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3 Day late July Montreal stay need multiple rec's HELP!

Upcoming 3 day first time visit for a few hungry off-duty Italian chefs passing through town.

Staying in the Jean-Talon market area but have wheels and willing to travel for goodness.
Friday night all I can find so far is Cafe Dante, unless anyone has a viable alternative, but it must be Italian, fresh, good and have a bit of a "wow" factor.

Saturday night we are open to anything, at any price, as long as it rocks. Vietnamese, French, Lithuanian (!) you tell us.

If it's Sunday, it must be Brunch in old Montreal, but where? Can canadian hounds lead a few Italian foodaholics to tables laden with yum?

BTW, best espresso around Jean Talon Market is?????

Grazie mille!

Local strawberries - Long Island?

Thanks for the website link to Earthworm. I've been thinking about joining that one. How's the quality of the veggies?

House of Spain in Merrick, LI ~ ~ ~Beware!!!

Yep, Koban sucks. It used to be pretty good for local sushi 5 or 6 years ago. To be fair though, it's just as bad as any other Long Island sushi spot. What a waste- to be depleting the ocean's fish for such mediocrity...

Oh, and BTW just to stay of topic-House of Spain is still open, to the delight of everyone who knows nothing about freshness, flavor and undersalting. Avoid!

Koban of Merrick
2016 Merrick Rd, Merrick, NY 11566

Merrick/Bellemore, LI - any decent pizza?

Beautiful thin crust pizza, a fantastic antipasto and first rate calzone are all standouts at this woodfired brick oven gem. The eggplant calzone is to die for!

San Marzano
38 Merrick Ave, Merrick, NY 11566

So, Is Rice-Milk Eggnog Good or What?

Bought one on sale at Whole Foods but it's just cinnamon dishwater and not worth the reduced calories. Rather than throwing it away, I used it in a bran muffin recipe. Skip it and get the real deal!!!

Dec 16, 2010
kelvin8r in Features

Delser Crosté Crackers on Long Island?

Any place I can get these on the Island?

Here's a picture of the package found on Google:


Chinese New Year Dining feedback, Long Island 2010. Year of the Tiger?

Wondering where you celebrated this year and how the restaurants that were featured in the NYT link (or any restaurants not included...) fared this year, banquet-wise:

Best Indian Buffet in Hicksville

Not a big fan of Kiran Palace. There are 3 Kiran Palaces now (Hicksville, Commack and Levittown) with buffets that tend to be on the mild side. Recently at the Levittown branch, we asked why none of the items had any heat whatsoever. The manager explained that the owners idea was to reduce the heat and spicing to cater to the local palate.
He then scooped some sauce from one of the chaffing dishes and had the kitchen add chopped raw Jalepenos for us (despite the fact it was a buffet-Nice guy!) but the result, although spicy, really wasn't good, to be kind. We suggested that in the future they might want to have at least one authentically prepared dish-just to see if their customers approved and he said he would relay that request to the owners.
Realistically though, with three restaurants up and running on LI, the formula for sucess seems to be less rather than more real Indian flavor.

On a positive note, here's a recent Hicksville buffet post you may have missed:

Hicksville Dosa Diner $9.95 Vegetarian brunch packs a punch

While enjoying brunch recently at this busy spot, I completely forgot it was vegetarian. All I knew was that every dish was a winner, which almost never happens at buffets, veggie or not. Friendly attentive service and unlimited fresh dosa and uttapam sealed the deal.

Seemed to be a big notch or two above typical Hicksville fare (including House of Dosas which is down the block, don't confuse the two, this one's way betterer!)

Afterwards, shop in the very well stocked, reasonably priced grocery right next door. Made a wonderful soup this week with some tiny gourmet quality split peas they were selling for next to nothing there. Great store!

Dosa Diner
128 Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801

Authentic barbecue on Long Island

I remember the good old days, when you could graze here daily for numerous Long Island chowish go-to gems. Where'd everyone go? Westchester?!

Jewel of India closed in Syosset?

Any hounds aware of what's happening with this spot? A sign on the back door reads: "Closed for renovations, we appologize for the inconvenience". But the front of the building, which faces Jericho Tpk. a large sign reads: "Building for sale".

We like this bright spot, with plenty of windows and table space, although I think they must have had a leaky roof, since the ceiling was starting to decay.

The daily buffet was sizeable and seemed a bit better than most of the Hicksville alternatives.

All you can drink brunches in Long Island?

This one sounds like a good spot to check out:

Best Burger

Once was enough for me as well. Run of the mill burgers, frozen fries, goofy "Santa Fe" sauces, potato chips under the bun (!WTF!) and off the chart prices branded Flay onto my "never again" list.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is coming to Merrick

For fans of Five Guys Burgers and Fries: 2099 Merrick Rd, Merrick , NY 11566.

Huntington Restaurant Week - Oct 12 - 23

Thanks for the heads-up. And out of the 50 restaurants participating, the top 5 are....?

