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Sapporo - Kani Tabehoudai (All you can eat crab)

I`m glad you enjoyed it. I`m actually back in Sapporo on Saturday. Can`t want to eat my fill of seafood while I`m there.

Jul 02, 2008
maetel999 in Japan

Leaving for Tokyo on Thursday, need help with my project.

I guess around 5000yen sounds reasonable for me for lunch. 5000-10000 yen for dinner sounds about right for a Michelin star restaurant. I'm trying to keep in mind my audience is mainly students who are foodies but don't quite have the cash to fork out 20000-30000 yen for a meal. Sure Exilekiss, I'll definitely keep you guys posted if I find an good finds. =D

May 07, 2008
maetel999 in Japan

Leaving for Tokyo on Thursday, need help with my project.

Hi, I'm about to return to Tokyo for some spring university classes on Thursday; I'll be there for about a month.
I'm doing a project about good places to eat in Tokyo for affordable prices. If you guys have any suggestions let me know. (exilekiss's blog has been a great help!)
Moreover, it's not limited to restaurants, if you know good pastry, cake, dessert, bread places in Tokyo please let me know.
Also some recommendations of some affordable michelin star restaurants would be nice.
Afterwards, I will be traveling the whole of Japan for another two months.
This will encompass (in this order)
Okinawa Island, Nagasaki, Karatsu, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakodate, Sapporo, Furano, Asahikawa, Shiretoko, Aomori

I'm not too concerned about Osaka or Kyoto, but for some of the other places, suggestions would be great!

Addresses would be helpful, maps even better!
Thank you kindly for any help,

May 06, 2008
maetel999 in Japan

Menya Kissou - Best Ramen in Tokyo! [Review] w/ Pics

that ramen looks amazing. I really miss ramen. Just wanted to say how welcome these posts of yours are. I'll be back in Tokyo for school in 3 weeks and just looking at your pictures from your food blog is enough to drive me insane right now. I'll definitely have to try this place out when I get back.
Keep up the good work!

Apr 13, 2008
maetel999 in Japan

[Review] Tokyo: Ajisen Ramen - Kumamoto Style! Tasty! (w/ Pics)

Really? It was good?
Guess I'll have to try it out again in Shinjuku. I was at Hong Kong airport and went to Ajisen there; the ramen was really terrible. Then again it was at airport, which could explain a lot.

Apr 10, 2008
maetel999 in Japan

Sapporo - Kani Tabehoudai (All you can eat crab)

I just wanted to share a great place I went to for crab in Sapporo. As most of you know Hokkaido is famous for good seafood, especially crab. So if you're there, you must check this place out.

It's about 4200 Yen for the all you can eat. They present an assortment of different crabs and other seafood on a platter. Though I say all you can eat, 1 platter is probably enough for most of us. They also have sushi, but I don't recommend ordering it; it's not very good and just fills you up.

They also have nomihoudai! All you can drink for an additional 1050 yen. Assorted Beer, wine, name it.

The service was great and they showed us the proper technique to get all the meat out of the crab. But be careful as well, they're kinda anal about getting all the meat out of crab. So make sure to scrap it all out! =D

Here's a map of where it is located:
It's the place with red square thing around it.

Here's some pictures of when I went there (there's also a picture of the menu):

Hope this is good info,

Mar 29, 2008
maetel999 in Japan