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What to eat on a 5 hour layover in Qatar?

Escaping the airport during a 5 hour layover is very do-able. Be advised that you'll have to pay for a visa, assuming you are from a country that can get those at the airport.

If your layover is at night, one option is to hop in a cab and go directly to Souq Waqif, which is about 15 min drive from the airport. At the Souq, there are a multitude of restaurants that serve a mix of Arab / Lebanese / Persian cuisine. My favorite is Al Bandar. The Souq is a good place to kill time too

Another option is to go to Al Mourjan, which is on the Corniche (next to the Asian Games "Orry the Oryx" statue) about 20 min drive from airport, which serves up standard Middle Eastern fare. An assortment of cold and hot meze and some hammour or possibly mixed grill will leave you in good stead.

Jun 23, 2009
rookbe in Middle East & Africa

Must eat's in Dubai?

Hi Chowhounders --

I am headed to Dubai for the weekend this Thursday. I live in Doha but it's my first trip to the UAE. I want to make the most of my trip and go to the must eat's and drink's of the city. Any recommendations from you seasoned ME travelers out there?


Aug 17, 2008
rookbe in Middle East & Africa