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Volt recommendations

I literally just did the tasting menu at Volt on Friday night. Great experience. Someone at the table next to us got the vegetarian option and they seemed very pleased. I don't think they have a vegetarian option for table 21, so I don't think it is a good option for you. Frankly the tasting menu is all the food you need and you are right next to table 21 and have a great view of the kitchen and Bryan. Yes, he was there on Friday. He was very gracious as he came over and signed our copy of his new cookbook and posed for a picture with us in the kitchen.

228 North Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Coal-Fired Pizza in Ellicott City open

For your new go-to place, try Facci (just south of Columbia) instead. Similar style, but much better execution.

Facci (Montpelier near JHU/APL in Laurel)

Any truth to the rumor that they are thinking of changing the Pasta Blitz in Clarksville to a Facci as well?

Good Chicken/Seafood/Whatever POT PIE in NOVA? Restaurant or frozen?

Costco. Technically it is not in a restaurant or frozen, but found in their prepared food section. You take home and bake. They are stuffed with the rotisserie chicken they make on premises. Be warned though, it is huge!

Nice Dinner in Annapolis for under 30 per person?

None of the participants are big drinkers. The $30 was just a ballpark figure. I'm thinking around $100 total for 4 people (maybe 4 entrees, maybe 2 apps, and 2 desserts)? Thanks for the tip about Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen. I will check it out. Any more favorite Annapolis restaurants out there that might fit the bill?

Nice Dinner in Annapolis for under 30 per person?

Looking for suggestions for a restaurant for a double date that is nice, but won't break the bank. One person in the party is allergic to shellfish, so we need to avoid crabhouses. Anything else is fair game. Thanks in advance!

Best Buffalo Chicken Pizza?

I know Ledos does a buffalo chicken pizza. Can't really comment on if it's good to not. I guess it comes down to if you like Ledos in general...

Coal-Fired Pizza in Ellicott City open

I couldn't agree more with the review above. Had the pepperoni pizza for lunch. Signature sauce was WAY too sweet, crust overdone and quite a bit of grease. We all thought it was average at best and a little pricey to boot. If we went back again I'd definitely pick another sauce...

Pasta Plus in Laurel

I had lunch at Coal Fire yesterday as well. Our experience was almost identical to yours. The signature sauce was WAY too sweet, the pizza overcooked and quite greasy. All in the party agreed that it was average at best and also a little pricey for what you got

Pizza in EC, Columbia area

Right now my favorite pizza in HoCo is from Mimi's Kabobs in Clarksville. This location is on 108 just South of 32 near Artie's Ice Cream. It used to be a really good Pizza/Sub shop called Stuffed at Clarksville Station. The owner sold about a year ago and the Kabob place was stood up. Due to popular demand they brought back all the old dishes and at least some of the old kitchen staff still works there. They serve NY style pizza. I also really recommend their Calzones (each made fresh to order - not just reheated!) and a very nice reuban. Order a steak and cheese calzone - not on the menu, but they still make it. it's awesome, fresh, and as big as a football!

Leftover Costco chicken salad

I think you are getting a little confused. The in house chicken salad (made fresh with rotisserie chicken) comes in two forms, the platter with the three scoops and a big tub that is usually located in the same refrigerated section. Costco ALSO sells the chicken salad you described in a tub located near the cheeses usually. I think it is labled "Cape Cod" and it has honey and walnuts in it. It is so sweet, I had to throw it out.

Nov 26, 2008
steinre1 in Chains

Leftover Costco chicken salad

are you sure about that? it looks identical and is in the prepared foods section with all the rest. are you sure you aren't talking about another product all together? My Costco also sells a tub of some brand of honey walnut chicken salad made by an outside vendor - stay away, its awful

Nov 26, 2008
steinre1 in Chains

Leftover Costco chicken salad

Yes, we always get the smaller size as well. Comes with some grape tomatoes and some lettuce. Still have trouble finishing it...One of my favorite finds at Costco!

Nov 24, 2008
steinre1 in Chains

No more Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs at Costco Food Court [moved from Los Angeles board]

I can confirm that the Costco in Columbia, MD recently changed from Hebrew National to Kirkland. I thought it was funny how they just stuck a giant sticker that said "NEW" over the part of the sign that had the Hebrew National logo.

I tried one a couple of weeks ago and try as I might, I really couldn't tell a difference. I would be curious to know who the supplier is...

Nov 07, 2008
steinre1 in Chains

Olive Garden's Culinary Institute in Tuscany?!

Rob - never been in an Olive Garden? I know where we are going for lunch next time you're in MD! Friends dragging friends to Olive Garden - if it weren't for that, the place would be empty...

Oct 28, 2008
steinre1 in Chains

Best Store Bought Pickles in DC (no restaurants)?

