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Mumbai recs in and around Khar

Way back when dinosaurs walked the Earth 1975

Dec 13, 2011
Brfoodie in India & South Asia

Bombay food itinerary - please critique

I am heading to bombay (mumbai) on the 23rd and coincidentally went to St Xaviers Boys Academy. I will be inthe Churchgate area so some suggestions will be great especially for sesfood...have done Trishna, Gajali and Mahesy Lunch Home several times.
I always visit Paradise as it hasn't changed and I feel like I'm in a time warp when I go there.
Would love to hear about breakfast suggestions like good keema pao etc.

Dec 09, 2011
Brfoodie in India & South Asia


You have a great plan and I would suggest that you keep Vizards on the list. The place is intimate and the food was very good. Small plates are a thing of the past. My wife had the crab crusted redfish which was one of the best fish dishes that I have tasted. The chef is very talented and does the best roast chicken in town if you get a hankering for that. Enjoy.

Nov 15, 2011
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Returning to NOLA after falling in love with it 2 years ago. 7 days, No budget, Looking for just the BEST!

I would recommend a few places that are under the radar on this board. Mila in the Pere Marquette is excellent and they use a lot of local ingredients. Also Vizards has been very very good the last two times ( and the only two) we have eaten there. The crab crusted fish was one of the best seafood dishes I had last year. Emiril's is definitely worth repeating but also consider Patois and Lillette and Le Petit Grocery. Check out some reviews on to get some different views rather than just this board which has several members who seem to stuck in a rut.

Sep 19, 2011
Brfoodie in New Orleans

When does Chris McMillan(sp/) work?

Heworks at Bar Uncommon and it is a treat to see him work. I had a great Pisco Sour and then he made me a drink that I had never had before called Bramble.My wife enjoyed a French 75 and then a brandy Alexander.
His technique is superb and so is his knowledge of the history of the cocktail that he makes In an age where every bartender wants to be called a mixologist he is an old school bartender.

Apr 24, 2011
Brfoodie in New Orleans

A Canucknucklehead in NOLA: Day 8.5

They were great reports and I enjoyed day1 through 8.5. Keep up the good work.

May 06, 2010
Brfoodie in New Orleans

feeling the effect of the spill

I was in Luke on Saturday and the bartender told me that they had suspended the oyster special indefinitely and we were the first victims of the price hike. I still ate a dozen as theres no telling when the next batch will be as good as the ones we had this year. Good luck to all

May 03, 2010
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Easter Brunch

We are visiting SF for a week starting Saturday before Easter. We wanted to do a big buffet brunch and have narrowed it down to the Top of the Mark or the Garden Court in the Palce hotel. They have both jacked up the price to $100 BTW. Has anyone got any advice? Thanks.

Pre-theatre/opera/etc dinner?

Would recommend Vizards. Wasn't too thrilled by Upperline. LIke Patois and Lilette a lot as well

Mar 09, 2010
Brfoodie in New Orleans

best dim sum in SF?

How expensive isYank Sing? I looked for the menu but couldn't find any prices. Will be visiting SF in April and was thinking of going.

Reporting back: An eating trip through New Orleans.

Excellent reporting.Keep up the good work

Feb 06, 2010
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Two Weekend trips to New Orleans

The last two weekends my wife and I have driven up to New Orleans and overeaten as one is wont to do in this food crazy city.Here is a little report.
Domenica: The pizza was very good as was the salami plate. However the pasta was quite disappointing as the spinach gnochhi was doughy and the tagiatelle was quite bland. There was very little meat in the ragu and the serving was incredibly small for the so called large portion. For $18 for pasta and sauce I was glad we had the pizza as otherwise I would have been hungry. Even my wife who was raised in London and is used to smaller portions asked the waiter if he had erred and got me the small as I had wavered while ordering, However I would go back and get the pizza.
Luke: This is quickly becoming one of our favorite places in town. Service was great although the place wa packed. The pate was good as it usually is and so was my burger. This was my fifth time eating ther and I wanted to try the burger as on other visits it looked great on adjoining tables. My wife had the crabmeat omlette as we had gone for Sunday brunch and it was very good too. I boxed half my burger and it made for a light dinner.
Vizards: I don't understand why this place flies under the radar on this board. My wife had a very nice seafood bisque and I had the crispy oysters with wild mushrooms as starters. My wife's crab crusted fish was incredible and my steak frite was impeccable. Se rvice was good and it made for a very enjoyable dinner.
Upperline: Had the revillion menu this Sunday.While I enjoyed the foie gras ap and the roast duckling my wife's salmon plate came with just a small filet and no sides.As she doesn't eat oysters and asked for them to be removed some sides would have been appreciated.Dessert was so so as my bread pudding was luke warm and her pastry was not real good.We left most of it uneaten.Don't think we'll be back.
Peppermill.We were near the mall and wanted a bite. I had read about this place on Tom Fitz site and were glad that we went. I had the Oysters riccobonno and my wife ordered the crabcake benedict which were both really good.
New Orlen in my bookis one of the great food towns in America and is great bang for your buck especially for fine dining.

Dec 15, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Le Foret any news

This place looks intersesting. Has anybody gone after the first couple of days where there are always problems.

