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public transit friendly gems?

I'm sorry if I was misleading in mentioning the R5 line. I am open to all transit lines; I was just using the R5 as an example. Thank you for the recommendations, though!

Mar 15, 2010
fistalee in Philadelphia

public transit friendly gems?

So, I've been meaning to post this question for forever. I'm looking for the best suburban/Jersey spots that I can reach by public transportation. I'm sick of hearing about all the same old places right in Philly, but not adventurous enough to just pick a stop on the R5 and start eating my way through unfamiliar territory. So I'd love some public transit friendly-outside Philadelphia suggestions. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever. I think I'm just looking for some good excuses to spend my days out of the city on my days off. Thanks in advance!

Mar 15, 2010
fistalee in Philadelphia

Good at Plaza Garibaldi?

I want to try this place out as a switch up from my typical visits to Taqueria Veracruzana across the street. I searched the board, but didn't see any specific dish recommendations. So, what dishes do you feel they do particularly well? Anything to avoid? And how do their tacos and tortas stack up against Veracruzana's? Thanks in advance!

Taqueria Veracruzana
908 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Plaza Garibaldi
935 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Jul 13, 2009
fistalee in Pennsylvania

What is in your refrigerator right now?

5 bottles of mustard
Chili garlic paste
Empty 6 pack of modelo
Handle of Captain Morgan "Long Island Iced Tea"
Old broccoli
Rotten eggs
Chicken breasts that have been "defrosting" for days
Moldy chipotle pepper
Fage 2%
Yogurt caesar dressing
Empty water bottle
Soy sauce
Diet coke
Kalamata olives

Clearly, I have the makings of an amazing meal in there...

Jun 08, 2009
fistalee in General Topics

darn it..a carnivore has to do the vegan entree for!!!

Note, apparently soy cheese (or at least some soy cheese) is NOT vegan because it has some milk protein in it? at least, that's what i was told by a vegan friend lamenting the lack of edible vegan cheese...

Oct 04, 2007
fistalee in Home Cooking

Where can I find good BBQ in SF?

I've only been the one time, so only know about the babybacks. They were out of baked beans, and my friend ridiculously ordered "string beans" which were standard issue green beans right out of a can. I happen to like canned green beans, but still.... Also had the potato salad. Nothing too interesting there. I see that they have greens on Sundays, though.

Where can I find good BBQ in SF?

I am mystified by the popularity of Memphis Minnie's. I've been several times, and can't quite remember the things I've had, but I do remember not thinking any of it was anywhere near good. I like their one vinegary sauce, but that's about it. However, I went to Lily's this weekend and had the babyback ribs, and those were pretty amazing. Didn't have quite enough black crispy bits to satisfy me, but still leaps and bounds beyond Memphis Minnie's.

What foods do restaurants most frequently mess up?

Breakfast potatoes. I only know of one place in SF that does them properly.

Feb 05, 2007
fistalee in General Topics

cheap and good in san francisco

I know there is a cafe at the San Francisco Art Institute, and while I don't know how the food is, I know from up there you can get a gorgeous view of the city. Though I guess you could always just pick up a sandwich from Molinari's and take a bus up to Coit Tower...

looking for the best fries...

The best fries I've ever had were at Cesar. More like shreds of fried potato and herbed. Come with aioli, but I think they're a little stingy with it.

Give it up for the cheap bourbon

For dirt cheap, I like Old Crow. I really find it rather palatable.

Jan 28, 2007
fistalee in Spirits

House of Nanking - yay or nay?

Much to my surprise, I didn't hate House of Nanking. I find their seafood to be rather good, especially the calamari. I think that's the way to go. Of course, I know nothing about authenticity.

Ancient Fernet-Branca... Drink or Display?

Ha. I don't think the present version has that warning, but it should! I know that the present recipe contains saffron, and the producers of Fernet account for 75% of the world's consumption of saffron.

Here's an interesting piece on San Francisco's love affair with Fernet:

Jan 24, 2007
fistalee in Spirits

Ancient Fernet-Branca... Drink or Display?

Frankly, I've always thought that Fernet tastes more like DELICIOUS than poison. If I had those two bottles, I would definitely open one of them.

Jan 24, 2007
fistalee in Spirits

Sunday brunch on Haight?

