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Ralph and Dave's in Verplank

We've been twice and have generally liked it. Best dish was nc trout stuffed w lemon and herbs, which was spectacular. Good dishes were cowboy ribeye, crab cake, apple salad with blue cheese and walnuts and cioppino with grilled sourdough bread.

On the other hand, as Nancy noted, the oysters have too much breading...to the point we didn't taste the oyster inside. Also, our greens were salted to the point of being inedible and their root vegetable mix is not worth eating. We also tried the corn and crab chowder which was generously apportioned but didn't have enough flavor.

Desserts are great and I had the best mojito of my life from the bar. We'll be back, we'd like to try the brunch.

Nino's Spinach Pie - Anything Like It Out There?

sorry, in retrospect I should have asked the candidate but we didn't hire her. there can't be that many places around there...another thought, isn't vinny's owned by nino's brother? maybe they have it there or you can ask them to make it? actually, I'm not sure vinny if vinny's even makes pizza.

straying off topic, we used to go to sal's on court and the owner's dad used to make us old school calamari and pasta. The sauce was to die for.

Oct 14, 2014
vinouspleasure in Outer Boroughs

Nino's Spinach Pie - Anything Like It Out There?

I was at ninos quite a bit, even after we moved, it was a must visit with the kids when visiting. Anyhow, I interviewed a job candidate the other day who lives in cg, after the interview we talked about some of the changes in the neighborhood and she mentioned ninos moved into a little place across the street.

Oct 12, 2014
vinouspleasure in Outer Boroughs

first couple of stops on 7 train?

thanks for the tips, looking forward to trying these places.

Oct 10, 2014
vinouspleasure in Outer Boroughs

Los Andes Bakery - Peekskill

stopped by for one of their home-made, beef empanadas as described by the op, it was wonderful. They also have a good selection of chilean baked goods, I had a simple cinnamon twist which was fresh, flaky and delicious.

At one table, a couple ordered Churrasco on a wedge which looked worth trying. They also have little scoops of tuna salad, seafood salad, etc and another couple ordered a scoop on a little, freshly-baked roll with a cup of soup. While I was there they conducted a brisk business in tres leches, can't wait to get back here.

ps very nice owner.

first couple of stops on 7 train?


I commute through gct, have been to flushing many times, eaten at many of the popular thai restaurants and some mexican/latin american restaurants. However, sometimes I'd prefer not to make the ride out to flushing or woodside, I'm wondering if someone can get my pointed to good chow within a couple of stops of gct.


Oct 09, 2014
vinouspleasure in Outer Boroughs

Pressed Duck in Westchester?

suggest you google "chinese pressed duck", I haven't seen it on westchester (or nyc) menus.

Best BBQ in NYC

shredding and then saucing is sometimes done to hide dried out brisket. is the brisket sauced before they serve it to you.

Oct 07, 2014
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Interesting cheap eats in Midtown?

There is also margon for very good, cafeteria-style Cuban.

Oct 07, 2014
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Eastern North Carolina style barbeque in NYC???

Given how much harder it is to smoke great brisket compared to nc style pork shoulder, I always order brisket at hill country and quinns. I personally think wilson's style of bbq is something of an acquired taste but I'm a little surprised no one has opened up a joint on lex and called it lex #2.

Oct 05, 2014
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

AJs fish and chips, ossining

now serving fish tacos, I tried half of one, home made sauce, fresh cilarntro, it was delicious. also, a nice slaw with the fish and chips.

Ralph and Dave's in Verplank

>>Speaking of Verplanck, I have long heard raves (not from CHers)


elita's deli, ossining

virtually no one orders from the menu, though last time I was there one table was eating tacos. Our favorites are the stewed (not fried) chicken, pork, rice, plaintains and thee fresh avocado. Don't forget to ask for hot sauce!

Interestingly, we passed by on the way home sunday night and the place was packed with families. I wonder if they serve special food for sunday night dinner. Will have to check it out.

Hopscotch. Anyone been yet? [Croton-on-Hudson]

a friend went over the weekend, it was packed, she said food was good but service was awful, waited over an hour for mains. They apologized profusely, said they'd pick up the check, but didn't (they were probably too busy to remember!)

still, sounds promising once they get service worked out. Our kids were hoping for a lunch spot but think it looks too expensive.

Eastern North Carolina style barbeque in NYC???

looking at mayhem and stouts website, it looks like the meat is braised not smoked so I don't think what you're eating is bbq. to be fair, I haven't tried it.

Sep 29, 2014
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

What are the most overrated restaurants in Westchester?

byob is great! it should be no oyster without muscadet.

New to Mount Kisco, need the lay of the land

la tulipe has the best croissant in the county, or at least the best I've had in the county.

