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Great Wolf Lodge (Scotrun, PA) - lunch option found!

Hi all,

Was trying to find a decent place for lunch near GWL and hadn't seen an updated post in a while. We discovered a yummy Puerto Rican place in Tannersville (5 minutes away) called El Rincon del Caribe. Had delicious rice + beans, plantain and grilled chicken. My kids also really liked this kind of meat patty made with green plantain (alcapurria). We had flan and tres leches cake for dessert. There are a few tables to eat-in or you can call ahead for take-out. It was better (and cheaper) than the food offerings at GWL itself.

We ended up having to eat dinner and breakfast there -- buffet was adequate - could find what to eat but it was quite pricy. A lot of people seemed to be getting take-out pizza from the pizza place on site.

Aug 07, 2014
jacolis in Pennsylvania

Wildwood Crest trip report (with school-age kids).

Hi all,

We are just back from Wildwood Crest with our 2 children (7 and 9). We enjoyed the beach and most importantly the yummy seafood (since we live inland we crave it). We rented a condo so we usually went out for a lunch or dinner only.

First off, sad to say that Sharky's Feeding Frenzy (which had been highly rated on CH) has closed. :( We did try 3 other casual seafood "shacks". The best was Hooked Up Seafood in Wildwood. Best clam chowder of my life. The fish tacos and grilled tuna sandwich were delish as were the crispy onion rings and sweet Jersey corn. My girls liked sitting on the dock and watching the boats come in. Two other places we tried were Junior's (near Cape May Court House after a visit to the zoo) and H&H seafood. Good crab cakes and flounder at Junior's. I liked the steamed clams and blue and snow crab at H&H.

One lunch was at Lucky Bones in Cape May. It was ok but I thought it was a bit $. Service was nice and there was a good selection of beers. We had to try Maui's Dog House in North Wildwood after an afternoon on the piers with the kids. It was pretty fun (the kids liked eating out of the "dog bowls" and the fries were surprisingly good.

There seemed to be a lot of Italian-American restaurants in WW but we get a lot of that back home so we didn't try them. We had planned to try Mad Batter for lunch but our kayaking tour ran late.

Thanks for all your assistance, CH'ers!

Aug 07, 2014
jacolis in New Jersey

Cape May, NJ with Kids

Just got back from 5 days in Wildwood Crest/Cape May area. My kids loved three seafood shack-type places. One was H&H seafood in Cape May (just before the toll bridge). Tried blue crabs for the first time (crack your own). Good steamed clams. A few tables seemed to be enjoying their lobster. Girls really liked cracking the crabs and the fact that your "plates" are giant trays. The second was Junior's (we went after a visit to the Cape May Zoo - highly recommended - esp. if a cloudy day). Crab cakes, steamed clams, fluke. My favourite was Hooked Up seafood truck in Wildwood. Best clam chowder I have ever eaten and delicious fish tacos and grilled tuna sandwich. Girls liked eating on the dock and watching the boat they use to catch their fish unload.


Aug 07, 2014
jacolis in New Jersey

Where to buy stone crabs near Coconut Creek

Hi all,

We used to buy stone crabs from Mr. Fish in Pompano Beach, but it looks like they're now closed. Where can we pick up stone crabs in the vicinity? We will be in FL next week and assume stone crabs are still in season.

Thanks in advance,


Lunch at Momofuku noodle bar - what to order?

Hi all

Will be in TO for the weekend and have rezzies for lunch at Noodle bar. What are the can't miss items? Pork buns and cold noodles? My daughter loves ramen but some reviews said it was bland? And any tips for best desserts to try at Milk bar?
Thanks in advance!

Lunch at Downtown Disney in FL?

Hi all

Looking for a decent place for lunch in DTD. We will be with our 2 kids. Any chow-ish spots?

Raglan Road or Earl of a Sandwich? Have never eaten at Wolfgang Puck but heard food quality went downhill.


Jan 28, 2014
jacolis in Florida

Nice recommendations for families with kids

thought I would post back in case someone else is searching on these boards for the same info!

We had lunch at Safari in the cours saleya and it was ok. The best dish was my husband's grilled fish platter. The salade nicoise was just ok. My girls liked sharing the vegetable dish with bagna cauda but it was enormous.

Our best dinner was actually dinner in with purchased prepared food from the Marche Buffa (near our hotel). We had petits farcis, ratatouille and ravioli. We had another yummy dinner puchased from a charcuterie near our hotel (roast chicken, roast potatoes, ratatouille).

