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Verjus or Restaurant Comptoir Canailles

Wow! A post that I can answer with confidence since I've been to both (and fairly recently.) But I'm with Parn - go with convenience since there is no bad decision here. Me, though? I wouldn't want a tasting menu (Verjus) on the first night. And the service seems more casual at Comptoir Canaiiles, which I prefer when I'm feeling like a wretch. I know lunch and dinner experiences can differ, but I just had a fabulous lunch on Tuesday at CC. Whichever you choose, enjoy!

Sep 03, 2015
VaPaula in France

Soft Fruit in Paris

I bought some wonderful figs at the La Chapelle market today.

eta: never mind the rest - shouldn't post when jet lagged.

Aug 30, 2015
VaPaula in France

Recommendation for a favorite bistro in Marais

I don't think it's much different than other boards, really. Suggestions to start a new thread are common, either because someone else comes along and has a slightly different question - or OP has a separate question. And even though loriw1a explained herself well, it's hard not to look at, and focus on, the topic at hand when you're opening these threads over & over again and all the previous responses have been collapsed.

Aug 25, 2015
VaPaula in France

Anyone up for a Chow lunch next week?

By 9/22, I will be very jealous of you! Sorry to miss you this time around, DCM. Looking forward to hearing about your Paris adventures while I'm in the throes of withdrawal - always enjoy your posts. :-)

Aug 25, 2015
VaPaula in France

Anyone up for a Chow lunch next week?

Looking at Friday, 9/4, but we have a pretty flexible schedule (just Tuesday lunch planned as of right now.) On the short list are Le BAT, A. Noste, Amarante, Louis – but flexible on where as well.

Aug 24, 2015
VaPaula in France

Please recommend a hotel in Paris

Wow. You give up quickly. :-) The "one bedroom with study" didn't load on my phone, but all the other one bedrooms did, and the first one I looked at had availability for early November. Regardless, just reread your OP and Montmartre possibly isn't the right place for you, so.....never mind!

Aug 22, 2015
VaPaula in France

Please recommend a hotel in Paris

Well if you're considering apartments now, do look at

Aug 22, 2015
VaPaula in France

Spectacular settings for dining: Another, this in Montmartre

I'm about 95% certain it was Parn because it's in my notes for our upcoming trip. Thanks for the review - not bad at all food & a view could easily work for me.

Aug 22, 2015
VaPaula in France

China Chilcano in DC- Report

I agree with your comment on lack of vegetables, although we really did enjoy the hearts of palm salad when we went last weekend - such nice, bright, fresh flavors. Other favorites were the jaladito norteño and the pegao norteño, already mentioned many times on this thread. The sudado de pescado was lovely as well.

Service was good, but on the overly-friendly, too comfortable side, which I don't really care for. Come to think of it, the server tried to talk us out of the "salads & vegetables" section, but I'm glad we didn't listen to her.

Rabbit dinner in Paris

Astier used to do a good lapin à la moutarde, but it's been years (decades, really) since I've been.

Aug 14, 2015
VaPaula in France

Trendy restaurant where we can get dressed up

Exactly what I've been thinking as I've read through this thread. Frankly, I never feel overdressed in a dress & heels - assuming we're not talking about fast food or raucous sports bars (or ball gowns, for that matter.) Just had a girls' trip in Philadelphia last weekend and at least one - and sometimes all three - of us donned a dress & heels every night (Le Cheri, Zahav, & Branzino.)

Le Baratin

Thanks for the review, mangeur. I actually noticed Le Baratin in my notes the other day, on page 1 (of a many-paged document) so it's been in there awhile. I had it noted for its 18-Euro lunch menu (which appears to be 19 now, still good.) I'll take this as a sign that it's time to try it next month.

Hope to hear more from you on tis trip...

Aug 05, 2015
VaPaula in France

Fairfax Brew Pub/Craft Beer

Dogfish Head has been very hit or miss food-wise for me. Then again, I typically go for the more healthful options on the menu, so maybe stick to the pub grub...?

If you can get to Mad Fox in Falls Church, they had decent food last time we were there (a while ago, though) after a kitchen change. You'll enjoy the beer at both, though.

Best Vegetarian (or even, ugh, vegan) in DC - Higher End

I've been thinking about this (I eat out with a vegetarian friend fairly often) but "high-end" is totally tripping me up. Rasika West End is good, but their star dish (palak chaat) is veg not vegan. They do have a veg section on their menu that your friends could check out, but not tons of choices, especially vegan. That's high-end.

I'd also suggest Doi Moi. Not high-end, but nice space and in THE hot area of DC (14th st.) They have a veg/vegan/gluten-free menu. I really enjoyed my duck liver salad, but that's neither here nor there. :-)

Quick Hits! Do You Have Any?

Funny, I (well my body) definitely subscribe to that theory - always craving spicy during hot weather. I need to put this place on the list. Thanks to you both for the recs.

Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos

Lovely pictures - thank you. That is one gorgeous piece of fish.

Jul 25, 2015
VaPaula in France

Ice cream

Commendable research! Now I'm curious, and think I need to plan an ice-cream taste testing for our early September trip. Grom has been on my list (an NYC list, I should add) for a long time, but we just haven't made it there. And Constant has been on the Paris list for a while, but most of our trips have tended to be in cold weather. Given that, I'm a total novice on Paris ice cream (despite loving the stuff, I admit I don't crave it in cold and damp weather) and only have Berthillon under my belt - pun intended. How does Amorino fit into your high-tech ratings system, Rio? ;->

Jul 21, 2015
VaPaula in France

Suggestions needed for Menton, Ste. Agnes, Gorbio, Nice et al...

