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Market Basket, Thoughts

Yes, MB definitely has some new customers. A friend of mine and I have been telling a mutual friend about MB for years. Finally, a week after Artie T came back, the mutual friend texted me to say, "X, you were right! Now I'm a mkt basket customer. Just tried it out." Since then the mutual friend has returned to Market Basket at least once. I didn't ask. She was so happy about it, she told me.

Apple picking?

Thanks for the info!

Apple picking?

Do they have unpasteurized cider?

Market Basket

Part of the charm for me is the sign that hangs above the aisle and simple states "Goya". The Chelsea store even has warm Cinco de Mayo tortillas and gorditas. Okay, the factory is also in Chelsea, less than a mile away, but talk about fresh!

I live in Belmont so when Waltham does open it will be a difficult choice for me. I have bonded to the Burlington location but the lure of a huge MB like the one in Revere stocked with stuff that reflects the various ethnic communities in Waltham is really strong.

Market Basket

Comparing meat at MB versus Costco: it's a difficult trade-off. In general, the prices are not that different. Costco has a more limited selection of cuts. The meat at Costco is choice or prime while the meat at MB is select or choice. In both cases the grade is clearly labeled, so no problem unless I am looking for prime. I recently finally did notice that the beef at Costco is needled. For reasons that I can't quite put my finger on, I find that objectionable. That needled thing set me on a track where I am buying less meat at Costco and more at MB.

Local trash fish

I am sure I have seen scup at Market Basket in Burlington. The fish there is very good, due to high turnover. You could call ahead and ask.

Another possibility for trash fish is H-Mart, just around the corner. However my impression has been that local sourcing is not a priority at H-Mart. For example, even though mackerel are a local fish, whenever I look, the mackerel at H-Mart come from Norway.

Market Basket

Great point. Market Basket locations vary a lot. For example, some have a Goya Aisle while others do not. (How can you not love a chain that has stores with Goya Aisles?) It all depends on the neighborhood. If the closest store does not have what you seek, it may be worthwhile to check out some others that are not too far away.

It's hard to guess whether the Waltham location will have a lot of organic or natural stuff. That Somerville does makes a lot of sense. The question is, will the inventory in Waltham be biased towards Waltham or Weston? Talk about different demographics!

Info on Market Basket new locations?

One of the Burlington associates told me today that the inside MB rumor mill was that Artie T wanted to move ahead with opening Revere and Waltham as soon as possible a) because Waltham will be one of their flagship locations and b) it would be a very positive statement about Market Basket post-feud.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

I was at Burlington first thing this morning. No produce, no meat, no fish, dairy mostly with dates a week or so out (with a nearby associate warning me to be sure of the dates if I took more than one of anything). I asked one of the meat guys if/when I would be able to come back and get something for my Labor Day cookout. He said if not tomorrow, probably by Saturday.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

It is being widely reported that a deal was signed tonight to sell Artie S. (and family)'s shares to Artie T (and family). Artie T. will be in charge once again. Let the shopping resume!

Shaw's > Star

I heard about the changes and went to the Belmont Star Market (less than a mile from home) for the first time in several years (not counting one or two emergency runs when there was no other choice and I needed a specific thing). While the produce seemed less wilted, that's not saying much. The prices were outrageous. $1.99 for a pound of regular yellow onions (twice!!! the price for the same thing at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods, imagine!); $2.49 for a two-pound bag. I saved so much money by shopping at the Burlington Market Basket that the drive was worth it. Even the Market Basket boycott has not gotten me back in that Star Market. Of course if/when Artie T returns I will be back to my regular routine; until then there is the Russo's/nearby Stop and Shop combo. If all else fails, in two months there will be the Burlington Wegman's.

Hatch Chiles - 2014 edition

Coincidentally, I made a batch of chile verde just last weekend. This recipe was a big winner with everyone who tried it.

Hatch Chiles - 2014 edition

Just scored a bag of them at the Fresh Pond WF ($1.99/pound). I'm gonna grill them this weekend. Oh, is my mouth watering already!

chambers stoves

Where is the stove currently located?

Aug 08, 2014
PinchOfSalt in Cookware

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

Just because something is legal doesn't mean it is a good or appropriate thing to do. A corporation is property. Property owners control or dispose of their property in a way that they expect will meet their goals. However, especially in the case of corporations, shareholders are NOT the only people who are affected by decisions about that property. Hence the current situation, and why certain decisions may be legal but at the same time harmful to the greater community.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

I would LOVE to see MB become employee owned. Arthur T buying it out could be a step on that path. After, he's learned what can happen with family-owned companies. There could be a plan that gradually lets employees get the stock.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

Great idea! I think I will go to Costco (which treats its employees well) and get some water and snacks for the picketers. Too late to do it today but perhaps tomorrow or Friday?