Yes, BJ Pumpernickels is still going strong. My family thinks the quality of the restaurant may have slipped a little, but still a decent place to eat. They have a pickle bar where you can eat as much as you like. They definitely have all types of pickles (half-done, sweet, dill) and pickled tomatoes and sauerkraut. I'm not sure if you can buy any to go, but I don't see why not...

Where to buy a good chicken pot pie?

I know this is not an individual pot pie, but the one they make at Costco is excellent. Puts all of the grocery store ones to shame. It is huge however, so one person might be able to eat it for a week.

Heritage Turkey for Thanksgiving

I have no idea if they are "heritage" or not, but Maple Lawn Farms was ranked #1 in a Washington Post taste test a couple of years ago. They are a little more expensive than grocery store turkeys, but not outrageous. They are located in Fulton, Maryland (Southern Howard County) and would be about a 30-40 minute drive from Potomac.

Best Fast Food Chain?

the fries are average in my book, but man do they give you a lot. The small could feed a family of 4!

Sep 09, 2008
steinre1 in Chains

DC, Rockville, Gaithersburg area sure bets- Help!

"Nibler-Perivan--casual--can't find menu??? Atmosphere? How's their green sauce??
18556 Woodfield Rd.Gaithersburg, MD
>>>>>I haven't been there in a while, but I used to like it. It's very casual. Dunno what green sauce is."

Its been a while since I've been to the Nibbler, but this is a casual Peruvian restaurant with a full menu. The reference to the "green sauce" would lead me to believe you think it is a pollo a la brassa like EPR or Crisp and Juicy. If you like Peruvian Chicken, check our Crisp and Juicy in Rockville (1331G Rockville Pike) - my personal favorite. No green sauce, but I've considered eating their orange sauce as a soup...

Best food finds at Costco? [old]

Long time Costco fan...I usually go about once a week. Some of our favorites:

- Prepared Chicken Salad - made from the rotisserie chickens. very nicely seasoned.

- Chicken Pot Pie - this could feed a small nation. Comparing this to the prepacked ones you'd find at the grocery store is ridiculous.

- Yancy's Fancy's Cheeses - We really like the Champagne and Horseradish

- Whole Beef Tenderloin

- Mango Salsa - dumped this on some chicken breasts and baked - very tasty and easy.

- Boneless Leg of Lamb

A couple of things we tried recently that were disgusting:

- Some sort of honey chicken salad (not made in house). It was so sickeningly sweet, we had to throw it out.

- Bill Bailey's Carne Asada (cryopacked) - this was so salty, no one in my family would eat more than a bite. I forced myself to eat a portion and it made me sick for the rest of the night.

Sep 01, 2008
steinre1 in Chains

Lomo Saltados: Where to find tasty portions?

I have been to La Canela and have had the Lomo there. My wife's family is from Peru and I have traveled there with them. They all agree that La Canela is very good and very authentic.

Lunch at Akbar

agreed - a great value and a good way to sample a lot of dishes

Breakfast in Rockville

Broadway Diner serves breakfast all day. Try the Hobo Banquet - basically the entire breakfast menu mixed together in one dish...

Where to find Tahini Sauce?

I ended up finding the sauce at My Organic Market (MOM) in East Columbia (really jessup). Thanks for the tip! They actually had the sauce and quite a few different jars of tahini paste.

As an aside, the more I've thought about it and read, it does seem really easy to make my own from the paste. I'm glad I found the sauce so I have a good idea how its supposed to turn out in the future.

Thanks again for the help everyone...

Breakfast Columbia

Just down the road from Clarksville is Dempsey's in Ashton, MD (intersection of 650 and 108). I only eaten there once thus far, but it was a good experience.

Where to find Tahini Sauce?

I just got off the phone with Trader Joes in Silver Spring. The employee says they no longer carry the sauce or the paste because it did not sell very well. The search continues...

Where to find Tahini Sauce?

once wegmans opens up in columbia (maybe 2 years?) i'll check it out. but as it stands now, they are all pretty far away. Thanks for all of the help everyone - I will let you know how my saga ends.

Where to find Tahini Sauce?

I actually asked one of the employees at TJs and they said they did not carry it at that location. She said she got asked rather frequently. Perhaps I should try the TJs in Silver Spring. I think the closest Whole Foods for me would be downtown Silver Spring. Maybe I'll head down there, but at that point it would probably just be easier for me to buy the paste from Roots, Davids Natural Market or Sizar (Middle Eastern market in Columbia). Also, the River Hill Giant in Columbia did not carry it. I also checked near the natural peanut butter, but no go.

Where to find Tahini Sauce?

thanks for the quick replys. i will take a look near the natural peanut butters. but will that be mostly in paste form or in sauce form?

I did ask at trader joes - they said they get asked for it a lot, but do not carry it at the columbia location