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Report on San Francisco Gluten Free meals

I have brought gluten free soy sauce to China Village (my favorite Chinese restaurant) and had the chef use it for all our items and let him no no MSG. The taste was not discernibly different from the regular soy sauce.

So we had no reaction which normally results when we have the slightest amount of gluten. So they seem to be very friendly to gluten intolerant customers.

Mua - Oakland

I ate there last week and IMHO the food is a disaster. I'm not sure how they managed to mess up the fried chicken but it was over-fried, dried out and had absolutely no flavor. You expect that with the fried skin it would at least have some fat residue. But it was absolutely fried out. It made my wife wish we had gone to KFC.

I had the halibut and it was also over-cooked and dried out. The potato crust added absolutely nothing to the flavor. I had hoped that it would have kept the fish moist...wrong!!!

We also had the mussels and fries. About a third of the mussels hadn't opened. I ate them anyway and did not get ill. I would think that they would have not even served unopened mussels. The saving grace was the fries.

The burgers were moving and looked decent, but we didn't want a burger.

Alameda - Japanese - Sushi - "Sushi House"

I recently at at Yume and walked away convinced that I had eaten at the best sushi restaurant ever for the price. I had been accustomed to the sushi at A's on Piedmont and Ebisu in SF. Yume's chef what I imagine as the sushi experience. friendly, makes the sushi just for you. The fresh fish dwarfs the rice. The other places I am used to have a small piece of fish on top of large wad of rice. This has so much fish you cannot see any rice.

The fish drapes over the rice so it appears like its all rice. The chef guides you to use your fingers not chop sticks to eat this fabulous morsels. You get fish that is extremely fresh and somewhat unique.

My only reservation of making this comment is that I don't want this place to be over crowded. There was no waiting on a Thursday and I would hate to have CHers crowd me out. But if you want the real thing, you got to go to Yume's.

New Mexican Style Huevos Rancheros

After living in Albuquerque New Mexico for nearly a year, I got addicted to huevos rancheros with crispy hash brown potatoes atop of refried beans on flour tortillas covered by two fried eggs covered with melted cheese with red or green chile sauce.

I need my fix of starch and again. Anyone know of where they serve this version of huevos rancheros?

Eternally grateful for this intel.

Review: Unicorn "Pan-Asian" in SF

My wife and I had a completely different reaction tonight. We went there before a show at the Curran. So we wanted something light. We had the pre fixe Horn of plenty. They had four different spring and egg rolls, mussels and quail.

The flavors were varied and the sauces perfectly paired with the rolls. The mussels were perfect. We enjoyed everything. The service was very attentive but not overbearing.

Based on the menu items we didn't try, we will definitely go back.

Alaska must eats? Bourdain style?

My wife and I brought my grandson (14) to see Alaska. We ate at Gwennies and couldn't believe the amount of food they serve. I had a ham and cheese omelet. There must have been at least a half pound of ham. The cheese was on top and had little flavor.

We had the reindeer sausage which was fabulous. My wife was a bit sheepish despite loving sausage. She immediately claimed the whole order.

My grandson wanted waffles, but the server suggested the hot cakes since the waffles were outsourced and frozen. We were glad that we took her advice since the hotcakes were excellent. The eggs needed doctoring.

My wife had the grits which she liked.

There seemed to be no end of locals. We agree that this is a place to come if you're hungry and know what to order.

Hayward or Fremont - dinner with a friend?

Four of us were there yesterday. The service was very attentive without being bothersome. The antipasta plate was good. one order really serves two people especially given their generous portion of bread with a great spread. I couldn't figure out what was in the spread unfortunately.

The chicken breast de moldonese was very good. The proscuito wrap flavored the breast stuffed with fontina cheese. My wife had the spagetti bolognese which she thought was just ordinary. Our guests had lasangna and canneloni. They enjoyed both. We had a side of garlic bread which was excellent. Used nice crusty bread with a garlic and parmesan topping that gave it a great crunch and had perfect amount of garlic.

The best thing was that we ended up spending 2.5 hours there talking and eating and never felt rushed to leave. Its a good casual place with decent food.

New job in downtown Oakland, looking for lunch places

I can't believe no one mentioned Ichiro's on 15th.

It is the best sushi place in the EB. Price wise probably the best value in the Bay Area. I had their sushi combo for lunch I could not finish it. It must have been more than 20 pieces for 8.95 plus miso soup. Very fresh sushi. I wish I worked in downtown Oakland just so I could eat there more often.

Oakland Trader Joes

Parking at Whole Foods in Oakland was a breeze yesterday. There are 2 levels and at 2 pm on Sat there were vacant spots even at the 1st level.

