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Korean indoor gas grill‏

One of the pros is that you can do Korean style bbq at home. One of the cons is that even when well oiled, the food wants to stick and leave a residue. This chars and becomes somewhat difficult to cook on.
I bought mine in chinatown, Montreal, so you may wanna look in your chinatown, maybe Korean grocery.

Aug 26, 2014
porker in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

How do you Spam?

Sliced 1/4 inch and grilled over hot charcoal 'til its sweaty and grill-marked.
Very tasty and makes for great conversation at a BBQ.

Aug 26, 2014
porker in Los Angeles Area


I kinda get the parameters of your search:
Sourced in Minnesota NOT China or Louisiana (even though your previous supplier was NOT in Minnesota but rather Wisconsin, which is curious)
No mail order
About $3 per pound

Just wondering, why no mail order? Is it a timing thing or the shipping costs?

BTW I liked some of the roundabout answers. Of course the chow police decided to remove the most entertaining piece from the guy harvesting bugs as a kid...

Aug 26, 2014
porker in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

I guess you'd refer to this as a "sandwichmobile"?

Aug 25, 2014
porker in General Topics

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Trump CAN be a wiener

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

There you go:

A hot dog is a turnip (gone wrong)
A turnip is not a sandwich
therefore a hot dog is not a sandwich

...and we've been banging our heads the whole time, sheez.

Aug 21, 2014
porker in General Topics

10 day trip to NYC, input requested!

I am but a visitor to NYC. With that said, a few thoughts on LES and environs...
169 bar - my favorite divey place in LES and they have oysters and crawfish to boot. sgordon's advice on this place might be applicable.
The Boil on Chrystie has some good boiled crawfish/shrimp/crab plus rawbar.
Meatball Shop on Stanton makes for a pretty good lunch stop.
Robotaya (231 East 9th Street) isn't earth shattering, but it IS lotsa fun (and perhaps unique) if you sit at the food prep bar.
Theres a hidden cocktail lounge Angels Share at 8 Stuyvesant St - pretty cool place. You might consider following up with Yakitori Taisho just around the corner.
Pizza - just don't get fooled by Lombardi's coal fired place open since the greco-turkish war.
Whiskey Tavern Bar, an oasis in Chinatown south of Canal at 79 Baxter
If you're in the neighborhood, The Wyndham Chinatown hotel (93 Bowery) has (at least "had"...the last time around) pretty good happy hour deals on oysters and clams and goodies along with drinks (Mon-Thu I think).

Aug 20, 2014
porker in Manhattan

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Paraphrasing from Miracle on 34th street (near the end when the Post Office gets involved in the debate):

...the United States Department of Agriculture, a branch of the Federal Governent, recognizes the hot dog is not a sandwich.

Judge Henry X. Harper: Uh, since the United States Government declares the hot dog is not a sandwich, this court will not dispute it. Case dismissed.

Aug 20, 2014
porker in General Topics

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

1. Before getting into his psycho-babble, the guy writes

"Consider: neither the hot dog nor the sandwich were invented by America, yet we feel a passionate possessiveness over both."

Why does he differentiate the hot dog and the sandwich? Ipso facto his argument is flawed from the start.

2. He says a taco is a sandwich...c'mon

54% of the people think a hot dog is not a sandwich. So if you live in a democracy, you'd have to go with the majority, right?

BTW, the USDA has a "Food Standards and Labelling Policy Book" which has definitions for "sandwich-closed", "sandwich-open", and "sandwich type".
Note the following from the aforementioned USDA source:
"Dinners containing a sandwich type product, e.g., a frankfurter, hamburger, or sliced poultry meat with a bun, are amenable and subject to inspection."

So there you have it, the USDA defines the hot dot NOT AS A SANDWICH, but rather a "sandwich type product". In other words, its similar to a sandwich, but it aint a sandwich.

Aug 20, 2014
porker in General Topics

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

You know, in nearby Montreal, you can get a flogged horse sandwich.

Aug 05, 2014
porker in General Topics

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Mama Cass?

Aug 05, 2014
porker in General Topics

making montreal smoked meat at home

Glad things worked out.
Thats the beauty of tinkering; you can get what YOU want.

making montreal smoked meat at home

All that wasted time with university when I coulda learned thermodynamics on my BBQ!

Good intentions BGM.
I dont make MSM enough to thoroughly hone in on the perfect methodology. '
Will be interested in your results. Maybe publish your findings in the North American Association for the Advancement of BBQ!

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Yes, I agree a hot dog is a sandwich....if you agree that "A 56-inch plasma TV is a sandwich. A Cadillac is a sandwich. A 3/2 with a golf-course view and a bonus room for the man cave is a sandwich."

Aug 03, 2014
porker in General Topics


Thats what drew me to this thread in the first place. Not the internet, but a kernal of information divined from a gifted 1979 Guinness Book of World Records.
It showed a 14 year old boy that Everclear was the strongest alcohol in the world and even included a photo of the label.
I wasn't into drinking then, but that photo was burned into my memory, plus the strongest IN THE WORLD was heady stuff.
I never forgot it.

About 5 years later I was on a road trip to the Florida Keys with my dad. We stopped into the kitchy, touristy "South of the Border" attraction in South Carolina along the US95. They have restaurants, firework shops, bric-a-brac souveniers, all in a faux-Mexican theme plus a liquor and wine shop.
I spotted my first real bottle of Everclear here.
I was too chicken to buy it, but at least it was now within my grasp if need be: all I had to do was drive to South Carolina and pick a bottle!

