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Wit's End (San Diego)

I agree with you. My one and only interaction with that place was walking in with my husband and being told they were closed and we had to leave. Very odd. There were people seated at several tables there and it wasn't very late on a weekend night. Guess it wasn't just us...

Apr 20, 2007
BethZenFoodism in California

Just Fabulous - San Diego

I have really liked Just Fabulous. And I was thinking about posting a thread about them because we went last week and the server told us that the place has been up for sale for a month. And if it doesn't sell, it's closing soon.

I started asking questions because their wine racks were almost totally empty and they only offered 2 reds and a couple whites. They used to offer much more. The server told me they aren't ordering any more wine because they won't be around much longer. so they're just using up what they already have.

Any one know what's going on with this? I'm so curious because the food has always been great, in my opinion, and it was packed last Friday night. I'll be sad to see it go.

P.S. Oddly, their desserts are actually the last reason I'd go there.

Feb 23, 2007
BethZenFoodism in California

Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro San Diego

Went there a couple weeks ago and had a great experience. The service is warm and friendly. The food was perfectly spiced and delicious. I got a lamb couscous and my husband ordered a beef tagine. We got a Moroccan wine to keep with the theme. The owner/chef came out and chatted with us, a nice touch. I highly recommend KousKous and I wish them much success!

Feb 22, 2007
BethZenFoodism in San Diego

Yogurt World Convoy St SD

Thanks for posting this. I just read that NY Times article the other day, too, and I was wondering when SD would get such a place and now I know. Thanks!

Feb 22, 2007
BethZenFoodism in California

San Diego - North County adventures with pics.

Thanks for the detailed report. I definitely want to try Pizzacatto now that you've mentioned it. Truly good pizza is remarkably hard to find.

Beth -

Aug 31, 2006
BethZenFoodism in California

Jrdn Restaurant--Towe 23, Pacific Beach

I just ate at JRDN on Friday night for the first time. Service was little slow. But you can't beat the view and the atmosphere. It'd be the perfect place to take out of town guests because they would just be amazed by the surfers and the sunset and it's just SO California!

The food was pretty good. I wouldn't say it was amazing. In another atmosphere it might even be called standard or disappointing. I liked that they serve some artisan cheeses and all natural meats.

I ordered a seasonal white fish (similar to tilapia) that the waitress told me is only available for 2 months out of the year. I should have written down the name but I want to say it was "kambuchi" or something to that starts with a K. Oops. It was crusted in nuts and served on a bed of rice with greens. Definitely yummy.

The look of the restaurant is great, very sleek and modern and intriguing, but yet still beachy.

Haven't heard of Modus, so I'll have to give it a try some time...

Jul 09, 2006
BethZenFoodism in California