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Mashed Potato Cakes

I always make potato cakes with left over mashed potatoes -- but totally simple with just butter and mashed potatoes -- sounds like a great addition to add cheese, scallions and garlic. I've heard of adding an egg but I've always just kept it very simple. I'm making mashed potatoes soon and will make the additions. Thanks for the suggestion of the additions! I know it's going to be yummy.

Apr 22, 2008
basur01 in Recipes

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Who doesn't love mashed potatoes -- but who cooks 8 pounds??

I bought a new masher at one of those fancy kitchen item stores and it's great -- it has "gourmet blender" stamped on it and has a blue handle -- it has a different kind of wire grid. It's similar but not the same as the one I've had for the last 35 years. It really works well. Cost was $18.00.

I always put my potatoes back on the heat and shake them often for a few minutes to evaporate the excess water.

Thanks for the buttermilk idea -- makes sense. I always put a little buttermilk in my potato pancakes and it adds a nice creaminess to the texture and as far as I'm concerned there is NOTHING that tastes better than a homemade potato pancake!

Apr 22, 2008
basur01 in Recipes