Hmmm...what made me think the Ventimiglia market was only held on Fridays? Guess I have to do some more research!

Sam, we're doing a similar trip in mid-September, except staying in Ste. Agnès for 6 days - so I don't have personal recs for you. I did bookmark this site for parking free in Nice - but only up to an hour. Still, could be useful if you're just popping in somewhere to pick up some goodies or some such.

Jul 21, 2015
VaPaula in France

Les Chouettes, Paris - report

Another delightful read, both versions! Thank you. It might not have been irresistible enough for you, but you should know that I would give anything to have that Paris Brest right now with my morning coffee. It looks scrumptious!

Jul 17, 2015
VaPaula in France

Michelin Starred in Paris with a 12 year old?

Your maiden post! Welcome to Chowhound, Pariswat! I assume you are the same Pariswat from TA and Fodor's. Looking forward to your contributions here. VaPaula (aka YankyGal "over there." :-))

Jul 15, 2015
VaPaula in France

The Treemont Closed for Water Damage

I had a reservation cancelled through OpenTable AND a phone call from the restaurant cancelling my reservation at the end of this month. Opening TBD. Just FYI.

Between that and Matyson, I am having some rotten luck planning my girls' trip. :-)

Jul 08, 2015
VaPaula in Philadelphia

Paris - back to the 9th, all of September

We know the Anvers market well (thanks to Parigi personally taking us there many moons ago,) And yes, Laidback is who we got the rec from for Bistrot La Bruyère - thanks for reminding me!

We actually arrive the last Sunday in August. Sundays can be a challenging arrival day, albeit far from insurmountable. :-)

Jul 02, 2015
VaPaula in France

Paris - back to the 9th, all of September

Hey Peter - we've stayed in the 9th a couple times, but will be just on the opposite side of the Boulevard de Rochechouart in the 18th in September. We love the 9th and 18th as bases.

Absolutely keep Le Richer on your list. It was one of our favorite meals last November. We also enjoyed Bistrot La Bruyère with a fairly minor quibble on one of the dishes (confit of beef was a tad dry) but would go back.

Wonderful to have the whole month! We have about 9 days - maybe we can arrange for a get together during that time...? Hoping to see Parigi (whom I miss on this board, too!) and her hubby as well since we missed them last trip.

Happy planning!

Jul 02, 2015
VaPaula in France

Peter Chang to come to Arlington?

Went last night for the first time. Some hits, some misses, but overall a good experience and am eager to go back to try more dishes. There were 7 of us, and I think the biggest complaint was the inconsistency of the heat. So a 1-chili dish was spicier than a 3-chili dish, etc.

Hits: dry-fried eggplant, grandma's noodle appetizer, hot & numbing noodle appetizer, shan city Pigs' feet, spicy hunan flounder fish (from the grandma menu, not the chef's specialties, which we also tried and I found just meh and a bit too sweet for my tastes; others liked it, though.)

Misses: cilantro flounder fish rolls (greasy and bland), beef brisket soup in ceramic pot and another soup, but I can't recall the name, both of which left me thinking "so what?"

Service was very good. They left the tofu out of my vegetarian friend's hot pot, but quickly rectified it.

One weird thing was the plastic wrap on the glass of Riesling, which the waitress quickly whisked away to take off, but I saw it anyway. Pre-pouring glasses and putting them in the fridge? That's the only explanation I could think of. Odd, though.

Anyway, looking forward to a return visit.

Capitol Hill Recommendations

It's not mentioned often on this board, but we really liked Sona Creamery a couple months ago, and plan to go back. Although it's wine-focused, not beer or cocktails, I see they have a brunch menu that might work for you. We had a cheese and charcuterie plate that was good, along with some small plates, stuffed dates & cauliflower, iirc. Good stuff, very laid back, nice service.

Sri Lankan food in MD/DC/VA? Just watched No Reservations

There was a much more recent thread, which you posted to, so you might want to look at this one again, before your next trip.

Paris Trip Report

Bravo on your traipsing! Trust me when I say you likely won't ever have a checklist (at least not a strict one) in Paris again. And thanks for reporting back!

Jun 08, 2015
VaPaula in France

Paris - April Trip Report or How To Lose Your Abs In 10 Days, Part 2: Pirouette, Chez Denise, Chez l'Ami Jean, AG, Gare Au Gorille

Just piling on - great reports, thank you. Looking forward to Part 3!

Jun 04, 2015
VaPaula in France

Takeaway breakfast options downtown

Just wanted to report back on this. We ended up doing 3 take-out breakfasts: Crocevia, Lion, and Tender Greens. My favorite coffee was from Lion with Crocevia a close 2nd. Favorite breakfast was the P. Balistreri Salami from Tender Greens. Of course, comparing eggs, provolone, and salami on a yummy roll is probably not fair to the others, where we had baked goods. ;-) Loved the maple walnut scone from Lion, though. Thanks again, all.

Jun 01, 2015
VaPaula in San Diego

Lobrano, Best New Paris Bistros

I'm in that club, too (including a couple other cities) as I'm sure many of us are. I don't mind doing it, but I'm not sure anyone realizes how much work can go into it. I usually will add Metro/subway stop, cross streets (for NYC), opening times, recommended dishes (if possible), what else is nearby, and other tidbits and tips - and always, always let them know when I was last there. We should charge! :-)

I've started to save these (usually emails) in case I get one request on top of another.

May 29, 2015
VaPaula in France