Nov 05, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Best Place to Buy Scallops in New Orleans?

Where is the VietnameseFarmers market and when is it open?

Sep 15, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Discount and "coolinary" dinner menus

We did the special menu at the Pelican Club a week back. My wife had the slad and I had the excellent seafood martini as starters. Her entree which she found a little bland was a filet of fish with crabmeat and I had the small filet mignon.Dessert was good renditions of bread pudding and creme brulee.The place is very nice and the service was good. It was $33 for the three course dinner.

Aug 09, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

NY (Upstate not NYC) Hound Visiting Baton Rouge

there is a current thread on the New orleans board tht will give you some recommendations.

Aug 06, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

DFW: Lola closing.

We live in Louisiana ans as such are used to good food. A lot of the Dallas restaurants we went to were overrated. However, Lola was definitely not in that category. We went to the main restaurant twice and the tasting room once in our once a year trip to DFW. I know I will miss it. The food was always good and the service fantastic.
The first time I went ther they were out of the wine I had picked. Our server got us a better bottle and charged us the same price as my original order. That's the sign of a first class operation. I will miss it and it is a shame that Dallas could not support it .

Aug 06, 2009
Brfoodie in Dallas - Fort Worth

Top 5 PoBoys

Thanks foodchic
that explained everything

Aug 03, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Top 5 PoBoys

What is the Thanksgiving Poboy? Is it a combination of Turkey and ham?

Aug 02, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

oyster bars

It is lways amusing to hear that the oysters at Acme are much better than Felix's or vice versa. There was an article in the morning paper that said that Felix's, Acme, Red Fish and Boubon House get fresh delivered Oysters at the same time every morning (give or take an hour) from P&J oysters.I guess the different ambiances account for this devotion to one place over the other and account for the different pricing.

Aug 01, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Driving through tomorrow - casual late lunch near French Quarter?

Coop,s place seems to be the darling of someof the more vocal hounds.The food is average but priced well. The Jambalayais pretty devent but everything else id done better in several places.
If you must eat in the Quarter Johnnies is a better bet. Otherwise go to Parkway Bakery for a great po-boy and no parking issues.

Jul 31, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Baton Rouge favorites

There are several good restaurants in BR. Louisiana Lagniappe, Parrains and Mike Andersons for seafood,and Mansurs and Jubans for upper end creole. Maison la couer does fine classic French food but is a small gem often overlooked on this board.
Chinese: Hunan is quite serviceable and while short om ambiance there is a great dim sum place on a street off Airline near Olindes furniture called Dim Sun.
Italian Genos and Ninos are good as is De Guilio bros of Perkins.
Bistroeaux 333 and Stroubes and Little Village are part of the revival of the downtown area and are worthy of support.
Lebanese :several options including Serops, Albasha, and Almaza.
Anew place that I haven't been to yet is Marcellos in the same shopping center as Thai Kitchen.
All the places I have given you are not chain restaurants but mom and pop operations. I hope you will support some of these rather than the big chains. Zea rotisserie and Acme are local chains and as such are exempt .
Happy Eating.

Jul 31, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Can you eat well and enjoy NOLA on a 100 dollars a day budget??

Where can I find the details on this offer.I couldn't find anything on the website and my wife is a picky eater (no meat only seafood)

Jul 25, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Set Menus or Specials with Great Value for Money

Cafe Giovanni is also offering a set lunch on Fridays and some multicourse dinner specials. Lunch looked like a steal -3 courses for $15 or something in that ballpark

Jun 15, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Coming to Charlotte... Help

We are coming to Charlotte for 3 days. Would like some recommendations for bar-b-que and Carolina low country cooking. We are from Louisiana so no cajun please.Also one fine dining option. Thanks for the input.

Fish & Chips in London

Just got back from a 10 day tripto London.After reading Simon Majumdars blog I decided to go to The Golden Hind and Masters Superfish in Waterloo. I went on successive days to make a better comparison. I ordered Haddock and Chips at both places.The fish was better at the Golden Hind but the chips were better at Masters. However both places were outstanding as compared to other places I have eaten at on my yearly visits to England. I also had fish and chips at Gordon Ramseys Gastro pub in Chiswick and they did not compare favorably at all. If you go to any of the above two (short on ambiance and frills but great food) you can't go wrong

Jun 03, 2009
Brfoodie in U.K./Ireland

Dinner at Coquette

How about some details. I am thinking of going this weekend. What is your favorie?

May 19, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Patois Friday lunches

Haven't been to Patois for lunch but was extremely pleased with their Sunday brunch- the rabbit was excellent.
Luke has been getting mixed reviews but I have been four times and it has been on the mark all four times.Luke doed lunch everyday so maybe you could do both.

May 17, 2009
Brfoodie in New Orleans

Noodle place on Cranbourne Street, Leicester Sq, London - anyone been?

What should one order? I am planning my trip to London and your posts have been fantastic.

May 17, 2009
Brfoodie in U.K./Ireland

Trip to London Help!!

Thanks for the suggestions.We have been to Roast in Borough Market. Want more of the Pub experience. Went to one of Gordon Ramseys Gastropubs and wasn't wowed at all.

May 15, 2009
Brfoodie in U.K./Ireland