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Easton PA on a Monday night

River Grille was just the spot on a chilly evening. We settled into a cozy booth around 7 and were pleased to see an active dining scene (I hate to be one of the last people in a restaurant) - don't know if that's usual or a result of the holidays.
The apple and baby green salad was very nice, with a good balance of flavors. The tuna tartare was also nice, as long as you like the heat supplied by the ginger and wasabi - which I do.
4 plump scallops with a nice jasmine rice and pineapple was inventive and refreshing. The gnocchi Bolognese was hearty and homey on a cold night.
We finished with some sorbet that was very good.
We walked past Sette Luna, which looked inviting, but was probably a bit too boisterous for us this night.
The easy walk back to our hotel was also appreciated, after a long drive.
I was disappointed that the Carmelcorn Shop was closed the day we were there-I love the old-fashioned roasted nuts.

Jan 05, 2015
David W in Pennsylvania

Easton PA on a Monday night

Thank you. I was leaning in that direction already.

Dec 13, 2014
David W in Pennsylvania

Easton PA on a Monday night

I'll be stopping overnight in Easton on a Monday night in a few weeks. We'll have been travelling all day, so I'm looking for a place to share a bottle of wine and a relaxed dinner in walking distance-in the downtown area - that is also open on a Monday night.
I'm currently looking at either Sette Luna or the River Grille.
Any thoughts on these two spots or any other would be appreciated.

Dec 10, 2014
David W in Pennsylvania

Petite Fleury Bakery Brooklyn

I tried this small bakery the other day and found the almond croissant and currant scone to be quite tasty. It's a very friendly spot.


Note-if you click on the Facebook link at the bottom of the page you'll find that they post daily on what's available.

I'd also note that though the address is Flatlands, the shop is on Schenectady - I was looking for it and almost didn't find it.

Aug 19, 2014
David W in Outer Boroughs

Morgantown WV question

Thanks for the feedback-if we do end up in that direction I will report back. I really can't wait for summer weather.

Mar 18, 2014
David W in Mid-Atlantic

Morgantown WV question

I'll be travelling between Indiana and Gaithersburg MD this summer and am looking for a stop along the way. Usually, we are heading home to Brooklyn and stop in Donegal for Out of the Fire Café, but I was wondering if a different route may be worthwhile.
I found the Clarion Hotel in Morgantown, and wonder if the restaurant in the hotel, The Montmartre or nearby Café Bacchus might be worthwhile.
I prefer a place I can walk to after our day of driving, but am open to anything else in the area you may recommend. Thanks for your help.

Mar 16, 2014
David W in Mid-Atlantic

Dinner/Late lunch near Town Hall Theater

I'd suggest Kellari Taverna - it's only a block away, and they serve brunch until 4:00 when then switch over to dinner. It's not going to change your world, but it's pretty good and comfortable. They say they are "smart casual".

If you don't mind the walk, I'd second Toloache-I prefer it at off hours when it's a little quieter.

Mar 02, 2014
David W in Manhattan

Lunch near the Metropolitan Museum on a Saturday?

They must have just changed that-I ate there on the first weekend of February and they still had the 2-course special.

Feb 11, 2014
David W in Manhattan

Lunch near the Metropolitan Museum on a Saturday?

Persepolis is a Persian restaurant on 2nd between 73rd and 74th. I especially like the chicken stew (khoresht fesenjan) but everything I've had there is good.
An added bonus is that they are open all day starting at noon, so you can eat there at odd hours. They have a lunch special from 12-6 of two courses for $17, a bargain in that neighborhood.

Feb 05, 2014
David W in Manhattan

Wine Pairing / Romantic Date

Didn't Veritas close at the end of October?

Feb 05, 2014
David W in Manhattan

RW reservations for 2014 Winter NYC

In the past several years, I've enjoyed the RW menus at Riverpark - they have had most of the menu available for the RW price.
You didn't say where you'd be staying-in case a car is involved, I'd note Riverpark has parking that is free with validation at the restaurant, right below the restaurant.


Jan 31, 2014
David W in Manhattan

Twin Farms Barnard VT

I had seen this place in a magazine and it looks very nice-but a very expensive splurge. I was wondering if anyone has stayed here and could comment on the dining and wine, and if it's worth it. Thanks.