AJs fish and chips, ossining

haven't been to lonny's since he sold, is it still good? This is cleaner, has a much simpler menu (burgers, chili dogs, cod, whiting, fries and onion rings is it), and as you say, has seating. The fish portions are smaller at AJs, the fries and onion rings are much, much better at AJs.

We had a short conversation with the owner/cook and you can tell he's very focused on good food and customer service. Stop by and let us know what you think.

AJs fish and chips, ossining

Looking at Ryan and fmom's posts, maybe I oversold this place. This is not a destination restaurant, it's a "I'm in the area, it's lunch time, let's grab fish or a burger " place. But Ryan, if you go, pls ask him if he plans to make wings, I bet he'd do an awesome job.

AJs fish and chips, ossining


AJs fish and chips, ossining

back here today with the family, we tried everything but the milkshake:

- cod fish and chips: good, crispy clean tasting fish
- hand cut french fries: ordered with "low salt", they were just right, suggest you do the same
- onion rings: this might be the star of the show, hand cut, non-greasy, generous portion
- cheeseburger: a little bigger than a slider, fresh meat grilled to order with onions and pickles. Delicious and I appreciated the smaller size.
- chili dog: about half the size of a hot dog for 95 cents, the owner said he special orders the dogs from a butcher, low salt and low preservatives. My son said it was his favorite thing.

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

indeed, apologies, sorry to hijack your thread.

AJs fish and chips, ossining

AJs is a few doors down (towards the water) from cidade. Simple menu, fish (cod or whiting), fries, hot dogs, hamburgers and shakes. I'm guessing it's a husband and wife running the restaurant, nice people. There's a long counter along the wall with chairs, no tables, the restaurant is very clean.

I ordered fish (cod) and chips for $6.50, the fish was perfectly fried, the fries were hand cut and delicious but I thought there was too much salt, next time I'll see if I can get half as much. But there will definitely be a next time cause this was fresh, really good and a bargain. They also offered a taste of their homemade onion rings, again, a little too salty but it was very, very good.

the lunch special was a burger, chili dog, fries and a coke for $6.50...this place could be dangerous!

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

I guess this is off-topic but here's my story about what must have been the worst service ever. Many moons ago at college I worked at a top steakhouse. Tips were great and I really needed the job to make ends meet. One night during dinner rush, I took drink orders from four tables, headed to the bar and made my way back to the dining room with a very full tray of drinks. On my tray were two martinis and lots of tropical fruit drinks. First stop was to drop off the martinis but as I approached the table a fast-moving waiter brushed my tray and martini glasses started tipping. I tried to steady them on the tray which must made things worse and the whole tray of drinks fell right on top of the guy that ordered the martini. The top of his head was completely drenched and, somehow, there was a pineapple slice hanging from his glasses.

I was appalled but his girlfriend started laughing hysterically, the guy smiled, I couldn't help myself and started laughing. The manager came over, looked at me like I was crazy and apologized. I finally got myself under control, brought a bunch of napkins, he went to the men's room and they decided to stay for a comped dinner. I took their order and then just couldn't resist asking "Sir, may I bring you another drink?" at which point the woman almost fell off her chair with laughter and one of my friends had to help me back to the kitchen because I was laughing so hard.

Believe it or not, I didn't lose my job but had to pay for their dinner and his dry cleaning out of my pay. They came back about a month later and when I brought the drinks, the guy put on a baseball cap :)

Szechuan peppercorns in Westchester?

I buy at kam sen, pretty hard to find, I suggest you ask someone once there. If you haven't been, the bbq meat is pretty good. We like the duck, roast pork and pig (see if they'll cut you a lean piece). One of my friends from china swears by the scallion chicken. It's also my go-to place for thai ingredients.

I'm swearing off all-you-can eat sushi places

I agree with everything in the OP but we really like ayce sushi once or twice a year with our three teenagers. It's fun for them to try everything and it sure is easy on the wallet. Call it a guilty pleasure.

Wine bar or French brasserie-near Grand Central?

actually, if you're looking for an interesting, fairly priced wine list, the oyster bar is a great suggestion. if you're looking for something a little hipper/livelier you might walk down to maialino, the bar there is pretty happening and they have a decent wine list.

Sep 06, 2014
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

we haven't been to IPR but not surprised to hear the service is good, the service at JG/nyc is fabulous. the cookery is a great example where the staff seems to share a great passion for food.

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)


Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

Working my way through college as a waiter, I came to learn (not surprisingly) everyone has a different view of what "great service" means. Point in case, I hated the service at Bouley...I found it overbearing and intrusive while many people would call it world-class.

I find the service at Zeph's professional but IMO the servers don't convey any real passion around the food they're serving. maybe things have changed as, after 20 visits over the years, we started to find the menu boring and haven't been back over the past year or two.

I prefer Peter Kelly's Restaurant X, where in addition to professional service, there's a sense of excitement around the food they're serving.