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Favorite ethnic joints in Baltimore/Baltimore County?

I second Silk Road. Great prices, ethnic food, pleasant accomodating service. Was there tonight, a largish group was in one corner dancing to Russian type of music. BYOB.


My daughter and I just came back from India with a taste for Indian food. The idley and dhosa at Mango Grove are quite authentic with all the chutneys exactly like we had in Chennai and Bangalore. We'll definitely be back.

Yorkshire recommendations

Thanks to all for their recommendations! We got to Magpie Café and Green's in Whitby, the Bull Pub in Broughton, Angel in Hetton, and Star Inn at Harome.

I felt Magpie was so-so; but queuing for the take away fish and chips was an experience.

We never would have found the Bull Pub, Angel, or Star Inn if they hadn't been recommended on Chowhound, really out of the way places. But the food was delicious and we enjoyed eating outdoors during the "heat wave". By evening the temperature was just pleasant.

Thanks for directing us to some excellent experiences in Yorkshire.

Aug 24, 2013
LouiseH in U.K./Ireland

Yorkshire recommendations

Thanks for the additional suggestions!

Jun 13, 2013
LouiseH in U.K./Ireland

Yorkshire recommendations

Thanks for your suggestions! I do have a car and go around the countryside a bit.

Jun 12, 2013
LouiseH in U.K./Ireland

Yorkshire recommendations

I will be in Yorkshire in July and would appreciated some recommendations near Saltburn, Scarborough, Keighley, Skipton, and Whitby. No restrictions on type of food, but recs for restaurants with charm/character would be especially nice.


Jun 10, 2013
LouiseH in U.K./Ireland

Great Sage

In a dissenting opinion, I thought Great Sage was great. Despite the comments previously posted here, my family, which includes two vegetarians, ate at Great Sage Sunday Nov. 7 because the restaurant was donating 10% of the days take to a cause one of us believes in.
The five of us were in and out within an hour; our server was efficient, professional, and helpful. The huevo rancheros and Eggs Baltimore were deemed quite tasty. The vegan Reuben sandwich was very flavorful, as was the side of cole slaw. The only slight dissatisfaction was with the berry smoothie, too sweet.
I'm not one of the vegetarians, much less a vegan, but I'd go to Great Sage any day.

Great Sage
5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, MD 21029

Brique in Centreville, MD

Any Chowhounds been to Brique in Centreville (Queen Anne's County) yet?

What's your opinion?

Centreville, Centreville, MD 21617

(Cheltenham) Daffodil restaurant

After reading recommendations for this restaurant on Chowhound, my husband and I visited Daffodil restaurant in August. We were not disappointed, in fact we returned for another meal later in the week. I particularly liked the fig and goat cheese tart appetizer. The Chicken Supreme entree accompanied by roasted red pepper stuffed with goat cheese and chorizo was a favorite as well.

Aug 25, 2010
LouiseH in U.K./Ireland

Maryland / Baltimore- what are your favorite differences?

They put gravy on fries in Canada.

Restaurant rec., Gallery Place area, DC

Three of us are going to the theater near Gallery Place and Archives metro stations Thurs. evening..
What restaurant(s) would you recommend? We like ethnic, or at least interesting, don't want to spend more than $20 per person. One of us is vegetarian.

Branston Pickle

I tried the "gucci" Giant on Old Court Road in Pikesville. They don't have it.
Thanks anyway.

Branston Pickle

Where can I get Branston Pickle in the Baltimore area? Trader Joe's doesn't have it.