Best lunch was at Lou Pilha Leva to try socca (we were originally trying to find Chez Pipo but it was closed that day). The pissaladiere and socca were really good. I also enjoyed the fried stuffed zucchini flower and the kids (strangely?) LOVED the sardine beignets.

We also ended up at Fenocchio for ice cream which was justifiedly famous.

Our favourite meal of the trip was probably outside of Nice in the Nicois backcountry (La Cassolette in Vence).


Sep 29, 2013
jacolis in France

Marais recommendations (with kids)

Hi all,

Thought I would post back on our trip now that we are back in N. America. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. We absolutely loved staying in the Marais area.

By far our favourite boulangerie was the Moulin de Rosa (concur that it was better and cheaper than Gerard Mulot!). We also had a yummy lunch at the North African stall in the Marche des enfants rouges (couscous with kefta and merguez, salade marocaine and stuffed sardines).

We were pretty tired on our fist night so we ate dinner at Chez Hanna (one of the falafel/Israeli type restaurants on the rue des Rosiers but it was sit-down). We had a quick lunch on our first jet-lagged day at Clasico near Pl des Voges for empanadas, salad and dulce de leche ice cream.

We had two more dinners in the Marais: Bofinger (got rezzies right under the "coupole" as recommended!) and Cafe Breizh. Both were delicious. My kids especially liked the choucroute at Bofinger (we got one with the meats and one with seafood) and it was the first time they had an "ile flottante" for dessert. My only quibble with Breizh was that it was the first and only time we had rude service in our 2 week trip to France!

Other dinners we picked up food from the nearby grocery store or from the great places on rue de Bretagne as recommended.

We had lunches out depending on our sights. The kids loved the Jardins de Luxembourg and we had a nice lunch at the Pavillon de la Fontaine. Another lunch was Petite Venise at Versailles (surprisingly good considering it was in tourist trap vicinity). One dinner was at Le Relais de l'Entrecote after hitting the sales on the Champs Elysees. I know it is a tourist trap but the girls loved the idea of a restaurant with only steak/frites on the menu. :)

given other family obligations we did not have time to explore other neighbourhoods - esp for Magrehbian cuisine. Next trip I suppose!

Un gros merci a tous!

Jul 24, 2013
jacolis in France

Question about Gran Caffe Orientale in Parma

thank you! i am sure the kids will not say no to pizza for dinner. :)

Jun 06, 2013
jacolis in Italy

Question about Gran Caffe Orientale in Parma

Hi all,

We are spending one night near Parma in Casalmaggiore. We only have one afternoon and evening to see the city so I was thinking of going into the downtown area for sightseeing and to have an early-ish dinner (we are travelling with our 2 school age children).

Gran Caffe Orientale looked neat but mostly people seem to recommend it for drinks only. Do they also offer antipasti and the like to order with drinks? We did not want to go for a late multi-course dinner as we must get up early the next day (have a proscuitti and parmigiano tour followed by a tour in Motor valley).

Grateful for an alternative suggestion for a light dinner (on the early side - like 7 pm) in downtown Parma.

Thank you.

Jun 02, 2013
jacolis in Italy

Nice recommendations for families with kids

Hi all,

We will be spending 3 nights in Nice in early July with our 6 and 8 year old. We will have a suite so plan to eat breakfast and some meals in. In terms of meals out I have noted :

safari in the cours saleya
Da acchiardo
Socca (chez pippo?)
Fenocchio for ice cream
Marche Buffa for snacks like pissaladiere and pan bagnat

Any other suggestions for cuisine Nicoise? My kids like seafood and I want to try a real salads Nicoise.


May 27, 2013
jacolis in France

Marais recommendations (with kids)

Merci Ptipois. I would be especially interested in trying one of these TUnisian-Jewish places you have mentioned above.

PBSF: Do you recommend Bofinger over Petit Bofinger. I wasn't sure if we should hit Petit Bofinger as it might be more child friendly (note we would be eating at 7 pm).

May 24, 2013
jacolis in France

Marais recommendations (with kids)

Forgot to add: I am also wondering if having a falafel at one of the nearby places (L'As du Falafel?) is worth it. We have excellent Lebanese food in our city so I am not sure these places are really special.

May 20, 2013
jacolis in France

Marais recommendations (with kids)

Hi all,

We will be renting an apartment in the Marais (near Place des Vosges) for 6 nights with our two school-age children. I am looking for recommendations for bakeries, supermarkets and the like where we can pick up prepared food for our apartment.

