusion restaurant. I have lived in new orleans for twelve years now, and hands down their orchid fried rice is the absolute best. I get it every time I go there, and when the entire family of four goes, I get two orders. Its contents include:

vietnamese sweet sausage ( this gives an umami feeling to the rice"
scallion sprinked on top.

The portions are huge, and for 10.50 it's a great deal. I'm 6'3 235 and i can't ever finish it in one sitting.
If you love fried rice, you have to try it here. It's not too greasy and it's different from other friend rice dishes i've tasted throughout New orleans.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the service can be sub par sometimes, as the servers seem to be very young and are only interested in making some extra spending money.

Last thing I leave you with are some other recommendations for you, because no one really just eats fried rice without some main dishes accompanying it. For a party of 4 people, I would say this is the perfect meal:

1 order of ochid fried rice (10.50)
1 order of shaken beef entree (14.95)
1 order of fried calamari (13.95)
1 order of eggplant add grilled pork (9.95)

Yes, the prices seem a little steep for a vietnamese restaurant, but the portions of each are definitely hearty, and you'll be impressed with the food and decor after you eat your meal.

highly recommended, 4/5 stars.


Sep 07, 2010
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

Dim Sum!!

There's this new dim sum place that opened fairly recently. It's right by Hongkong supermarket. Its a park of panda king buffet, but in its own little area to the right of it. I went with some friends at 2pm last weekend, but most of their things were sold out. The flavor was the best i could find in new orleans, and some of the dishes were comparable to dim sum in houston.

my only advice to those who want to try the place is to go early. I think dim sum starts at 11 every weekend, so be prompt.

For those who have tried it, what did y'all think?

Sep 20, 2009
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

deanie's service...unbelievable?...

I brought it to her attention before the bill came, and I'm not from New orleans. I meant deanie's is a cajun seafood restaurant in general, not the dish I ordered.

Aug 31, 2009
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

deanie's service...unbelievable?...

they did, but that was the first time I had eaten cajun food since I was out of the country for 8 months.

Aug 30, 2009
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

deanie's service...unbelievable?...

About a week ago a friend and I went to Deanie's. We sat across from each other diagonally and we were approached by our waitress. My friend orders a bowl of gumbo, and a po-poy. I get the crab duo. Keep in mind that we are a party of only two people. The waitress comes back 5 minutes later with a plate, doesn't tell us what it is, and sets it in front of me, so I begin eating. I see half a blue crab on the plate and since I ordered a crab duo begin to eat it. Five minutes later his po-boy comes out, and another five minutes later my crab duo comes. When i see my plate I realize that the fried crab dressing balls and crabmeat au gratin are on the plate, which are the only two things I order. It is now when I realized that the dish the waitress set in front of me was the gumbo.

When it came time to pay the bill i was adamant about not paying for the gumbo. These are my two grounds:

1. She didn't tell me what it was.
2. She placed it in front of me when my friend who happened to be the only other person at the table ordered it.

I asked to talk to a manager and refused to pay for it, but she said since someone ate it she couldn't take it off the bill. I told her fine, I just won't tip my waitress.

Was the the correct course of action? Or should I have done something else?

Aug 30, 2009
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans

Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans?

A friend of mine and I went to willie mae's for lunch today. We're asian (keep that in mind). We sit at the bar as all the tables are filled. That's no problem. We're handed menus after five minutes and can't order for another 35 minutes. No drinks and no food. Finally two other guests showed up at the bar. They just so happened to be black. As soon as they sat down both our orders were taken around the same time, with maybe a 1 minute interval. Three minutes later, their food arrives and they start munching. As they are finishing up and the check is handed to them our drinks arrive...and 5 minutes later our food arrives. By this time the people who sat down next to us have long been gone. The only things we ordered were fried chicken, so I do not see how it should taken that long to come out. Nonetheless we found the food quite good, but the service atrocious. You expect there to not be any discriminating in this day and age at a restaurant but it was just terrible today. This was the worst service i've had in maybe ever, and i'm a local. When we finally got our check we gave them virtually no tip, which i thought was more than justified.

I don't think I'll ever return.

Jan 16, 2009
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans


what are some good ideas for coconut recipes? Not just in desserts, but also as an entree. Any ideas would be appreciated greatly. Thanks.

Mar 25, 2008
c1ue1ess88 in Home Cooking

Best Sushi in New Orleans?

I went to Hoshun yesterday for lunch, and I got the pumpkin seed and plum duck. It was good, but it wasn't great. The pumpkin seed mixture was a little thick. Texture of it wasn't that great. As for flavor, it was pretty good, but Zea's duck (there's only one on the menu) is far superior taste wise. Too bad Hoshun gives you twice the amount of duck though.

Sushi wise, being asian, and haveing been to most of the places, i think that sake cafe is usually pretty good. We ask for 50 dollars of sashimi and it comes with at least 60-65 pieces of assorted fish (tuna, salmon, octopus, white fish, yellowtail, sea urchin roe, squid, sweet shrimp, etc.)

I'm a student at Tulane, and since Mikimoto has free delivery and is one of the few that deliver (sake on st. charles now delivers) i get it frequently with my friends. It's not a great quality, but it's cheaper than the other places.

Taste of Toyko in destrahan is's far though, which is why most people have not heard of it, but it is amazing. Their rolls are amazing, and they have a secial sauce that is the best sauce i've had at a japanese place. Their beef teriyaki is also made with angus prime rib, and is cooked to order. This place is not expensive either, just a little out of the way for most people in new orleans.

Mar 23, 2008
c1ue1ess88 in New Orleans