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Montreal overnight with little kids

Thanks so much for all the suggestions. These will definitely work for us

Montreal overnight with little kids

Yes, we will have a car and are willing to go anywhere. My husband are adventurous eaters, however, the kids will eat more than peanut butter and jelly but I'm not sure smoked meat is up their alley.

Montreal overnight with little kids

I'm heading to Montreal next weekend with my husband, three year old, 2 friends and their 18 month old. I've checked a lot of the boards involving kids but still have some questions. We are staying out by the airport because it had a big pool for the kids and also plan on going to the biodome. So I'd be looking for a place for lunch or dinner out by the biodome that is kid friendly - food appealing to both adults and kids as well as a lunch or breakfast place not too far from the airport. Seeing as the kids are little we could do take out and bring it to a park somewhere in between. Does anyone know of any places near these locations?

Ottawa in January

My husband and I are traveling to Ottawa for one overnight in the beginning of January. We haven't been there in 7 years or so and there hasn't been an updated list of restaurants in a few months here. Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants in the downtown area that are must stops? We're not looking for anything too stuffy but great food and a good atmosphere. Also, any great pubs or best places to go for just a drink as well.

Adult & kid friendly brunch

I'm having a brunch for my son's 2nd birthday. Most of the guests are adults (about 15) but there are 4 young kids. I'm looking for ideas for brunch that both adults & kids would eat. I'm planning on making sweet potato pancakes since I know the kids will eat them, scones, fresh fruit but after that I need some help. Does anyone have any ideas for items that might please the young and old?

Sep 27, 2012
gothamlp in Home Cooking

The Berkshires in April

My husband, son and I are going to Western Massachusetts in April. We are staying near Williamstown and are looking for places to eat. Our son is just 6 months old so we will only have opportunities to go out for breakfast, lunch or early dinners. If there are any good take-out places in the area that we could prepare (we will have a full kitchen) that would be appreciated too. We are planning many daytrips to Northampton, Lenox and anywhere else!

Mar 15, 2011
gothamlp in Southern New England

Holidays in Charleston

I think that my husband and I may visit something more fine dining on our own but we will be with the children for most meals. This is our first visit so I have no idea of anything there.

Oct 20, 2009
gothamlp in Southeast

Holidays in Charleston

I'm headed to Charleston for a week during Christmas. I'll be traveling with my extended family which includes a 4 year-old and a 10 month old. It looks like there are some great restaurant reviews in Charleston that my husband and I would like to visit. Are any of the restaurants reviewed or any other restaurants delicious and family friendly?

Oct 19, 2009
gothamlp in Southeast

Outer Banks

We are staying in Nags Head and are willing to drive in either direction. We are debating an overnight down near Beaufort as well. I have searched the boards of course, but the information is not very recent, so I'm wondering if there are any new suggestions.

Outer Banks

My husband and I are vacationing in the Outer Banks this April. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we must go? We were there a few years ago but are open to dining suggestions. We are looking for low end, high end and any markets that are a must (we have a kitchen where we are staying).

Driving Through Ireland

My husband and I are driving through Ireland in early April. We're flying into Dublin, spending two nights and then flying out of Shannon 5 days later. We're driving in between but have not finalized our route yet. We'll be heading south towards Wexford, then hitting Waterford, Cork, Kilkarney, Dingle, Cliffs of Moher (all the major tourist attractions) but would also like some out of the way places. I know this is very general/vague, but can anyone suggest any great places in Dublin or anywhere along our possible route? We're looking to get a real taste of Irish culture and food.

Mar 20, 2008
gothamlp in U.K./Ireland