Jan 25, 2014
David W in Northern New England

Good eats in Carlisle, PA

Reviving this old link to second Café Bruges-we stopped there a couple of times when passing through the area.
Nice, relaxed spot with great beer selections, really good frites (try the curry ketchup). Also can recommend the leek tart and the daily quiche - both perfect custardy goodness, the Waterzooi of fish-large portion, cooked perfectly and the crabcake sandwich.
Easy street parking, and there are several nice bookstores in the area, so it's a great place to take a break from the road.

Jan 09, 2014
David W in Pennsylvania

Chez du Bon Columbus Oh

We did stop in on our trip.
The space is a little odd-when you walk in, there is someone to greet you and direct you. There were some folks seated in a dark area just inside the door. There is also an upstairs space that we didn't see. We were not looking for a full-blown meal at lunch, so chose to head into the bar area.
There are bar seats and a few high tables in the same area as some of the shopping. The bartender/waiter was cheerful and efficient.
We had the lobster beignets (3) which were crispy and fairly tasty, though not a lot of lobster. The sauce was good.
The soup special was a type of potato, which was very nice-not too creamy, but with substance.
The smoked salmon rillettes had a nice flavor, with a decent amount of salmon on them-there were 4.
And the chicken/mushroom crepe, with gruyere-nice balance of flavors.
I'd say the flavoring tends to be on the subtle side, so if you like big tastes, this may not be your place.
We also had a glass each of wine that I let the bartender pick-he matched the tastes well. $52.89 before tip.
I'd say it's worthwhile if you are in the area-probably not worth the trip there if you are not. The market has a few items-breads, pastry, meats, soups, dried goods.
All in all-it doesn't replace Barcelona, Schmidt's, G Michael's, Old Mohawk, Rigsby's, Pistacia Vera, or the North Market.
I probably won't be back, but if I lived in Columbus I probably would drop in from time to time.
We had a great time as always-looking forward to our next visit.

Dec 30, 2013
David W in Great Lakes

Chez du Bon Columbus Oh

Thanks for the update-I really like the look of the space(s).
a lot depends on our weather and how we feel once we arrive-sometimes after a long drive it's just nicer to walk. If we do get there, I will most certainly report back (sometime after Christmas.)

Dec 07, 2013
David W in Great Lakes

Nicola Restaurant, Columbus

You may also want to check out Rigsby's- we drive through Columbus several times a year and often eat there:


Dec 02, 2013
David W in Great Lakes

Chez du Bon Columbus Oh

Yes, thanks. I actually saw it listed on opentable-no reviews there yet either.
In researching this place, I came across the story that Bierberg Bakery isn't making Christmas cookies this year...which made me very sad (though it's probably just as well, considering how many I ate last year).


Nov 18, 2013
David W in Great Lakes

Chez du Bon Columbus Oh

We're staying a few days in Columbus in December, revisiting some favorites. I've been looking for something new, and this place caught my eye for lunch and a little shopping. Anyone have any views of this place yet? And-how's parking around this area during the week? We stay in German Village, so I'd need to drive there. Thanks for your input.

Nov 17, 2013
David W in Great Lakes

Coconut Custard Pie

I haven't had it, but Hill Country Chicken has it on the menu-


Nov 25, 2012
David W in Manhattan

Anything good not terribly far from the Pennsylvania Turnpike ?

Don't forget pie at the Summit Diner-the coconut is to die for-all fresh made, generous slice.
And I'd second Out of the Fire in Donegal-close to the highway, but feels far away.
Nice space, great service and really terrific food-we try to stop there every trip, and sometimes do lunch one way and dinner the other. This is a serious restaurant with a relaxed vibe. Note they are BYOB. There's a couple of hotels just down the road, if you are looking for an overnight-I love places that require no or little extra driving after a long day on the road.

Nov 25, 2012
David W in Pennsylvania

Suggestions for good food in Washington, Pa.

I had a decent meal at Palazzo 1837 this summer-they have a nice outdoor space when the weather is good - indoors, they have a couple of rooms that are pleasant enough.
The food was pretty good, though nothing I would go out of the way for.
However, the price point is above $20 for entrees-you may be able to keep to that level if you stick to pasta.

