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Where to buy meat in the Pioneer Valley?

We just moved out this way from Boston. In Boston there are some great butcher shops that have awesome meat and poultry and good pre-marinated stuff (think Whole Foods but cheaper). Any advice on where to guy for this in or around South Hadley or Northampton?


CSA Western MA/Hartford

Thank you everyone! Both for the advice, and for making us feel welcome.

CSA Western MA/Hartford


We are Bostonions moving to West Hartford in May :(. We are curious if anyone has experience with a CSA in that area.

We could also do a p/u near Northampton.

In Boston we've done:
Stillman's (not enough selection but it was a bad year)
Brookfield (loved it)

Our favorite was a cooperative CSA on the North Shore, but can't remember the name of it. It was great b/c it included cheese, honey, fruit etc.

Also would love to hear your thoughts on Red Fire.....


CSA 2009

Thanks Gabatta! We just sent in our form.

I agree about the advantage of Farm Direct, but I have to say that the quality/quantity AND selection with Stillman's was lacking. I have heard from friends that other pickup sites were better. Ours was in Brookline.

CSA 2009

Hi All-

We had two farm shares last year (long story). One was Farm Direct, the other, Stillmans. Without a doubt, Farm Direct put Stillman's to shame.

I am a huge proponent of CSAs, I think that we got great produce, but more importantly, supported local growers and their families. That being said, I have to admit I was very disappointed with Stillmans. There was not much variety, and for our money, it didn't feel like a great investment. Farm Direct on the other hand was AMAZING. We'd use them again except their pick up is too far.

This year we're between Red Fire and Brookfield- we'd love thoughts on either of them! Especially Brookfield since we haven't seen much in the way of reviews.


Farmers' Mkts, CSAs & Farm stands- July 14th

Stillmans this week: zuchini, summer squash, arugula, corn, blueberries and green beans
Farm Direct Co-Op was amazing this week: blues and raspberries, zuchini, arugula, green onions, broccoli, carrots, squash (two kinds) kohlrabi and a few other things. I would highly recommend them, they've been amazing.

On another note, we just recently got a 1/4 meat share from Stillman's. This is our first week and we were really disappointed (two pork chops, some bacon ends and sausage). Any other thoughts?

Boston Organics Redeems Themselves!

So I thought I'd update everyone....we got our second delivery today and it was fantastic. I did e mail them last week to say I wasn't pleased, and they seem to have responded. I'll keep you posted! Today though, beautiful fruits and vegetables.

Good Burger/Waltham Rec Please


Looking for a good place for a burger and a salad in or around Waltham.


Boston Organics

Ah! I was so disappointed in Boston Organics! I was really excited to try them for the first time and the produce was ick! I'm going to e mail them and give them one more shot and Ill keep you posted. Anyone tried diamond organics (though they are expensive!).

Also, just joined Stillman's CSA. Any tips?