The place is fabulous. There are so many things going on there that it's hard to just drop in and leave. If you go hungry, there are many venues to satisfy any craving.

Oakland - 11th and Broadway?

Ichiro is a fabulous sushi place on 412 15th. $8.95 for a sushi combo that includes miso soup that you can't finish.

One of the best sushi places in the Bay area IMO.

Best Huevos Rancheros around Berkeley?

After living in Albuquerque, I got use to the New Mexican version of this:

Crispy corn tortilla with pinto beans with crispy hash browns on top then topped with two fried eggs over easy and then tons of cheese melted on top and red or green chile of course.

While this may not be authentic it is great comfort food. If someone knows where they serve it like this I would be forever grateful.

Best take out roasted duck in San Francisco?

the Cheung Hing on Clement (an 4th) I think is owned by the same folks. The duck there is the best. They give you extra jus without batting an eye. Their take out chicken feet are almost as good as Hong Kong Seafood on Noreiga and its easier to get to from the City [lus its cheaper by the pound.

Free Birthday meal specials

Thanks for the tips. Seems like enough deals to soften the birthday blow.

Free Birthday meal specials

Are there any free birthday meal specials that are worth the time and effort? I haven't seen any comments on this board.

Thanks in advance from a someone celebrating the ?? anniversary of their 39 th B-day.

A Maui Must

A strong YES to Mama's if you want a special dinner. My wife and I ate there last Sat for the 3rd time. We weren't disappointed. It was our anniversary and they comped three glasses of wine that were great pours. The service is fabulous. I had the Ono which was cooked perfectly, very moist.

My wife had the Kalua Duck. The breast was perfect, but the leg and thigh may have been keep a day too long in the refrig. The flavors were nevertheless unique and well worth the visit and price.

Also recommended is Da Kitchen for lots of food for the price. It's very much a local place with incredible food. You won't believe how much they give you. Try the fish tempura or the Kalua pork.

Mala's is also a great local place right on the water without the tourist masses. Food is top notch. The hamburger is made with KOBE beef. The fries are perfect with a hint of garlic and parsley.

Happy hour is 3 to 4:30 every day prices are $2 off the regular price.

Sep 05, 2007
bluecheesewiz in Hawaii

Chowhound finds in Maui

Da Kitchen was fabulous. Went with a long time local. The quantity of food was unbelievable. I had the fish tempura. It was Mahi mahi. The fish was so moist while the batter was high on crunch and flavor. They give me 3 huge pieces along with rice and salad. Could not finish the rice or salad.

My wife had the Kalua pig. I couldn't v=believe the amount of pork. It was really full of flavor and MOIST. We brought half of it back to the hotel.

The chicken katsu meal included 4 to 5 huge pieces of panko breaded breast meat. No one that ordered it in the restaurant ate all of it they took at least half the order with them.

They have great desserts. The pies come from a place called "Broke da mout" because they are sooo good.

Worth a special trip to Kahalui. Or go right after you leave the airport as its within 2 miles of the Kahalui airport.

Sep 04, 2007
bluecheesewiz in Hawaii

The House or Slanted Door?

I think it's actually listed as the Black Cod otherwise known as sable fish. Consistency is virtually identical to the Sea Bass but it isn't endangered like the sea bass.

It is absolutely the best. If I could have I would have ordered 3 of these just for me. :-)

Good chinese

San Tung is great on 11th and Irving (?). The chicken wings are to die for and the greenbeans are a must.

If you venture to the East Bay...China Village Dong Po duck next to the Cheung Hing roast duck is the best duck you'll ever find this side of the Pacific. The Kim Chi is outstanding as well.

Eccolo disappoints no matter how many times we go

Visited Eccolo for the first time last night after seeing raves re: fries in the Chron. The fries were fabulous at $6.00. I think well priced.

However, everything else seemed way over priced for the portion. Hamburger while quite good was $16.50 with only a few homemade chips.

We didn't order their $45.00 ribeye. That seemed way out of line.

DeBartolo in Oakland on Grand Avenue?

My wife and I ate there last night before going to the movies. We were pleasantly surprised with the food. The Caesar's was dressed in a very nicely tart dressing with lots of grated parmesan. I thought it was one of the better casear's that I've had. There was a nice portion of Romaine.

My wife had the mixed greens and really enjoyed the walnuts and dressing. IMO they could have increased the quantity slightly. But she was very happy with the salad.

We had the duck confit pizza which they made once we put the order in. The crust was perfect. It was crunchy and toppings were excellent. A lot of gorgonzola cheese nicely roasted garlic and mushrooms.

