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Crossroads Market, Calgary

Regina's Meats: AMAZING. Her products are all natural. THe European weiners are a must, her ham is feast-worthy, beef jerky sticks are addictive... everything is worth a special trip. I only venture there for her goods. If you call ahead, she will also put stuff aside for you because she sells out often before saturday.

Mar 23, 2008
alex8alot in Prairie Provinces

Great Scrambled Eggs? [Moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

It does melt a little, but not into puddles

Mar 06, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

Food gift for a hostess -- irresistible and found only in Vancouver?

thanks for the background, I love that it is a family place.

Food gift for a hostess -- irresistible and found only in Vancouver?

Candied salmon is delicious. THey sell it at both fish stalls on Granville Island for sure.

Tapas/Small Plates in Vancouver

I went rather recently, and it might have been an off night, but nothing was fresh, or appealing. The decor is also super-dated and kind of depressing.

Food gift for a hostess -- irresistible and found only in Vancouver?

when did that BUTTER bakery open? It looks amazing. Are they all natural?

How/Why did you pick your screen name?

omg, that is seriously hilarious given your job as a scientist, and life as a devoted father who labors over batches of soups. I can't stop laughing!

Mar 05, 2008
alex8alot in Site Talk

Help tweaking a lowfat brownie recipe

I will post for you if you like? it is completely natural, just cutting back on the major culprits. my husband liked them, he who always disdainfully demands to know if a oarticular dish is a "healthy" version, pronouncing the word with a sneer.

Feb 29, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

Help tweaking a lowfat brownie recipe

have you tried the cook's illustrated lighter brownie recipe? there is no applesauce involved. there is also a recipe on epicurious using prunes I think.

Feb 28, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

Runoff Vote: MARCH Cookbook of the Month

I can't participate as I am moving and no kitchen to speak of, but just wanted to say that you are doing a great job and I really wish I could! one of these days (will be in transit for many months) !

Feb 24, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

Best Sandwich you ever had?

#8? just cream cheese with olive oil drizzled in between?

Feb 21, 2008
alex8alot in General Topics


those japanese kitkats are crazy! which one is your favorite? and could you explain what oroshi is?

Mini Muffins/Mini Croissants-Vancouver...

sweet e's in kerrisdale does mini-cupcakes... I don't know if that qualifies. I rather like my muffins to approximate cupcakes personally :)

The Truth About Robert Irvine?

the wikipedia entry is now gone. hilarious.

Feb 19, 2008
alex8alot in Food Media & News

Benke Ramen - Vancouver - First Visit

:) My father has a conniption fit everytime he sees me grazing on kimchee like salad. He firmly believes that my stomach lining is pockmarked from acid holes.

Black Currant Juice - Calgary/Edmonton

would Ribena, the blackcurrant syrup work for this thing?

Benke Ramen - Vancouver - First Visit

super review. never having had the real thing in Japan, I think I could enjoy the heavier broth here. Now there is an alternative to the throes of despair that the Kintaro lineups inspire in my friends.

Manuel Latruwe's closed for renos (Calgary)

By "there" do you mean in that same building?

my dumb question # 294: is brisket OVER-cookable?

thanks for both of your reassuring answers. I will try it out tomrorow. I want to make the brisket pie that someone else mentioned on this board.

Feb 14, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

my dumb question # 294: is brisket OVER-cookable?

If a brisket has already been braised once, and then frozen, can it be cut up, and then re-braised? Reason being that I want to make beef pie. Would I be better off making the gravy and veg separately? But if no harm would come to the brisket, I would just do it all together?

Feb 14, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

Calgary near Mariott recs

Yes, most definitely. I wish I could do this instead of feeding my husband and children.

Valentine Cookie Recipes?

Would these be terrible without nuts? Do they require nuts for form and texture, or just flavor? I ask because am allergic to nuts, but love the chocolate ration in this recipe

Feb 11, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

Long weekend day-trip eating (Cgy)

if you are going to canmore, definitely stop by the Gourmet Croissant, already mentioned on this board, and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. They are known for their pizza, but their soups are delicious, and the kids' hand made macaroni was so good that my husband and I were fighting over the daughter's leftovers. I think that someone mentioned a good place in Bragg Creek, the Bavarian Inn?

Feb 10, 2008
alex8alot in Prairie Provinces

Calgary -- Indochine on 10th Street NW: another disappointing experience

the few times I tried, hoping to have a nice atmosphere and good vietnamese food, were not good. Unfortunately, the two remain mutually exclusive here in Calgary. I ordered a vermicelli dish. the noodles, meant to be served at room temp came out in a gluey, cold mass. The lemongrass pork was tasty, but was more jerky-like in texture than anything else. The fresh vegetables were warmer than the noodles beneath which they laid ie) wilted. The second time was marginally better, but not enough. The third time was my last. But I fully agree about the service being solicitous. It's too bad.

best pizza in calgary?

yes, the rocky ridge location does have the pizza, but I haven't tried it myself

Feb 09, 2008
alex8alot in Prairie Provinces

Sichuan Dan dan mian in Vancouver

does your "not the best, but very good" refer specifically to the dumplings, or also to the beef rolls? because if there are better beef rolls out there then please direct me. Just the thought of those rolls has cured my lingering post-holiday gastrointestinal distension and distress.

“Great Cookies” by Carole Walter (review, long)

great review, very helpful.

Feb 02, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

The Foodie Tourist Map Vancouver (yet another Google Map)

your maps make me homesick!

sauce for cold vegetables??

bagna cauda!!!!

Jan 24, 2008
alex8alot in Home Cooking

Shirataki Noodles in Calgary/Edmonton

thanks for help with decoding all the japanese words. Something that frustrates me is the loose or absent translation on the asian products at the store (and I am with you on the baking spray with flour thing ;)

Jan 16, 2008
alex8alot in Prairie Provinces