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Theater District

I am taking my 13 year old to see Wicked at the Gershwin. She's never been to New York, and is really looking forward to it. Neither of us is a stranger to good restaurants (Chez Panisse, Slanted Door, Nobu, Babbo, Zuni, etc), but we have only a short time, and are staying at 6th Ave and West 53rd and need lunch/brunch/dinner suggestions. Any ideas?

I'm thinking: Bar Bolud, Bar Room at the Modern...etc.

Apr 11, 2008
holuh3 in Manhattan

DC chowhounds visiting Cincinnati area. Any recs?

Uh, the Maisonette and Pho Paris and Bella are closed.

Please do not leave DC, where you can go to Pizzaria Paradisio, and hope to get pizza. If you insist, only go to Dewey's. Everywhere else is a tomato paste disaster. Instead, go to Slim's, in Northside, or Boca, or Jean-Ro Bistro.

If there were Nobel Prizes for Cooking, who would you nominate?

But he is really cute.

Apr 02, 2008
holuh3 in Not About Food

Best Service You Ever Had

Nobu, Miami, 2006. Like a ballet. 3 hours, $300, one of the best meals of my life.

Apr 02, 2008
holuh3 in Not About Food

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

I'm a Pediatric Physiatrist in Ohio who once was a relatively good professional cook and wine retailer.

Apr 02, 2008
holuh3 in Not About Food

Dining around Cincinnati

Slims! Slims! Slims!

Rochester, MN

Is there anything to eat in Rochester?

An Expat’s Dining Survival Guide to Tulsa

The best burger in all of Tulsa is at Weber's Root Beer.

Twenty Dollars in Tulsa

Elmer's BBQ

Downtown Cinci Sat Night

My advice is give up the walking idea, and just go to Slim's.