I have already noted Gerard Mulot from a previous CH thread to pick up breakfast viennoiseries and lunch sandwiches. I plan to make reservations for Cafe Breizh (my girls would LOVE to eat crepes) and also at Petit Bofinger (my 8 year old really loves choucroute).

I know it is is not in the Marais but I am also tempted to hit La Mosquee de Paris for either their tea room or lunch one day since I love Maghrebian cuisine and we don't really have it in our city.


May 20, 2013
jacolis in France

Tracks oyster bar in Penn station?

Hmmm ok maybe Hill Country would be a better bet then. We will be coming from Central Park (wollman rink). We need to catch a train around 7 pm back to NJ so that is why I thought an early dinner at Tracks would work.

DH and I love raw oysters so I thought we could indulge.

I would say somewhere within 10 min walk to Penn station would work before the 6 year old starts whining!

We will have spent the day in NYC (boat tour to Statue of Liberty, AMNH and Central Park). Kids like all foods. We are eating lunch at a Peruvian place. Want to avoid Asian and Italian as we travelled there recently and would like to try something different. We don't have good seafood, BBQ or Latin American in our Canadian city!

Thank you!

Mar 24, 2013
jacolis in Manhattan

Tracks oyster bar in Penn station?

Hi all

Just wondering if this would be a good place to grab a quick dinner with the kids before taking a train back to NJ (we will be in NYC for the day).

The kids like all fish and seafood.


Mar 23, 2013
jacolis in Manhattan

Noodle Bar (David Chang) prices

Hi all,

We are going to be in Toronto and I would like to try Noodle Bar for the famous pork buns. There are no prices on the web site. What can we expect to pay for 2 adults for lunch?


Niagara Falls eats with kids?

Hi all,

Spending one night at Great Wolf Lodge with the kids. Any suggestions for a good casual dinner nearby? The dining options at GWL do not seem that great. Kids are good eaters and will eat all types of food (note we would be looking to eat @ 6 pm).


Maui with kids under 8 - Feedback on my plan please!


we just came back from Maui with our 6 and 8 year old (you can look for my separate trip report). I would second the idea of going to O'o farms (they are affiliated with/owned by?) the same people as Pacific O'o restaurant. My kids LOVED learning about the fruit and veggies and getting to pick their own for lunch. Our lunch prepared by Chef and eaten communally at large tables was delicious! Chef also brought my kids to feed the chickens afterwards which they enjoyed. Then you can drive down the street to the lavender farm and have the kids do the treasure hunt. it was a great day (with a stop at Kula farms for all kinds of nice fruit for the condo). Enjoy!

Dec 30, 2012
jacolis in Hawaii

West Maui Trip Report with school-age kids

Hi there,

At Merriman's we had the kalua pig quesadilla and tomato/beet/papaya salad as starters (both very good). The kids shared with us. There is a separate kids menu but it is quite pricy. We ordered the full size portions because we were all sharing. Note that portions are not huge (it was enough for the four of us but only because we got the full size portion). The best two dishes on my plate were the wok charred ahi and the steak. It also came with the mahi mahi which was good but the ahi was even better. My husband had the macadamia nut encrusted ono (i think it is called wahoo elsewhere). It was also good but really the ahi and the steak were the standouts.

At honokowai I liked the mahi mahi in lemon caper sauce and the chicken katsu. i have read that almost anything is good there -- it is kind of a strange menu as they have everything from Asian specialities to sandwiches (like tuna salad) to spaghetti!

I should note that on a previous trip to the BI (before kids) we had eaten at the Merrimans there and it was one of teh most memorable meals of my life! The Merrimans in Kapalua was good but not as good as the one on the BI. What really surprised me is how kid friendly Merrimans was considering the price point (i.e., they invited the kids to come and select a toy to play with at the table!!). Both of these places have menus that you can check out online. At the very least, you can go for drinks and pupus and watch the sunset. I thought Kapalua beach was beautiful (and there is a cool lava formation/black rock type thing that you can walk out to before dinner). Enjoy!

Dec 26, 2012
jacolis in Hawaii

Insomnia Cafe in Kakaako....best banh mi! (also a Nikki Cafe shout out)

We tried the spicy meatball bahn mi at the Tuesday night KCC farmer's market. I can't recall the bread - I think it was on a baguette. It was really delicious!! It was a little more pricey (about $10). I can't vouch for its authenticity but my mouth still waters just thinking about how good it was!