I never did buy a bottle; hi test booze isn't my thing, but for whatever reason, that 1979 Guiness book of world records sure laid an impression on me.
(it also listed Margaux Hemingway as the most beautiful woman in the world and included a photo of her, but thats an entirely different story).

Jul 30, 2014
porker in Quebec (inc. Montreal)


You can try your hands on lots of stuff. My old, departed Italian friend used to infuse lots of stuff, like fresh bay leaf, mandarin peel, etc etc.
Of course he didn't use store-bought stuff, but distilled it himself from wine he made himself (I used to tease him "Hey Carmine, how come you had to BUY the grapes? Why don't you GROW them?"
He'd answer "Thats what we did in Italy...")

could salt peter in sausage be bad??

I was going to reply along the lines of JMF, but your concerns are valid enough (I saw some posts where people wanna use salt petre simply because thats what they did in the "old days"...).

Anyway, maybe have a look here
which is a thread on kosher Instacure.

At the end of the day, if you are OK with Instacure (#1 and/or #2), I'd suggest ordering on-line.
Its easier to use, more and more recipes call for it, and its more of a modern standard in charcuterie.

Jul 28, 2014
porker in General Topics


Don't quite know what you mean by "...aren't any substitutes for Everclear really..."

As carswell points out theres Neutral Grain Spirit sold in SAQ at 94% - this is 188 proof

so in a sense, there is a substitute, no?

Jul 27, 2014
porker in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

making montreal smoked meat at home

Hey Jonney,
I prefer to crush the coriander as I feel it releases more of its oils, aromas, etc.
But hey, its not a big deal for the curing aspect. Maybe consider crushing (pulsing in a blender a bit) the coriander/peppercorn final rub.

Just a thought; this type of prep, I believe, was created to help preserve meat at a time when refrigeration wasn't around. Those early folks perhaps did not worry too much about aging or Grade AAA - they were just trying to save the meat.
Now I'm not saying a dry-aged brisket won't work, I'm just wondering if the added cost would be justified.
Maybe, if you are happy with the results and repeat this little experiment, try it with a run-of-the-mill brisket next time and compare with your dry-aged brisket. I'd be interested in the results.

Try to take notes of your steps along the way, they'll help out next time.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Actually I came in third. I think the head judge was of the sandwich camp and I was punished for my worldview.
Of course I can't *prove* anything, but the writing was on the wall.
No hard feelings though, it is what it is.

Jul 12, 2014
porker in General Topics

making montreal smoked meat at home

Bonjour Jonney,
I've been working alot lately and don't get to CH much these days (In fact just finished work and its 3am...).

Anyway, it seems like these fine folks answered your questions.

I'll add my 2c...
I like to weigh down my curing smoked meat (put weight on it while in the fridge). It may or may not be required, but I feel it helps curing by physically stressing the meat. Again, this may false, but I do it.
If the meat was not wrapped, the weight (case of beer, plywood with a coupla 10lb weights, flat of diet pepsi, whatever) will come into contact with the meat - BAD. The cure would also be rubbed off to some extant.

Plastic wrap or giant ziplock, your choice.

Bon chance!

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

In my first restaurant I made the mistake of ordering the cheapest hot dog on the market. They came like 500 to a box for 12 bucks.
I was distraught as these puppies kinda sucked and wanted to serve something of better quality. But what was I gonna do with all these shitty weiners?
"Double Dogs" was the solution.
Hot Dog 75c
Double dog 80c (two weiners in a bun)
sold out in less than a week.

Still nobody asked for a double dog sandwich, so it still ain't a sandwich.

Jul 10, 2014
porker in General Topics

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Amazing, hotdogs are MADE from assholes.

Jul 10, 2014
porker in General Topics

Chinese dog-eating festival

Reminds me of the old joke:
Salesman pulls up to a farmhouse and sees a 3 legged pig limping around. He asks the farmer what happened to the pig.
Farmer says one time a fire broke out in the house, pig woke everyone up and saved the family.
"So thats how he lost the leg? In the fire?"
"Naw, he was fine, but I'll tell you, another time I was huntin and was surprised by a really big bear and my gun jammed. That there pig confronted the bear and chased him off, saving my life."
"So thats how he lost his leg? Fighting with the bear?"
"No, not the bear."
"So how then? How'd he lose the leg?"
"Well, I tell you, a pig that special, you don't eat all at once."

Chinese dog-eating festival

"We've talked about eating dogs here before"
I'd describe it more as "beat the subject to death and beyond".

Jun 24, 2014
porker in Food Media & News

ISO: stomach

Yeah, I figured as such (eventually, hehe), just sounded peculiar is all. Duck too.

Jun 20, 2014
porker in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

ISO: stomach

"four types of feet"
THAT sounded peculiar, I'm thinking right, left, and two more?...
I buy beef tripe (don't know which stomach it is...) at Frutta Si in Lasalle.

Jun 18, 2014
porker in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

How is the duck at the Crystal Chinois counter?

They've been kicking around since September.
Their BBQ is good. I had the BBQ duck, steamed (soy?) chicken, roast pork, BBQ pork, and pigs feet.
They also have some steam table (non-BBQ) stuff, which I did not yet try.

Is it worth it? I think so.
I preferred the BBQ at the now-defunct Sun Sing Lung, which currently houses Ethan restaurant (Ethan has BBQ, but I haven't tried it).
I think Cryatal might edge out A Lam Kee on the other side of the street above laGauchetierre.

I think "better" BBQ in chinatown might boil down to personal preference.

Jun 17, 2014
porker in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

The Price of Beer

I think it was written more for entertainment "value" than informational purposes - kinda like that generic subway map of bars...

Jun 17, 2014
porker in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

making montreal smoked meat at home

Looks great drain!
Welcome to the club.