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Redline Saloon, Cortlandt Manor. A delicious hole-in-the-wall.

what a great, great chowhound find! My son and I loved the specialy burgers and the wings were very good. Given the rundown decor, I doubt I can get my wife into this place but can't wait to head back with my kids.

thanks to ryan for the great recommendation and the well-written review.

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

I stopped at the hummingbird a couple of weeks ago, had the jerk chicken, I thought it good, not great...try the jerk at chows in ossining, (I posted today on it), it will blow your hair back.

Chows Caribbean Chicken, Ossining

In the old pon di riva space by the ossinning train stating, the owner did a nice renovation, it's clean and bright, 3 stools by a counter, obviously mostly for takeout. I tried the jerk wings, delicious, be warned, they are *really* spicy. I also had a side of home made corn bread, a huge hunk of moist, corny goodness, the texture was somewhere between a bread and pudding (much closer to bread).

They are also smoking(!) chicken over mesquite, that's next to try. Here's a link to the fb page which in turn has a link to their menu:

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

weedy, I think you should try Ryan's suggestion, a burger at the redline saloon, just be prepared for (very) run down decor. IMO, you're exaggerating on ramanesque, yeah, it's not ippudo but try some of the non-ramen dishes (salmon and chicken katsu curry). I've also had good tacos at Mercado Azteca & Deli.

have you tried any of the latin restaurants? I had a nice lunch at El Conquistador, I'd like to work my way through the rest.

Is John's Pizzeria the Best? Other suggestions?

I played basketball near thompson park for many years and our group became semi-regulars at Arturos. The space had a great, old, nyc vibe and there was often good jazz served with the pizza. Oddly, over the course of 10 years, the guys at Johns eventually came to recognize my wife and I while the servers at Arturos never seemed to recognize our group. We do prefer the pizza at john's to arturos but arturo's is very good.

I do strongly agree with the sentiment that it's time for OP to try somewhere new.

Apr 23, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

wow! tried it with my son yesterday, now *that* is a chowhound find. The wings were very good but the burgers were amazing! My son had the saddlebag burger: 1/2 pounder with egg, cheese, hash browns and bacon. I had the saloon burger: bacon, fried onions and gorgonzola.

Unfortunately, the decor is a little rough for my wife
but my son is up for another visit and I can probably convince the other kids. Thanks for great, great recommendation. You might want to start a separate thread.

Soft shell crab season!

last year we noticed a big difference in the size/quality of the soft shelled crabs at nyn in-season. Not sure if they move to fresh crabs in season...or it might have been that the person ordering spoke cantonese and asked them for good ones.

Apr 16, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Good "ethnic" restaurants which won't break the bank

I remember about 15 middle eastern restaurants within walking distance of tripoli but I don't remember 6 as yemeni. anyhow, I guess you like tripoli, I was there about 6 times but it's been a long while, maybe it's gotten better.

Apr 13, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

OMG!!! H Mart is opening in Hartsdale, NY!

3 years later, finally made it to hmart. it's a lot closer than i thought. we started with lunch in the food court: dumplings, seafood pancake and tofu/pork stew. Loved it all, they were out of the king dumplings, would like to try that next time.

as for the shopping, we loved the produce, marinated meat (Last night we had a fabulous bbq of pork belly and chicken thighs) and seafood.

Looking forward to heading back many times.

Good "ethnic" restaurants which won't break the bank

hmmmm, last time i was there (summer), it looked like the yemen cafe had closed. good to know it's still open for business. I was disappointed to see the waterfall cafe is now a hookah bar.

Apr 11, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Chengdu, Xi'an in Flushing

no, but the food sings.

Apr 10, 2015
vinouspleasure in Outer Boroughs

Good "ethnic" restaurants which won't break the bank

it's amazing tripoli is the last man standing on atlantic avenue, during my 15 years in the nabe, it was generally regarded as the weakest.

dunno, if was me, I'd walk across the bridge, down to the promenade, then through the brownstone brooklyn to lucali and then over to court st pastry for dessert.

Apr 10, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

NY Dim Sum [moved from Philadelphia board]

"Of course any time the subject of Philly's version of dim sum comes up on this board, there is always the caveat that this place is good, and that place is OK, but it's not like the REAL dim sum you'd get in NY."

ha! any time the subject of dim sum comes up on this board, there is always the caveat that it's not like the REAL dim sum in Toronto or hong kong.

You won't go far wrong picking a place or two from this article:

the article has been dissected here and most of us think it's a solid list.

My personal recommendation is to start your tour with a pork bun from mei li wah or sesame bread with duck from vanessas. From there, walk to your next destination, with pork bun or bread in hand (don't eat in).

Apr 10, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Aberdeen Seafood and Dim Sum?

While I agree it's not a destination, dim sum is just about as good as flushing albeit at around 1.5-2x the price.

