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Christmas dinner in downtown Toronto, need help quick!

All of the downtown hotels will be open, if you are near Union Station why not try the Fairmont Royal York for dinner? Its a more traditional setting also
On Christmas Day everything will be closed but most stores/restaurants will be re-opened the next day. Try the Royal Ontario Museum for its new Diamonds exhibition and the Art Gallery of Ontario (it re-opens in Nov) They are both downtown
I also wanted to say that Christmas time is never as cold in TO as it gets to be in Jan/Feb, so do not despair

The Best Ribs in Toronto

Purple Pig at Yonge and Richmond is shut down as of Aug 23 due to inability to pay rent

Belleville and area eats

There are some nice local restaurants in Brighton, not much ethnic I'm afraid. You will understand when you get there :) Its a retirement town so nothing going on at night either. .
Why not bring some groceries and cook your own dinner?

BTW Belleville and Picton are not that close and Capers is definitely expensive.

Chowhound worthy stops Hwy 62 (Belleville to Alongquin Park)

Might be better off stopping at Ivanhoe Cheese Factory on Hwy 62 in the town of Ivanhoe, since they have a long trip up to Algonquin
As for butter tarts and serious baked goods, check out the Big Apple right on the 401 at Colborne exit (There is a large plaster apple there, you cant miss it)

Chowhound worthy stops Hwy 62 (Belleville to Alongquin Park)

Stirling is a wonderful little town to stop in Check out Platters (on the main drag) for a nice lunch, in an older house furnished with antiques. Its got a great front patio also.
I wouldnt recommend driving southeast to go to Belleville, that is not on your way north really

Christmas Party Venue for 450?

Liberty Grand is OK but venue is NOT transit friendly, especially in will need to provide taxi chits

Arcadian Court is a great place, very beautiful when its all decorated and you cant beat its downtown location unless you go to a hotel There is a separate bar area also

Fourtieth Birthday with kids and a patio?

Globe Bistro is a little high priced and fancy for kids
Terroni's menu is more to their liking - pizza and pastas

Fourtieth Birthday with kids and a patio?

Here are some Danforth ideas,,,they can accomodate large groups and will welcome kids.
Christina's (little more upscale than the others)
Poppa's Grill

Long weekend in Toronto

You will definitely enjoy the King Eddy since it is in a better location and surrounded by outstanding restaurants and pubs in all price ranges, as well as being right by the St Lawrence Market. Walk up Victoria Street 10 min north from the hotel and check out the Senator for a unique lunchtime diner experience. C'est What is also very close to the hotel and has great food and local beers, in a casual atmosphere

Long weekend in Toronto

The Danforth area (between Broadview and Pape) is fully patio-ed in the summer with a wide variety of cuisines, not just Greek They all have the menus on display and the prices are reasonable compared to downtown
Check out John St north of the Skydome for more patios and that will also take you up to Queen St West for great shopping

Business lunch on a Sunday near the Convention Centre?

If its a Sunday when the Jays are in town you may want to go to the Royal York Hotel for a quiet meal
That area around Front St is tourist central on summer weekends.. the upscale restaurants are closed

Sunday Brunch/Lunch on The Danforth between Donlands and Broadview?

I was at Three's Company (Pape and Danforth south side) last Sat for brunch, they are open by 10 I believe They have some great specials and a wide variety of eggs benny. French toast is made with croissants. My friend had the breakfast pizza (fried egg and bacon with tomato sauce and cheese on pita bread ) and she liked it Our bill was $20 including coffee

Looking for kebabs for BBQ season 08

Maselli's has great bbq meats but the best deal on chicken and pork souvlaki is at Mr Greek Meat Market They supply many of the restaurants in the area
Its on south side of Danforth between Jones and Pape. They throw in free tzatziki too.

Prince Edward County

I go to Waupoos every summer to stock up on their Feral cider, its a light fruity summer beverage and definitely not sweet...
Visit the Huff Estates (near Bloomfield) and Long Dog wineries (near Black River Cheese factory)
Bloomfield has some great little shops

Something to relish near Cabbagetown PLS.

I was at HoP last night and I found it a refreshing change from the "Duke of" pubs in the city. The owners and staff are really friendly and joke around with everyone. Lots of locals/regulars and it was packed. We had the tortiere, steak and mushroom pie and the roast pork chop and it was all excellent. They have some fantastic panini sandwiches which seemed to be popular with the ladies


I concur; everyone I bring to Originals loves the wings there

Chowhound worthy stops on 401 (Toronto to Montreal)

Belleville is a good halfway point on that trip
Take Hwy 62 exit SOUTH and you will see a variety of restaurants just off the highway
including Mexicali Rosa's (first lights turn left) and Linguine's at 257 North Front St (few blocks south on the left side) which has excellent Italian

Gluten Free dining in the GTA

I have been to Magic Oven at Woodycrest and Danforth with 2 gluten-free persons and they are very happy with selection there; They also offer flourless chocolate cake and carrot cake

dinner for 20 people at $35 a head?

For next time... Asian Legend on Dundas can handle large groups; you need a reservation and it would have been a good hike from Union

C'est What is too small for dinner with that many people, same with the Queen Mother (they only have booths really)

The Front St area around Union and Skydome mainly caters to tourists and the lunchtime crowd,so the emphasis is on volume or a theme, not quality
Hot House Cafe and Joe Badali's are good examples of this!!

restaurant in mississauga

Across the 401 in downtown Streetsville is Giorgio's (200 Queen Street) Cannot say enough about it...Great relaxing atmosphere, the chef comes out and greets you and also talks to you on the way out to make sure everything was wonderful.
Fantastic salads, pastas to suit every taste, main courses and desserts Very good wine list also. A good choice for a special night out


Check out the March 24th New Yorker article about the owner of Momofuku, David Chang, its hilarious and makes you crave ramen

Best things to order at Asian Legend?

Asian Legend - I have been to the Dundas St location a few times and the service can be slow but then again they are usually packed!! The beef rolled pancakes are to die for and I also a fan of their soups. Its a good choice for a large group since they have so many menu items

Danforth & Coxwell

The reason it used to take so long is that they used to make everything from I agree something must have changed there

Goat Cheese Salad

Mar 19, 2008
gwenchick in Recipes

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

For Pakistani I recommend Lahore Tikka on Gerrard St East near Hiawatha (Little India)
The prices are very reasonable and they serve mild to super hot (especially the vegetable dishes)
The place is under contruction but its been like that for a few years

Worst in Toronto

I agree with chalengirl Squareboy does great souvlaki with salad They are busy all the time, so the burgers arent that bad


I agree Aji Sai is excellent and well priced compared to downtown; been going there for years. Fantastic selection and non-sushi eaters can eat there too


Bona is the Best...been ordering from them for 10 years
They have some fantastic specialty pizzas like Greek, California and Mexican
You get free pop and salad depending on how much you order

Fake Irish Cream Liqueur

Mar 19, 2008
gwenchick in Recipes