Occasion Brunch in Nassau County

The GC Hotel brunch is very pricey and in spite of the unlimited cracked crab & lobster, definately sub-par. Spend your money elsewhere!

Organic or naturally grown apple orchard for picking?

Please post how your ride in the time machine was after you return. Had a good weekend!

Fortune Asian Bistro in Westbury: Closed for good?

This place was getting great buzz less than a year ago here and elsewhere. Now the phone is disconnected and it looks vacant.

Anyone know wha' happened to this joint?

$5/lb. Lobster again this week in Plainview L.I.

Thanks phantomD,

Anyone who takes advantage of this low priced deal should just be sure to get 'em steamed at Johns.

I got greedy last time and bought 3 nine pounders. Boiling them at home made me feel as though I was on the set of "Alien 4". Those devils were HUGE...and did not appreciate being boiled alive one bit! Finding a pot big enough was a trial itself.

The claws were as big as dinner plates and had to be cracked opened with a hammer. The meat was sweet though and the price is right. Good for a novelty meal and a great photo-op since they were bigger than our dog.

Ct Sweet Corn Season is on

Easiest, bestest:

Dump unshucked unsoaked ears on HOT grill, close top and forget about it.

After 10 minutes, take off grill and put blackened ears in paper shopping bag or wrap in a big sheet of foil while steaks, seafood or whatever else grills...

Remove husks, silk (outside over garbage pail or compost pile) and serve w/o butter, garlic or nothin'. Smokey-sweet and juicy all by itself!

Clean Takeout Chinese on LI?

I once found a huge 4 inch nut and bolt inside my deep fried egg roll takeout. When I complained to the owner, he offered to "give one free" to get rid of me.

This was at a place in Wantagh which closed a while back. Now it may be a hardware store for all I know...

LI Strawberry festivals?

Hi Dave, Just want to compliment Driscoll's for all their organic berries, which are very sweet and delicious. Thanks for the time and effort you've invested to provide a viable alternative in a difficult competitive marketplace.

Not to miss on Long Island, anything goes

Link for both SriPraPhai Thai-Queens & Nassau addresses:

Fortune (the new Westbury Chinese)

Link for map, menu and phone #:

Long Island Restaurant Rant

Here's a great source about the lively local Long Island restaurant scene:

As a loyal and longtime Long Island Chowhounder, it saddens me to have to look elsewhere for my minimum daily requrement of dining information, but as time goes by, entries of interest here are almost nonexistent.

Apr 21, 2009
kelvin8r in Food Media & News


There's a branch in Manhasset too:

Butter Cooky Bakery
(516) 627-1600
140 Plandome Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030

Very reliable opperation, with excellent all-butter pastries, but both spots are kind of a hike for us South shore slugs.

My favorite:Chocolate Glazed Hazelnut Mousse Cake-fresh creamy and real-nothing phoney! Don't know of any other bakery as consistantly good, but willing to drop my fork if someone wants to enlighten me.


All the available gas in the area was already used up char-grilling the "Five Guys" burgers to a cinder,

Three LI South shore strike-outs...

Every once in a while I go back to All American in search of those-what used to be great fries-but I guess that was then this is now.

The fries ARE to die for at 5 guys, plus the "small" portion is humungous! The burgers are about 5 times better than All- American's.

Recently I've been to Burgers 9.5 in Merrick a few times. The regular beef burger (super-juicy) the beer battered onion rings (huge & excellent) and to a lesser degree, the fries (not quite as good as 5 Guys) , are the only reason to wait on the line that forms here.

Cheeseburger cheeseburger in Plainview and elsewhere was a dud in every way-skip it!

I will try American Roadside/ABC the next time I'm in the neighborhood. Thanks!

Three LI South shore strike-outs... one week!
I don't know, maybe it's me but in these troubling times there seems to be less and less decent dining destinations of any kind on Long Island.

Spiga Bakery/Cafe in Bellmore, Merrick Rd.: $38.00 wasted on dry artificial chocolate mousse cake, rotten rainbow cookies and barely edible Napoleons.

All-American Burgers in Massapequa: $25.00 blown on two raw franks, two sub-White Castle quality burgers, a large order of those "famous" fries (greasy mush) and a few watery fountain sodas. Why is this place still drawing crowds?

Smokin' Al's BBQ Massapequa: $25.00 down the tubes on a chicken & ribs combo with 2 sides. Chicken-burnt with a hardened inedible layer which seemed to have been under a heat lamp for a day or two. Ribs-huge tasteless smokefree slabs of grey greasy meat-ugh! Sides-sour soupy collards were totally underwhelming. Baked beans were sugary sweet. Free cornbread lacked soul or flavor. Huge impressive space with big bar and ample help, but the food is sadly lacking

Not a lot of $$$ for sure, but definately a three strike scenario. Any local hounds care to offer viable alternatives?

New BBQ in Wantagh - Tennessee Jed's


Here's a link to the site that includes names and faces of the owner/operators.

Quick Google with their names was fruitless, but other hounds might know more with a direct question titled post.