Apr 09, 2015
vinouspleasure in Outer Boroughs

Chengdu, Xi'an in Flushing

well...I'm not in flushing often...maybe 10-12 times a year, and I'm usually with my family...at this point in our lives, where we eat is more a function of democracy than autocracy and there's no way they'd agree to eat down there. and truth be told, I consider it a big win that everyone loves to eat at biang, fu run, little pepper, dim sum, etc, so I'm not going to push it.

still, I think you're on to something and next time I'm on my own, I'll make for c heaven.


Apr 08, 2015
vinouspleasure in Outer Boroughs

Best of the UWS, 2014 Edition

we've eaten many times at mp taverna in westchester, tried kefi over the weekend. There were some small differences in the dishes, not all positive, but overall we had a great meal.

Our only complaint was around pacing, the restaurant wasn't crowded but the mains came right after we were done with the apps. In the future, if they're not crowded, I may try to force the issue by ordering appetizers first and mains when we start the apps.

Apr 08, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Moving offices to Midtown East ... I need new lunch options!

I worked at 45th and 3rd for many years, still occasionally visit a client there. Some places that haven't been mentioned are:

- Hop Won - Decent chinese roast meat, I like the roast pig, pork and duck. Don't let them microwave the meat, order the roast pig "lean". The noodle soup with wantons and roast pork is good though the broth needs chili sauce. Stay away from the steam tray dishes.

- Macchiato espresso bar - generally flies under the radar, very good croissant, espresso drinks, good sandwiches for lunch.

- Mapo Tofu - Pretty good sz, one of my favorite renditions of mapo tofu

- ess-a-bagel - I like the bagels here (too big for some), the bagel sandwiches are good.

- lexington ave indian food - on a nice day when I have time, I like to walk down lex, there are a number of good indian restaurants in the high 20s.

- steak truck at 47th and park - not sure if it's still there, very good cheesesteak but a belly bomb, I limited myself to one every 3-4 months.

Apr 07, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

a quick update on the Branding Iron, the food seems to have gone downhill, we've taken it out of the rotation of burger joints.

Sichuan at Imperial Wok in N White Plains: thumbs up

thank for you report, I haven't had anything off the taiwanese menu, sounds like the eggplant is a must try!

Lets Talk Wings

I like the wings at dinosaur and quinns.

Mar 29, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Coffee/tea in Ossining

Quimbaya is good, we like cidade (cafe duoro now) more for Cappuccino and pastry. Just continue down main st, it will be on your right.

NYC first visit (kind of) - where to eat to feel like you're in NY!

I think CI is a great, great nyc experience but in truth, if we're just talking about food, I don't think the Nathan's dog warrants the time investment.

Mar 24, 2015
vinouspleasure in Manhattan

Peekskill Ramen - Ramenesque

Hmmm, my shoyu broth had deep flavor, I wonder if they took a shortcut on cooking method. I don't think the ramen holds up well against first or even second level ramen shops in NYC so I've taken to ordering the non-ramen dishes.

Last time I was there I had a gloriously prepared piece of salmon, I've been afraid to report back here as I don't think the kitchen is all that consistent but you might give it a try and let us know what you think.

Sichuan at Imperial Wok in N White Plains: thumbs up

I work about 3 minutes from the epicenter of midtown Szechuan alley so it's been hard to justify the 20 minute ride from our home. I did have a chance to stop by on the way back from a business trip, as Elisa says, it was startlingly good. The dan dan noodles had a nice ma la. the double cooked pork belly was heavier on black bean than most which made it a little salty but by the end of the meal, I was left wondering why everyone didn't make it that way.

Look forward to your report!

Ecuadorian at El Conquistador, Peekskill

somehow I missed your reply, glad you liked it! how was your husband's fish soup? I saw it on a couple of tables and it looked good.

Chengdu, Xi'an in Flushing

I finally made it to Tianjin, had the lamb dumplings, they were very good. I had hoped to also try a dish at chendu heaven but was too full.

I haven't been in the mall in several years, it's looking pretty long in the tooth and not all too clean. Not sure I'll be back.

Mar 18, 2015
vinouspleasure in Outer Boroughs

Patisserie Didier Dumas in Nyack

I thought the croissant stacked up well against say financier or kayser. it's tough to find a place in the burbs as good as the best bakeries in nyc.

Best fine dining: Westchester restaurant recommendation?

last week we had the (non-groupon) tasting menu at la panetiere paired with wine, it was excellent. not far from westchester, we like restaurant x in congers for a special occasion. Xaviar's in piermont, as suggested upthread, is also great but restaurant x seems a little bit more laid back.

Patisserie Didier Dumas in Nyack

we were there many times before the fire, one of our favorite places. good to hear they re-opened.

bbqhound, time for one bbq dinner, durham nc

I'll have to make do with cheerwine!

Mar 11, 2015
vinouspleasure in Southeast