I had a really great brunch at Magnolia this past weekend. I had the hash, which wasn't corned beef, but made with fennel sausage. It was GREAT, but very filling. Took most of it home. My dining companion ordered the salmon benedict, but the salmon was being replaced with crawfish. He seemed to like it quite a bit, and the bite I had was quite tasty, and the crawfish rather spicy. Plus, their potatoes are great. I feel like the potatoes at most breakfast places in town are an abomination, but these were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Also, they have fancy mustard.
I was really happy with everything about brunch.

Stocking a Bar - What should I have on hand?

I am well aware of the taste test. I still find Smirnoff disgusting. Trust me darling, I know my vodka and don't drink any goddamn thing simply because of hype. If QueenB and her friends enjoy Smirnoff, more power to them. I have heard that Smirnoff is a very good vodka for doing infusions, so it makes sense that she chose it for that.

Clearly it's important to know your own taste, because after Smirnoff, Skyy is the other vodka I find absolutely abhorrent.

Jan 22, 2007
fistalee in Spirits

Stocking a Bar - What should I have on hand?

I agree with upgrading on the vodka. While it may not be necessary to have something high end, I think Smirnoff is pretty gross. I find that Stoli is a nice medium range choice, though you could go with Absolut.

Jan 21, 2007
fistalee in Spirits

Zuni...disappointed again

Are you kidding me? Their bloody marys are rad. Definitely one of my favorites. I dig the balsamic and the diced red onions. That was the only thing there that made much of an impression on me. Oh, and I really liked whatever butter they served with their bread.

Best Burger in Bay Area?

Gosh, I wonder what was going on when I got the burger at Absinthe. I thought it was actually somewhat disgusting. It was the greasiest burger I ever remember eating, and just beyond bland. I think it was on some sort of absurd and inappropriate bread, like focaccia. I was so disappointed that I kind have never wanted to go there again for any reason.

Best Vietnamese Sandwich.....

There's a pretty thorough report on the best of the Banh Mi in SF and beyond somewhere on the board. A search should come up with it.

Myself, I used to really love Saigon Sandwich, but have found them lacking the past few times I've been. I've switched over to Baguette Express, on Larkin just a couple blocks up from Saigon. Although, recently I've been subjected to some really fatty pork in their sandwiches. Like....strips of it. Somewhat less than appetizing.

Tomato Pie on the left coast?

Haven't found it, but will be watching this thread to see if anything develops. Anyway, if you're from the northeast it's kind of useless to search for pizzas. Just focus on the many things that SF excels at. NY pizza....not one of them.

Best SF chowhound neighborhood?

Just a couple notes.

Riding the 30 and 45 qualify as completely hellish experiences in my book.....and that's without a small child. designate Tartine and Bi-Rite as yuppy is simply....misguided. Sorry. As an unemployed 22 year old Tartine's pastries were still enough to keep me in line for the upside of 10 - 15 minutes.

Help on entertaining a difficult Boss to please in San Francisco

Having been to Ralph's, I also think that Tadich is a best bet here.

Owl Tree Bar in San Francisco

Guess that goes to show how much I don't read the paper. Thanks.

Owl Tree Bar in San Francisco

What's your source for this? I hadn't heard about his passing, but would be quite saddened if this is accurate.

Fabulous Soup in the FiDi?

SF Soup Company. You can check today's options on their website.

I was thinking about getting some of their chicken soup myself.

Foods most commonly prepared badly... that are great when made well. (Who knew? What's the key?)

I had an ex who would only eat homemade mayonnaise, not commerical. I think he must have been onto something, because he made me some one time, and it was just insanely good.

Sep 20, 2006
fistalee in General Topics

Fernet Branca

I can never understand people who don't like Fernet. So much delicious in one little shot. Must be an SF thing...

Sep 20, 2006
fistalee in Spirits

How have your tastebuds changed?

Another vote for less sweets. I used to have the biggest sweet tooth, and now the thought of snacking on sweets really just doesn't appeal to me. I'd much rather have a piece of cheese or something.

Also, I used to abhor mushrooms and then about a year ago I became obsessed and would look for any excuse to eat them.

Sep 11, 2006
fistalee in General Topics

What Did/Does Your Dad Cook Best?

I can't remember my father ever cooking a damn thing through most of my childhood. Then one day we were watching the CIA cooking show on PBS and they were making some sort of rosemary rotisserie chicken, and my father ran out and bought a rotisserie for the grill and proceeded to make the chicken. I don't remember if it was good or not, but I do remember my mother being horrified at the frivolous purchase.

Sep 08, 2006
fistalee in General Topics