Dec 25, 2012
jacolis in Hawaii

Oahu trip report with school-age kids


I don't recall the exact price but I think it was more than a "usual" hot dog (i.e., $5 or $6). That being said, it was quite filling and came with lots of yummy toppings. We had the Hawaiian that came with lillikoi mustard and pineapple relish with a portugese sausage. My tip would be to bring your own water to drink. They did sell some kind of frozen lemonade but that cost as much if not more than the hot dog!

Dec 25, 2012
jacolis in Hawaii

Oahu trip report with school-age kids

hi all,

forgot to mention that we also hit up the KCC Farmer's market on a Tuesday night and it was FABULOUS. Enjoyed the pao de quiejo (Brazilian cheese buns) and all of our food from Pig & the Lady. My daughters loved the Saigon pho, fresh summer rolls and spicy meatball bahn mi. we also had fresh calamansi juice, and local ice cream and locally made chocolate. Really worth it!! we got there early (515) and it was already quite hopping.

Dec 23, 2012
jacolis in Hawaii

Oahu trip report with school-age kids

Hi all,

Mahalo for your wonderful recommendations -- this board was such a great resource for our 10 day trip to Oahu with our 6 & 8 year-old. We spent one night at Turtle Bay Resort and 10 nights in Waikiki. We had a rental car so we were able to get around a bit.

• stopped for lunch on the way to TBR at the He'ia pier and general store and had a delicious lunch! The guava chicken, misoyaki beef and ahi katsu were really delicious and so reasonable. I also liked the mac salad that came with it as well as a green salad.
• on the way back to Waikiki we stopped at the Snow Factory to try this kind of treat - kind of a mix between shave ice, ice cream and cotton candy. The kids really liked it! It might be a bit of an acquired taste as the texture is a little strange.

North Shore
• lunch at Romy's shrimp truck -- we had been to Giovanni's in the past and I thought G's was better. We ordered the prawns in garlic sauce, corn on the cob, and fried shrimp (in wonton wrappers). The fried shrimp were the best part! We also tried the fresh pineapple with li hing mui powder. I liked it but the kids not so much. :)
• Stopped at Aoki's for shave ice - we thought it just as good as Matsumoto's and there was no line-up!
• had brekkie at the TBR Resort (Palm terrace) as we needed to check in for a kayak tour at 745 a.m. It was pretty good for a hotel breakfast buffet -- they even had chocolate dipped strawberries for breakfast!
• My kids eat early and we wanted to catch the fire dancer show at 6 pm at the Hang Ten Bar so we just ate there. Food was average - hubby and I shared a HUGE salad. My drink was above average! (something with the name orchid in the title). Best part was the smores kit dessert (mind you it was $10 a pop). But, it was so cool to take our smores kit over to the fire pit and make smores while we watched the Samoan fire dancers!!

