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Thai in Toronto

Oops! Here's the address:

And the restaurant is called Sit In Bangkok.

Thai in Toronto


As a chef myself (with a background as Executive Chef in high end, fine dining) I am always looking for the best possible cuisine for my dollar when I do out to dine. And, as that same chef, I am looking for something new and exciting when I go out. It takes a pretty skilled cook to satisfy my taste for flavor, freshness and quality.

Now...I have not been to Thailand. So, I can't comment on what Thai food should really be like. But I know good food when I eat ti and I know enough about Thai food to know what flavors should be present and balanced.

I would like to recommend a great little restaurant on College called "Sit I Bangkok." It is Thai owned and the food is SPECTACULAR! I will say that it is the best Thai I have ever had.

The food is super fresh and the hospitality is excellent. It is a small establishment that has only been open for 10 months. The owner serves tables and her partner (the chef) cooks.

As I say...excellent food and spankin martinis too!

Please give it a try.

Sit In Bankok - 713 College Street West

Website: www.sitinbangkok

Toronto staple food?

There's no such thing. Plenty of great food, but nothing unique to T.O.

Feijoada @ Caju

Feijoada is served at Gaucho's BBQ in Toronto. It is very good too! I started a thread about Gaucho's a while ago.

I did a write up about Gaucho's on my blog but I can't link you up here.


Best Corned Beef Sandwich In Toronto

Well...the questions was about Toronto. I won't be going to New York anytime soon.


Best Corned Beef Sandwich In Toronto

I have just moved back to Toronto after 15 years of mountain living in British Columbia. Believe it or not, I have not had a hot corned beef on rye in 15 years. Where does one go for the absolute best corned beef on rye in T.O.?


Duff's Inferior Fries

I'm with you all on the fresh cut chip thing, but as a chef myself, I understand the reason that a wing house may offer frozen; convenience. Perhaps the volume of business they do warrants the change?

Chips require cutting and blanching prior to frying and serving. Add peeling for a skinless chip. Quite a bit of work goes into chips. Anyway...fresh chips are spectacular, but the work involved may have prompted the switch to frozen in the wing houses you speak of.


Bagle World

I'm happy to hear that they are still in business and that the product hasn't changed at all. The last time I was there I had lox and cream cheese on a bagle still warm from the oven. It was too good and it took about four men to carry it to the table it was so big. I remember it costing $8.00 then, and that was 15 years ago.

Hmmmm....high time for another, don't ya think?

Bagle World

I've been out of Ontario for the past 15 years. Is Bagle World still making killer bagles?

Chef Marko

Pizza cheese?

I think it depends on what type of pizza you like to make/eat. Personally, I like a good quality mozzarella on a thin. crisp crust. I'm not big on overloading a pizza with too many ingredients. Therefore, I like a thin base with a splash of fairly thick sauce, some cheese, some toppings and then some nore cheese. I like bocconcinni cheese on a pizza along with the good quality mozzarella too. And...hit it with some crumbled goat's cheese as well.

You can use other cheeses as well for interesting pizzas. Don't forget about brie, old cheddar, blue, oka, havarti....whatever you fancy.

With pizza, you can't make too many mistakes after you have your crust down pat.

Have fun!

Chef Marko

Pizza Stones? [moved from Ontario board]

Actually, I have called several marble and granite companies in the last few weeks looking for ends pieces of granite for presenting pastries on my buffets at Eaton Hall. I have had several tell me that they always have pieces available. I am looking for 2' X 4' slabs. I have found one company that will provide those to me for $50.00 each.

I would track down a slab of granite if I were you. Kennedy is right about using them as a stone for pizza. can have it cut to just fit your oven rack so it will be nice and big. And...the polish doesn't matter. Granit and marble are polished with compounds to a high lustre. It won't effect your pizza.

Chef Marko

Mar 28, 2008
Chef Marko in Cookware

Where to buy pork bones?

Portugese butcher shops.

Convival but Chattable Downtown

To be honest with you, I haven't been there since November and it was busy both times I have been in.

Convival but Chattable Downtown

I have been there twice and both times were good experiences for me. I looked at the over all perception of the place and took all things into considersation. I still like the place.


Convival but Chattable Downtown

Try Lolitas Lust on the Danforth. It's exactly what you want!

Here's a link:

Foie Gras Controversy [moved from Ontario]

There's always going to be something, isn't there? I had someone tell me just a couple of weeks ago that I wouldn't be able to serve foie gras anymore at Eaton Hall. I'll be surprised if it goes through.


Mar 26, 2008
Chef Marko in Food Media & News

best burgers in T.O.

I just tried Lick's the other day. Just another burger to me. Apache was far superior.


Great Sushi!

For awesome sushi..."Sushi and Bento!" Look here for a link and photos of their food. If you go...have the Volcano Rolls and Sushi Pizza!!!



Wasabi...Never Again!!!!

Could be they had a bad night?


Gauchos BBQ

No worries! Actually, the grilled or spit roasted chicken are great. The grilled option is drier (Portugese style) whereas the spit roasted is juicy. It's a preference thing. The salads are good. Try the carrot/pineapple with coconut - nice and refreshing. There are lots of pork options and the Brazilian bean stew is excellent.


Gauchos BBQ

Just moved to Toronto from British Columbia and we found a great spot for Brazilian BBQ. It's located at Dundas Street West and Lansdowne and it is called Gauchos BBQ.

The food is really fresh, and although it is basic Brazilian is very good! I love the place!

Oh...and the owners are super nice folks.


Beer Pairing with Reuben Sandwiches?

Considering that a Reuben sandwich is made from corned beef, cheese and sauerkraut, you have salty and sour flavors to contend with in pairing a beer. You may want to try a Pilsner that is not to "hoppy" or an ale, such as a pale ale or an IPA which have a sweeter finish to balance off the acid and saltiness in the sandwich.

Hope this helps!
Chef Marko

Mar 21, 2008
Chef Marko in Beer