Indonesian market

It's almost 2.5 years later, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for this post. I needed candlenuts (aka kemiri nuts or kukui nuts) for a recipe. China Merchandise had exactly what I needed.

Funny thing, I used to shop there sometimes when I worked near the Burlington Mall. Back then, China Merchandise had a large selection of Chinese groceries, plus the other nationalities you mention. Now, however, it is primarily Indian. I would look elsewhere if my goal was strictly Chinese ingredients, but for Indonesian, it is the best source I have seen in the area.

Thank you Chowhound for being an amazing source of help!

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

I will definitely boycott them. Arthur T (the CEO who was kicked out) was doing a great job - better than average margin for the company, great prices and quality for consumers, and good jobs for the people who worked there. What's going on now is a perfect example of what can go wrong when a few individuals are motivated by greed and revenge.

We do get to vote with our dollars, though. This afternoon I stopped by Hannafords in Walthm instead of making a trip to the Burlington MB.

two-bite bastilla

Saffron comes from a special variety of crocus (a flower). Mace is the outer covering of a nutmeg seed. Saffron and mace do not come from the same plant. Perhaps you were thinking of some other substitution?

Jul 21, 2014
PinchOfSalt in Home Cooking

My imagination, or is Stop&Shop getting good again?

I was very put off by the $1.99/pound onions but it was a cooking emergency with no time to go elsewhere. The bagged onions were $2.49 for 2 pounds - less exorbitant than the loose ones but still ridiculously priced. I gritted my teeth and bought a bag while promising myself that it would be a long, long time before I tried shopping at Shaws again regardless of the name on the sign.

My imagination, or is Stop&Shop getting good again?

After hearing many reports about Star -> Shaws (horrible) -> Star (improved from Shaws), I checked out my local (Waverly Square, Belmont) Star. Yes it is cleaner but the prices are still absurd. $1.99 for a pound of regular (loose, ordinary yellow) onions? Give me a break. It is still worth the time and gasoline to drive to the Burlington MB (or, if I am only looking for produce, Russo's or even Wilson's).

Kate's Buttermilk

I saw it at the Burlington MB about a week and a half ago.

Pecan Crescent Cookies .. Do you have a favorite recipe?

Those are devine! They break easily, so you have to be careful when packing them into a container. Soooo good.

Jul 12, 2014
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June 2014 Openings and Closings

Not much more info than on the website, but there's a mention of Montreal bagels. Unfortunately they are getting only one shipment a week. Real NYC bagels go stale in a day. Wonder how long Montreal bagels keep?

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2014

It's beginning to look like west coast locations have the Tuscan Olive Oil but eastern stores do not. Hmmm.

Jun 28, 2014
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Who Knows Cherry/Olive Pitters?

Okay, it's a bit OT, but it is good to know I am not the only kitchen-gadget obsessed person. Only in my case, it was the need for a garlic peeler that had me going for literally decades. Now that I have it, I don't know what I would do if it went missing!

Oh, and about cherry pitters, mine punches the pit out a hole. It always seems a shame to mar a cherry that way...

Jun 24, 2014
PinchOfSalt in Cookware

Popeyes buys recipes from founder Al Copeland's family for $43 million

Wow. I wonder when Copeland and the company parted ways, and how he managed to keep ownership of the company.

In a recent episode of the Splendid Table podcast, a cookbook author (the book was Fried and True, if memory serves) said it was very difficult to convince Popeyes to let them visit the mothership (as part of the research for the book). Popeyes not owning the recipe (and probably having to pay a mega penalty if they disclosed it to a third party) may have had something to do with that.

Jun 24, 2014
PinchOfSalt in Chains

Nestle plans to create 'Star Trek-like food replicator'

Yikes, and it is not even April 1.

I don't know if I would want to try the stuff that was made by this device. It might be good for you, but there's more to food than nutrition!

June 2014 Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSA updates

To expand a bit on LindaWhit's answer, a CSA is an arrangement between you and a farm. Typically you pay in advance for a season and what you get depends on the harvest. There are CSAs for produce (usually weekly distributions from June-October), fish, and meat in the Boston area. There are different styles of operation. For example, take produce CSAs. In many cases, you go to a pick-up point once a week and get a box or bag that has been pre-packed for you. Other produce CSAs work more like a market, where you get to choose a certain number or amount of items from a variety that is available. Usually a CSA share is sized to be enough for a family. Some CSAs also sell half-shares. If you search on the Boston board you will find threads discussing experiences with various CSAs in the area.