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Where to take a newly fallen vegetarian - b'more

Alonso's on Cold Spring.....long famous for burgers

Woodberry Kitchen

Went last night (Friday). Had a 7:30 reservation, which Woodberry K confirmed by email. Had to wait until 8 for the table. The good news is that the brick walls and facade are visually attractive. The bad news is that there is nothing to absorb sound, so that it is one heck of a noisy place. Quite difficult to hear. The menu is interesting and is well described above by others. I liked the wine list. The waiter was attentive, although it did take 2 requests for bread to be brought to the table. Beef short ribs were falling off the bone, soup was excellent, flatbread was pizzalike, and salad was nice. No complaint about the food.
But, boy, was it loud in there. I don't see a solution for that--just be prepared to yell across the table and say, "What?" a few times.