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tamales that travel?empanadas to enjoy elsewhere?

Didn't leave town. Though I should, over and over again, with all of these choices, and rate accordingly. This is brilliant, people! Westsiders, I'll remember these spots for when I leave via LAX. And DiveFan, stellar map. Many thanks!

tamales that travel?empanadas to enjoy elsewhere?

Hey, I'm going to visit friends in Columbus, Ohio who are starved for good Mexican/Latin American food, and since I'm in Los Angeles, Echo Park/downtown, it seems like I can put something in a tupperware and take it to them, and if it fails, it fails, but it seemed worth a shot. As someone who's carried boudin on planes from Louisiana, and fried chicken, and cheese, I've done this before with local delicacies. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations I might check out.

Fiorella's - what's the story?

I'm a former Mid-Cityite who was addicted to fried chicken in New Orleans. Personal partisan top 3: Fiorella's, McHardy's, Popeye's (certain locations had the spice better than others, ocourse). Would take Dooky Chase any day and twice on Sunday vs. Willa Mae's, which ran to oily and didn't trap the moisture and crunch enough like Fiorella's. Fixin to go back for some Mardi Gras. Now what's up with Fiorella's? I don't know if I care who owns it as long as the fryers still fry.

Jan 09, 2009
Eating Machine in New Orleans

DAMIANO'S PIZZA (Fairfax) is terrible!!

Large sausage and spinach. It was good and still warm. Antipasto salad. Good too. Everyone was pleased. NB: everyone was starving so there may be bias in the rating.

Lots of Specials at Enzo & Angela's

wow. There were a lot of specials at Enzo & Angela's last night. I was happy about it but I wish someone had warned me so I didn't waste time reading the menu. Now I'm warning you. Just sit back and reap the benefits of the waiter's superior powers of memorization. My friend had the Osso Buco and it was delicious. Everything else was pretty to look at and tasty but I won't remember it. The chocolate cake was only ok. Fun fact: They have sound proofing foam on the bottom of their chairs.

Albano's Pizza on Melrose closed?

I called today and the number still doesn't work. I was going to order from Damiano's but then decided to try Rocco's. I am bored waiting for the delivery guy. I should do situps to burn the calories in advance. But I won't.

DAMIANO'S PIZZA (Fairfax) is terrible!!

I was just trying to get Damiano's number on the internet when I ended up reading these scary comments. I was so terrified of the bad dirty pizza with the big bad delivery charge and the super long wait that I called that Rocco's place. You people are powerful. Now I am waiting for an hour for some food from a place that doesn't have torn booths. Just enough time to join this ChowHound site and tell you all about it. You better hope Rocco's rocks because I'm starving and i have a user name and password.