• Leonard's for malasadas (banana was my favourite flavour)
• good dim sum at Mei Sum dim sum in Chinatown (order the soft shell crab dish)
• enjoyed lunch at Roy's - shared a bunch of appetizers (miso-glazed butterfish, salad and potstickers) and a mango-tini. Had been to Roy's on a previous trip to the BI for dinner and was underwhelmed but lunch was nice.
• liked both Foodland (with more of a local emphasis) and Whole Foods for take-out foods for the condo (especially liked the poke from Foodland).
• had a good dinner at the Shirokiya food court (wanted the kids to get a taste of Japan). girls really enjoyed the sushi and the udon with tempura. I had some Japanese curry dish that was pretty good. They have a "beer garden" starting at 5:30 where beer is only $3.
• went for the kiawe BBQ at House without a Key for Thursday night to catch the entertainment. The ribs, chicken and fish were all quite good. I know most people on the board say just to go for drinks at sunset but my kids like to eat early so we ended up eating dinner there. I was pleasantly surprised -- food was pretty tasty (we shared 3 entrees but it was our splurge)
• My favourite dinner was probably at Ichiriki nabe for Japanese hot pot - we got the signature nabe with shoyu broth, kobe beef shabu shabu, mushroom appetizer and chicken kaarage appetizer as well as garlic edamamame. For dessert we all shared 1 strawberry shave ice with mochi and condensed milk (it was huge - 4 of us could not finish!). The food was delicious and I love how they bring out the noodles at the end to mix in with the flavourful broth to make a soup. Note if you go early (before 6 pm) there is a discount.
- my favourite lunch was at Diamond Head Market & Grill. The "surf and turf" was delicious (grilled ahi, kalbi, bulgogi, rice and salad). My daughter enjoyed the teri burger and we all shared a Diamond head cheesecake (chocolate/peanut butter/fudge concoction) for dessert. I wish I could have come back for breakfast to try the mac nut pancakes! definitely a place to stop at after a hike to Diamond Head (blueberry scones also a winner).
• Walked over to the International Marketplace for lunch a few times as it was convenient to our hotel. I enjoyed the pink snapper dish from the Blue Water grill (the garlic shrimp also looked really delicious). Kids enjoyed a “Hawaiian hot dog” from Hank’s haute dogs (no lobster dogs at that location anymore). Kids also liked the kimchee fried rice from one of the Korean stalls and the ahi and shrimp tempura hand rolls from the sushi place.
• BEST shave ice we had was at Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha in Hawaii kai. All of the syrups are homemade. I had the green tea and liliikoi flavours and it was superb. The kids had chocolate and mango and they also pronounced it the best shave ice we had in Hawaii.
• Had a decent breakfast at Fat boy’s local drive-in after doing some watersports at Koko Marina – I enjoyed the loco moco and the kids liked the keiki bento box. We then walked over to Bubbie’s for ice cream. It was very tasty and I liked the fact that you can get a very small cone (2 oz called a fetal dip)
• Had an okay lunch at Duke’s. I had the fish tacos and they were fine. My husband enjoyed his pork sandwich on a taro bun. Kids liked the keiki buffet (and only about $5 each which was a good deal considering the all you can eat salad bar . the girls also enjoyed the teriyaki chicken and fish on the buffet). We were too full to try the hula pie.

Dec 23, 2012
jacolis in Hawaii

West Maui Trip Report with school-age kids

Hi all,

First of all, a big MAHALO to you Chowhounders for your recommendations. We definitely had some great eats on this trip!

We spent 1 week in west Maui (Kahana) and then 12 days in Oahu (trip report for Oahu to be posted separately). Our kids are pretty adventurous so we hit quite a few different places (mostly lunch or dinner as we had brekkie in the condo). Their new favourite snack is spam musubi! I don't think we will be finding that in our Canadian city! My one regret is we never made it to Star Noodle (closed exceptionally for a staff Xmas party the one day we tried to go which was also our last day!).


Honokowai Okazuya & Deli
• good for take-out for the condo or to take across the street to the Honokowai beach park for a picnic and swim

Farmers' market every M,W,F a.m. Got good fruits, local jams, banana bread, fresh coconut water, etc. A bit $$.


Ululani's Shave Ice
• fave shave ice on Maui (note second location next door to Sure Thing Burgers)

Sure Thing Burger
• best burger I can remember eating ever!

• inexpensive Vietnamese lunch at Lahaina Cannery Mall before the keiki hula show (bahn mi, noodles, thai iced coffee was good)


• Our BEST meal on Maui but pricey
• Note that it is very kid friendly – they even have toys for the kids to play with! The wok-charred ahi was amazing.

Sansei Sushi
• enjoyed our rolls (some kind of ahi tempural roll) and the miso-glazed butterfish. We went at 5:15 for the happy hour pricing -- note that rolls are cut quite thinly so you end up ordering more than you would normally. The kids liked the maui tempura onion rings
• Tip: we made a reservation for 515 and walked right in. There was a loooooong line of people waiting without reservations although they were seated quickly enough

Upcountry Maui

• Did the O'o Farm tour which was lots of fun and delicious too (kids enjoyed picking their veggies and salad as well as feeding the chickens!)
• Stopped at Ali'i Kuli Lavender farm for kids treasure hunt, gifts and yummy lavender iced tea
• Stopped at Kula Farms roadside stand for fruit for condo (great kula strawberries, apple bananas and mangoes)
• Stopped in Makawao at T. Komoda General Store for malasadas


