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Lox Flatbread

I have a question for Tehama - how far in advance can you do the salmon on the Triscuits. Having an engagement party in June for my niece and I don't want to have soggy crackers but at the same time I don't want to be in the kitchen when gusts are arriving.

May 06, 2008
ElaineBalto in Recipes


I love avacado any way. I just mash mine and add about 1/2 a can of Rotel.

Apr 29, 2008
ElaineBalto in Recipes

Dark 'n' Stormy

I have traded in my Cosmopolitan for Dark & Stormy as my favorite drink! I used Stewarts GB purchased at a local grocer in Baltimore, Maryland last weekend. One sip of the GB and I was hooked. What a taste sensation! Does anyone know where I can purchase Diet Ginger Beer - I like to watch my calories.

PS. I agree with tizinu - Maryland has some really crazy EtOH laws second only to Pennsylvania

Apr 24, 2008
ElaineBalto in Recipes

Woodberry Kitchen

Went with three friends March 7. The place was hard to find but beautiful inside. Frankly I thought they were pricy. My kitchen burger was dry and salty. The others were not that impressed either - couldn't hear their comments (very loud there) but they were making faces. The tables were too close together. Our waiter while very nice and knowlegable would have been better off with a bullhorn. We could not hear him.