We had several nice glasses of the syrah.

The service was very good. Someone was being trained and we got very good service.

We are definitely going back. To us, it is one of the better places in that area to hang out.

best restaurants with patios

East Bay locations are great for sunset views:

Quinn's Lighthouse...pretty decent bar and grill food. off the Embarcadero..fits quirky. You can sit on the upstairs roof and pitch peanut shells on the floor.

Skates on the Berkeley Marina. food is also decent, full bar. Not too quirky though.

Paragon Bar in the Clairmont Hotel again not too quirky, but casual.

I like the Ramp as mentioned.

The Mountain Inn on Mt. Tam is sort of cool. It faces East though.

The Tourist Club also on Mt. Tam faces west. So its good for sunsets. Its a great place for a book and wasting away an afternoon drinking decent beers on tap. No food other than bagged snacks if I recall right. Its about a 1/3 mile walk down which means a steep climb back. It reminds you of being in the the Alps...sort of because of all the Norwegian Pine.

The Peasant and the Pear - Danville

I just had lunch there this week. My guest and I both had the special seafood salad. It came with lots of shrimp and bay scallops and 4 nice sized prawns. We both thought it was dressed too light, but I like 1000 island and they brought more to the table.

I am trying to lose weight otherwise I would have ordered the cheese steak sandwich. Would love to know if anyone has had that there. Or any other menu recommendations.

The service was very good. It warrants a return visit.

Golden Bird Fried Chicken?

I took my daughter to Declancy's cafe. She is a die hard Roscoe fan and she said that the Declancy chicken and waffles are equal to Roscoe's.

I've never had Roscoe's so can't comment. The Chicken though is one of the best I've had in the Bay Area without a doubt.

Oakland - DeClancy's Welcome Table Chicken & Waffle Breakfast

Three of us were there yesterday for breakfast. Food is excellent! Two of us had the chicken and waffles. Fried chicken very moist inside with good flavor with high crunch and flavor factor on the skin. I think the chicken is a couple of steps better than Nellie's. It came with two large waffles and two eggs. I couldn't finish the waffles...too much food.

My wife had the porkchop with grits, which she really liked.

Service is still a work in progress. The older partner was there serving. He was a nice guy, but his partner was a no show and so the service was slow. It was half full with friendly regulars that talked with us about the food and service. It is a great place.

They had prime rib dinner advertised that he said is slow smoked for nine hours. I'm definitely headed back for that.

bakesale betty's rules

The pot pie is the best I've ever had. Huge chunks of fresh chicken (breast meat) and carrots. The sauce is too good. I'm afraid it must be a diet killer, but I'm not going to ask what's in it.

Perfect for 4-5 people.

Baked Cha Shao Bao -- Blue Sky vs. You's

I also like You's on Stockton. A little more fat than Cafe Bakery CYB. But very close.

Baked Cha Shao Bao -- Blue Sky vs. You's

Cafe Bakery hands down is the best. Not only do they give you more meat filling, the filling doesn't have a lot of the chunks of fat in it that you find in all the others. The other nice thing about Cafe is that if you want to see a to have a jaw dropping marvel, turn North off Noriega onto 20th. About three houses down on the right is this house the frontyard of which that has been decorated in all kinds of kitschy plastic doo dads and other bizaare items. The yard has every square inch including items hanging from lines covering the frontyard at 6 ft off the ground.

You've never seen a house like this anywhere else.

Best Hole-In-Walls in the Silicon Valley?

Here's a link that should help.

Aqua or Farallon ?

I never tried Farallon, and now I'm glad I didn't given the comments.

I had lunch at Aqua a week ago. It was a special occasion with 3 tables and a predetermined selection. The first course was tuna tartare. There must have been nearly a cup of tuna. The tuna melted in your mouth. It was excellent.

Course #2 was foie gras quickly seared and served in kumquat reduction and the oils from the liver. I was lucky to have two servings since one at my table didn't eat organ meats. The livers were not large but the flavor made up for the size.

The third item was a salmon on a bed of greens and course four was seared ahi tuna. This was not as good as the others perhap because we were in hour 2 of lunch and it may have sat too long.

Dessert was the volcano cake, I know they called it something different. Nevertheless it was very rich with dark thick chocalate and a light cup cake like outer. No one left any behind.

I would definetely go back. The service was excellent. Perhaps it was because one of the guests was Kathleen Turner.

HK style cafe open late in SF

I also uderstand that Hing Lung on Broadway also has Jook all day and is open until 4 am (?)