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Farmer's Market in Rockville Centre, NY

I forgot to include the lady with the dog snacks and the wine people too!.

Farmer's Market in Rockville Centre, NY

For those of you who went to the farmer's market in Lynbrook, NY it is no longer there. The market moved to Rockville Centre, NY on the corner of Sunrise Hwy and Long Beach Rd. It opened on Sunday, June 7th (7 am - 12 pm).

In addition to the regular vendors, the soap girl, the produce and fresh fruits, the baker, the seafood, olive oil, pickles and pasta guys there is an artisian baker, a meat/chicken, a spice person, a person who sells marinades.

The set up is nicer as all of the vendors are in a row. The parking is easier too. You can't miss it since it is right on Sunrise Highway!

Healthy foodstuffs on Long Island

Have you tried one of the local farmers market...

Long Beach - Wednesday 11 am to 7 pm; they have a true organic baker. I had his rye bread and it was absolutely delicious. There is also a seafood guy with an awesome selection. Not to mention the fresh produce.

RVC - starting Sunday June 7th there is going to be a Farmers Market on Sunrise Hwy in Rockville Centre - parking lot #12. The hours are 7 to 12.

Nassau County Farmers Markets

Thanks. The market in the city sells seafood. I used to get my vegetables and seafood there. From your prior emails it doesn't look like this market doesn't have a seafood vendor. Nothing beats fresh fish and produce in the summer.

Nassau County Farmers Markets

I'm new in the area. I used to frequent the markets in the city. How many vendors are at the Lynbrook market? What are the main products sold?