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Potato Latkes

Just wanted you all to know that my first batch of latkes this year, using a food processor, fell apart in the fry pan, became soaked with oil, cooked unevenly. I then switched back to hand-grating, and all was well. Firm, only slightly greasy, etc. Hand-grating is hard work and time consuming, but I see no choice.

Dec 04, 2012
avrum goldfein in Recipes

Matzo Balls!

My mom would bake matzah balls too. I don't think they were boiled first though. We would place them in soup and press down so they would soak up the soup. Are you Lithuanian or Latvian in ancestry?

Apr 03, 2008
avrum goldfein in Home Cooking

Hard baked matzoh balls

Does anyone have a recipe for hard, baked matzoh balls. The kind you plop into soup, and press down with a spoon so they fill up with the soup? I think the origin of these is Lithuanian or Latvian.

Mar 20, 2008
avrum goldfein in Kosher