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Date night (for parents) recs for DC (dupont, woodley or downtown)

My husband and I have overnight babysitting tomorrow night! We'd like something on the quiet side - not too expensive - but hip and romantic. We live in Woodley and are going to the movies at E St. for a 10pm show, so anywhere in Woodley/DuPont or downtown.

Firefly? Perrys maybe?

I'm vegetarian. He's not.


Anyone been to Enology yet??

I live in the neighborhood and have been a few times. It's been wonderful each time - we haven't eaten there yet, though. As far as restaurants: 2 Amys and Cactus are across the street, Cafe Deluxe is next door, or walk down to Glover Park for sushi.

Fro-Yo addiction hiatus over, I hope?

I had the green tea flavor and it was awful. Also sampled the pom., which was way too sweet and double blech. Settled on a small plain with cinnamon toast crunch and blueberries - not that bad, but I'll stick with a scoop from Ben & Jerry's or Larry's from now on! Ain't nothing like the real thing...

Lunch around 13th & F NW - suggestions?

Chef Geoff's

Looking for "normal" Italian near the White House

Do NOT go to Tuscana West. Blech.

Luigino is good - and I've always enjoyed Ana Maria's - it's cozy and romantic too. There's also Tomate right down the street from Ana Maria's. they have nice outdoor seating and I think the food's ok.

Ana Maria's my choice!

Dinner w/kids near the Capital Hilton

Olives is right across the street from the hotel. Italian food and loud - 2 8 yr olds won't be noticed! There are a bunch of sandwich places around there for the office crowd, but it's pretty upscale other than that.

If you'll be heading to the museums, Matchbox is perfect - be sure to make a reservation - it's always crowded. Ella's pizza is also great - also in Chinatown, near the Spy Museum if you're heading there.

Oyamel recently

I lvoe Oyamel, but it's not "sexy". I'd do La Tasca if you want something a little more intimate. Or Rasika, which is right around the corner - I love Rasika for date night. Proof and Poste are also close - while Poste isn't sexy, it's got a great outdoor courtyard. Proof can be sexy and intimate as well.

What's a good spot for a picnic in DC?

Rock Creek Park! Anywhere!
I prefer the lawns by the nature/horse center, but you can also drive back and just pick a spot.

Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown is beautiful
as well

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent


Java Green
Juice Joint
Au Bon Pain - I love their soup!


Open City Diner
Lebanese Taverna take out
Vace (I'm lucky enough to live 2 blocks from Vace)
Ivy's Place (Thai in Cleveland Park next to the fire station on Conn. The peanut sauce is unbelievable)
2 Amys
Cactus Cantina
So's Your Mom (in Adams Morgan on Colombia next to Bank of America)
Mr. Chen's in Woodley Park - really great Chinese!

Early Morning in the District

The Diner (in Adams Morgan) is 24 hrs. Open City Diner (in Woodley Park) is open at 6 am. I can't think of anything in Penn Quarter open so early. Tryst opens around 6 - I think.

How about best veggie burgers/dogs in DC?

Ripping off the Baltimore veggie burger thread: I've had the veggie burgers at Open City - LOVED it. More of a falafel/grain experince. FYI - I think Boca burgers are disgusting (like the Johnny Rockets type)

Any other places I'm missing? How about for veggie dogs?

2 days in DC: Best Vegeterian????

Java Green on 19th between K&L (deli place that's all veggie/vegan)

Raku in Dupont (Asian)

Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park

Indique in Cleveland Park (Indian)

They're all my favorite reasonable places (all on the red line)

Visiting next week - suggestions for kid-welcome spots center city/old city

We'll be in Philly next weekend Fri-Sunday. Staying at Broad and Locust. We have a 4.5 yr old daughter who is also an adventurous eater.

Already have reservations at Susannah Foo for Friday night (I grew up in Philly and this was my fave when it first opened!) Is it still a great place?

We need:

Saturday and Sunday breakfast (any good bagel shops/cafes near Broad and Locust)?
Saturday lunch in Old City/Rittenhouse Sq (we're doing the Liberty Bell and Const. Hall)
Saturday dinner (maybe a great Italian place)
Sunday lunch (near Franklin Institute/Please Touch)

We'd like to keep it casual - we will be doing the tourist thing the entire weekend.


Mar 19, 2008
dcveggiemom in Pennsylvania

Progressive Bachelorette in Chinatown

You need to go to Proof at some point (wine bar)

I think cheese should be a great option instead of apps.

Oya has pretty decent desserts, but I'm not much of a dessert fan.

4 vegetable tasting at Citronelle?

Restaurant Eve was absolutely fabulous. It's a beautiful restaurant, great cocktails and the veggies prepared were just amazing.

seeking baby friendly, casual, moderate $ DC restaraunt that takes reserv

Ew, just visiting - a little kidphobic?

There are quite a few family-friendly NON CHAIN restaurants. Not all people hate kids! I refuse to subject my child to the food of a chain restaurant or a fast food place. They are people and deserve to be wherever other people are allowed. If I want to bring my child to a "fine dining" venue, then I will bring my child to one. I've taught her to behave, thank you very much.

My recommendations:


2Amys is great if you get there early
Cafe Deluxe

Chef Geoff's downtown


The "trendy" restaurants tend to be so loud that it doesn't matter if you have kids or not.