Nov 25, 2012
David W in Pennsylvania

Madisons - Williston Park

NY Times with a pretty positive review...


Best Pat LaFrieda burgers from Fresh Direct?

I like the short rib-with just a little salt. Very nice.

Oct 29, 2012
David W in Manhattan

Columbus, OH: what shouldn't we miss?

Thought you'd be interested to see that NY Magazine has discovered Columbus-


Oct 28, 2012
David W in Great Lakes

Bee & Thistle have re-opened.

We ended up staying over and dining at the Bee & Thistle recently.
The main dining areas are still on the two side porches, but a bar has been added to the middle room (to the left as you walk in) which had quite a bit of activity while we were there.
The service was fine, casual but correct. The wine list is limited but seemed as fairly priced as most restaurants, and there are some specialty coctails offered.

Decent bread and butter are served. Portions are generous in both the appetizer and mains.
We had the house cured gravlax with a warm potato cake-we found this to be very tasty. The panzanilla salad was fine, for salad-nice dressing and not overwhelmed by feta cheese.

Diver scallops were properly prepared with a nice black rice and tomato salsa side. The wasabi crusted tuna was very good, just charred on the outside with an Asian slaw twist. The protion was quite large-if I lived nearby I would have taken some home.

We finished some sort of fruit crisp (long day+drink makes me forgetful) but it was good, as was the coffee.

Breakfast was all self-serve, with juice and coffee, fresh made scones, fruit, cereal, bacon and sausage and an egg fritter one morning, french toast and waffels the next. Perfectly fine, if nothing special.

All in all, quite pleasant. I'd say the new owners have brought the B&T back to what I remember from when we first started visiting over 20 years ago. The vibe is very positive.

We also had a pleasant meal at L&E in Chester-cauliflower vichyssoise with salmon, rabbit and channterelle crepes, snapper with pepper and ginger coulis and skate with brown butter.
We ended with a plum crisp. Everything was very good, very good service.
Citron Nicoise coctail was very refreshing and light, and a nice Anjou Blanc.
I still miss the old du Village atmosphere-it was a little loud on a Saturday night with a full house-perhaps I would try upstairs the next time.

A last-minute change of plans found us with few options for lunch, so we ended up at Brushmill-great entrance over the falls, but then the only option was in the rather dark tap room-a quick fried chicken breast sandwich kept hunger at bay, but left no real desire to return-maybe the other rooms are more welcoming.

Oct 24, 2012
David W in Southern New England

Oak Room Tavern (Sea Cliff) and Madisons (Williston Park)

I found a website for Madison-

Any Decent Food on I-78 between Allentown and Harrisburgh?

I saw this too late to help this time, but-you didn't mention a budget limit - we've stayed over and eaten at Glasbern the last few trips we've made and found it quite good-nice space, nice service, good food. It's just a little off I78 just before Allentown.
You'll need a reservation...


Sep 13, 2012
David W in Pennsylvania

Barclays Center

I've found these two spots to be casual and pretty tasty-both on opentable, which I'm thinking will be a requirement soon for area restaurants, between BAM and the new place.

Friendly and solid Italian-
Wine bar-with a variety of food choices

But you are pretty close to many spots in Ft Greene and Park Slope, as well as the two you mentioned.

Sep 09, 2012
David W in Outer Boroughs

Bee & Thistle have re-opened.

We used to go to the Bee and Thistle all the time some years ago, but then the owners changed and we found it sadly lacking.
I see that the owners seem to have changed again-has anyone been to eat there, or to stay (I'd be interested to know what to expect for breakfast.)

Sep 05, 2012
David W in Southern New England

Erie PA question

I had thought to walk by some of the other spots I'd asked about but our car lost it's air-conditioning in Eastern PA, so by the time we arrived it was late and we were hot and tired.
Smuggler's Wharf had an outdoor table in the breezy night and a few Molson's re-adjusted our moods. I'd agree with Burghfeeder-pretty good (shrimp and perch) and watching the sun set over the lake adds considerably to the value.

Aug 04, 2012
David W in Pennsylvania