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Baby-friendly restaurant in UWS?


We're visiting friends in the UWS next month, whose baby will be about 6 weeks old at the time of our visit-- and too young for a sitter, per the young mom. Does anyone have a recommendation for a dinner for 4 (plus baby) for a Saturday night where we won't feel too out of place? Some restaurant criteria: any cuisine, though the friends eat fish and veggies only, no meat; their typical price point tops out at $40-50 per person before drinks. Friends live near the Empire Hotel, where we're staying. With the stroller, they will prefer to walk to an establishment in the neighborhood. Thanks in advance for your recommendations and recommendations for good previous threads!

Jan 02, 2012
megansk in Manhattan

Point us in the right direction, please.

One more vote for Fish and Zahav-- because the food is great and so are the neighborhoods for strolling afterwards. Debit, some tips for making a night of these places-- you might want to try to hit Fish during happy hour (5-7 M-Th or weekend HH from 11 p.m.-1 a.m.). Four great oyster choices for a buck apiece, good bartenders with great cocktails, and other tasty seafood appetizers. Leaving Fish, walk north on 18th St. and you'll run into Rittenhouse Square, where there's a nice variety of restaurants alongside the square (think mid- to upscale restaurants with European-style sidewalk seating). Great places to grab a bite and a drink-- lunch, happy hour or dinner-- provided you can get a seat. On that path (and one of the places another poster mentioned) is Devon Seafood, a mini-chain with another good buck-a-shuck HH and some other good bites at the bar from 5-7. On that stretch, you'll find good burgers at Rouge, and pretty good brasserie fare at Parc.

Zahav's also located in Society Hill, located within walking distance of many of the historic monuments in Philly. I think the $36 tasting menu is a great deal and the Israeli focused menu offers something different than is available in most places. Next door, there's a coastal Italian restaurant, Positano Coast, that specializes in crudo, antipasti, cheeses and is, again, a little different from anything I'd experienced in the SW US. Again, good happy hour from 5:30 to 7:30 with discounted wine and small plates. Overall, Philly does well with Italian cuisine-- we've got all the regions covered and quite a few places with a seafood slant.

Re: other suggestions: Modo Mio is a great Italian BYO (turista menu = good value), but offers little in the way of pre- or post-dinner diversions. A cab is a must. Osteria is also quite delicious, but as Bob L suggested, the walk to / from is not exactly scenic or tourist friendly, and you'd have to take another un-scenic walk to get to post-dinner drinks in the Art Museum or Center City. Plan to call a cab upon leaving at night. Vetri, though more expensive and difficult to secure a reservation, is my preference among Marc Vetri's restaurants with more interesting, yet refined Italian food and a walkable location through Center City. The degustazione menu is $115 and up, but a la carte is available M-Th. The only caveat: they close for vacation in August, so you'd want to call ahead.

On other suggestions: Alma de Cuba does have great ceviche and interesting desserts; good location near your hotel and Rittenhouse Square / Walnut St shopping. Kanella is good and much less formal a Greek restaurant than Estia, which is good but caters to the theater crowd (i.e., a little more expensive than Kanella). I've not yet been to Bibou, but have heard it's quite good. If you're looking for good lunch deals, however, our big French restos have simple express lunches at relatively good deals: Le Bec Fin, Fountain (at Four Seasons), and Lacroix (Rittenhouse Hotel). The best lunch deal might be at XiX (Nineteen, at the Bellvue Park Hyatt), and the same restaurant has a quite extensive seafood and raw bar selection. Easy walk from your hotel.

Re: non-food questions: cabs are probably your easiest bet if you're unfamiliar with the city and travel outside the Rittenhouse Sq or Old City / neighborhoods. Walnut Street (a few blocks south of Le Meridian) is a nice street to walk on, to either of those neighborhoods. . Ask your concierge to outline a walking map for you so you can see where the major neighborhood borders lie-- this'll help if you do plan to walk about. Finally, your clothing ideas sound about right. Unless you go to one of the more upscale French restaurants, Philly's a relatively relaxed town, fashion-wise, so you should be fine. If you have questions about attire, I find opentable to be helpful with listings by the restaurant, or call ahead to ask.

Have fun!

Jun 28, 2010
megansk in Philadelphia

Double date recc for next Sat - Gramercy and south

Thanks for your recommendations, everyone!

Mar 20, 2009
megansk in Manhattan

Double date recc for next Sat - Gramercy and south

Hi, I need help from the CH's. My best friend (6 mos pregnant) and her husband are visiting from Boston and are meeting my boyfriend for the first time next Saturday night. Ideally, the place would have a fun atmosphere without being extreme -- neither too trendy nor too fancy nor too hipster, have moderate prices (below $100 per person), and be below Gramercy / Chelsea (east or west is fine). We're all early 30's professionals, like most kinds of food, and I just need a couple of solid choices - I'm new to the city and there are just SO many options. Help!

Mar 12, 2009
megansk in Manhattan

Dinner / bar itinerary needed for 6 ppl - lower Manhattan

No problem! Just hope we get some collective knowledge of the NY CH's!

Dec 02, 2008
megansk in Manhattan

Dinner / bar itinerary needed for 6 ppl - lower Manhattan

Hi all,
I'm a former Philly CH, but just moved to NY and need your help! I'm entertaining a group of 6 this Saturday, all b/n 28 and 32 y/o, professionals, and relatively good eaters... We plan to eat something relatively light and informal (think tapas, antipasti, sushi, etc.) and nothing too spicy, since we're planning to continue on to a couple of pubs or lounges.

Can anyone recommend an itinerary for a not-too-sceney, yet fun, night out that includes a light dinner in a fun place with decent bars nearby? Lower Manhattan works best for us-- East or West Village, SOHO, or LES...


Dec 02, 2008
megansk in Manhattan

Calistoga dinner or light fare recs?

Hey CH's,

Next month, four girlfriends and I are reuniting in Calistoga for two days. We're hoping to get your recommendations on three things: small, funky wineries or must-visit wineries within a short drive of Calistoga; reasonably priced but delicious lunch or dinner spots (tasting menus are fine, as are a la carte); and places to visit in the evening where we can graze on small plates (perhaps great cheese plates, tapas, or something of that ilk) and enjoy wine or cocktails. For context, we're all around 30, enjoy good food and wine (of course!), and are looking to relax, catch up, have fun, and appreciate what the region has to offer.

Your guidance is greatly appreciated! ~Megan

confession time (phila)

Speaking of fantastic garlic knots, Lazaro's Pizza on 18th and South has 'em. They're 3 for $1, are hot and doughy, and are not overly strong on the garlic and cheese mixture (as I sometimes find Villa's to be... courtesy of the PHL airport location!).

May 26, 2008
megansk in Pennsylvania

Business Lunch - Central Phila - suggestions

Hi everyone,
I'm planning a business lunch for 10 colleagues in Center City, and am looking for a blend of impressive food, good value, and semi-relaxed ambience. I'm considering Fountain / Swann Lounge, Amada, Tinto, and Lacroix, but am open to suggestions. Thanks!

Apr 02, 2008
megansk in Pennsylvania