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Spicy - Hot Food

Went to La Thai looking for something spicy, got the red chili curry, not spicy at all.

Anybody have some rec's on hot/spicy food in this city?

Nov 15, 2009
NOLAGreg in New Orleans

Is Gimchi still in business?

Word is they closed due to differences between the owners. It is a shame, because the place seemed to be hitting its stride and was one of my favorite lunch spots.

Nov 13, 2009
NOLAGreg in New Orleans

Boiled Crawfish

I have a friend coming in town and wants to get some boiled crawfish next Saturday. Any suggestions on where we can go to sit down and get some good boiled crawfish? We are in the Lakeview area, but location isn't a huge concern.

Thanks in Advance.

Mar 20, 2008
NOLAGreg in New Orleans