• We booked the Royal Lahaina luau knowing the food would just be so-so (it was the least expensive one -- booked through expedia and kids were free). Hubby and I have been to more authentic/upscale luaus on previous trips. Food was average but show was quite good - okay value for money considering….
• Brought kids for picnic dinner to watch torch lighting ceremony at Black Rock (picked up spam musubi and poke from Foodland). Tip: if you buy something at the Sheraton (got a glass of wine to go with my picnic dinner on the beach) they will validate your stub and valet parking is only $5.
• We had one disappointing breakfast at Java Jazz (very expensive and food so-so). The coffee was really good though. I bought some vanilla macadamia nut coffee for the condo.
• Also, it was not fancy but our first night we stopped at L&L BBQ and brought our food across the street to Honokowai beach park for a picnic. The saimin and garlic shrimp and macaroni side salad was actually pretty good!
• One other random meal was the Iron Imu BBQ truck that came to our condo. We enjoyed the southern-style BBQ

Dec 23, 2012
jacolis in Hawaii

dinner with kids - staying at the Turtle Bay Resort (North Shore Oahu)

Hi all,

We will be spending one night at Turtle Bay and looking for dinner options (plan to hit a shrimp truck for lunch the next day).

The restos at the TBR itself seem to get mixed reviews.. any suggestions for a good dinner with school-age kids?

We will have a car but want to stay within 20 mins of the TBR.

Is there a good spot in Haleiwa to watch the sunset and eat dinner? (looking for something a little more upscale than a shrimp truck but doesn't have to be super fancy).

thanks in advance!


Nov 18, 2012
jacolis in Hawaii

Charleston and Myrtle Beach with kids (trip report) - August 2012

Hi Sue,

We had shrimp and grits at both Hyman's in Chas and Mr Fish in MB (where they were sort of cheesier). Definitely need to return and try Hominy Grill!

Aug 16, 2012
jacolis in Southeast

Charleston and Myrtle Beach with kids (trip report) - August 2012

Hi all,

First of all, a HUGE thank you to Chowhounders for the great tips on good eats during our trip. I wanted to report on the meals we enjoyed with our 2 kids (ages 5 and 7). We are from Canada and were very curious to try "shrimp and grits" and all of the other specialities we had heard about!


- really enjoyed our meal at Amen Raw Bar (best she-crab soup I had on the trip; kids liked the shrimp "corndogs"; and hubby and I enjoyed raw oysters and a yummy salad with grilled fish)
- line-up was too long to get into Jestine's so we ended up around the corner at Hyman's seafood for lunch. I was pretty skeptical since it seemed like such a tourist trap but the grits were good and also the grilled flounder and hushpuppies. We got coupons for the kids to each get a free ice cream which was kind of a nice bonus. :)
- a neat lunch suggestion with the kids was at the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in their mess hall. The kids loved eating a hot lunch on the metal tray in the 40s era mess hall and at $7 it was a total steal!
- drove to Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ for dinner - really enjoyed the pulled pork and the sides
- we had yummy bahn mi sandwiches delivered to our hotel room on our last night as we were pretty tired from touring. The sandwiches and salad were really good (ordered from Bon Banh Mi)
- had the best cupcake of my life at Cupcake near the Children's Museum. girls loved their cake pops too.
- stocked up on some nice fruit and snacks at the Saturday morning farmers market near our hotel (Embassy Suites) before hitting the road to Myrtle Beach


- was a bit dispirited when I saw all of the chain restaurants but had some ok meals.
- dinner at River City Cafe - actually thought the french fries were better than the onion rings! (I guess they are famous for these giant onion rings). The "continental" burger was very good!
- lunch at Murrell's inlet at Creek Ratz was neat - really liked walking around the boardwalk (food was good not great)
- lunch at Mr. Fish was good (not great). Did not realize you had to specify that fish and scallops should not be deep friend (prefer grilled) so we had combo platter with scallops and flounder with hush puppies. It was tasty but a bit heavy.
- best lunch we had was at Croissants - good salad and sandwiches. Had a nice slice of cake for dessert.
- dinner at Rioz. It wasgood but we have been to better churrascaria type restaurants.
- biggest disappointment was not getting to try Russell's as I was not feeling well on our last night!
- stopped at Chive Blossom Cafe in Pawley's Island on our way back to CHS for our flight -- it was excellent!

Thanks for all the tips y'all. I definitely would like to return to Charleston!

Aug 14, 2012
jacolis in Southeast

Lunch around Syracuse?

Hi all ,

We are driving from NJ back to Canada and looking for a lunch spot halfway (approx around Syracuse).

Is Heids of Liverpool a good choice? Others?

It will be on a Sunday.


Mr fish or Russell's for seafood dinner?

Thanks all. We are thinking of going earlier to Murrells Inlet and trying the paddle boarding.

What is the thing to order at Russell's? Scallop platter?

Aug 08, 2012
jacolis in Southeast