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HK: What's my best bet for seafood?

Hi again!

Is Lei Yue Mun the place for seafood? We're hoping for some fresh fish, shrimps, and clams.

We can't decide on a dimsum venue. Help!

Thank you for making this so easy for me. On my list it goes..... :) With that said, is FLM better for dinner instead of Dim Sum?

We can't decide on a dimsum venue. Help!

Thank you all for your reply. I have actually managed to secure us a reservation at LKH. I figure better to get the reservation and cancel later when we've decided. :)

Having read more, we've now decided to drop Tim Ho wan. You're right, PhilD, it's starting to look like a hype than anything else. Thanks for the confirmation :)

So now, after LKH, the choice is between MW and FLM, although leaning more and more towards FLM. In the end, I don't think we'd go very wrong with any of these choices.

Thank you for narrowing our choices and Charles, for even suggesting an effective strategy. We definitely speak the same language :) When it comes to eating, I wish I was a cow (cows have 4 stomaches).

We are scheduled to be in HK in Oct and we're very excited.

We can't decide on a dimsum venue. Help!

I thought the food reviews would make it an easy decision, but it had instead confused us even more. We are in HK for only 7 days and we have 2 "openings" for dimsum. WE know we want to try Tim Ho Wan, but what should be the other? We have shortlisted dim sum options as follows:

- Lung King Heen
- Man Wah
- Fook Lam Moon
- Yan Toh Heen

Please help. *totally confused*


HK Sunday Buffet - the 2012 thread

Which Marriott is this? The JW marriott or...? Is it the The Lounge or Marriott Cafe, if at the JW Marriott?

Is there good, reasonably priced sushi in London?

I love sushi and I'm always searching for good ones. And I'm saying that Atari-ya is pretty darn good. It is located just off Oxford street, just across from the Bond station. They cater essentially for take out. Check it out and confirm what I'm telling you.

Aug 01, 2012
HappyTraveling in U.K./Ireland

[LONDON] Hakkasan or Yauatcha?

I have only room for 1 chinese meal. I'm torn between Hakkasan and Yauatcha.
What'll be your pick?

Jul 17, 2009
HappyTraveling in U.K./Ireland

London: Where to buy Primataste pastes?

I heard that it's possible to buy Primataste pastes/premixes in UK.
Where can I find a good selection? in Chinatown? Specific store name?

Feb 12, 2009
HappyTraveling in U.K./Ireland

London: Wagamama or Abeno Too?

Will be in London for a long weekend and have a 'slot' open for fastfood Japanese.
Which should I go for ?

Feb 03, 2009
HappyTraveling in U.K./Ireland

Mother's Day brunch in Vancouver?

What is your recommendation for Mother's Day brunch in Vancouver?

Great food is the focus, while price and ambiance are not a priority : )

Any suggestion/recommendation will be appreciated...........


VANCOUVER BC - sushi & dim sum

I think bpeck meant to say was 'kirin SEAFOOD' : )

And I second the recommendations
- Kirin restaurant chain (they have 4 locations)
- Sun Sui Wah

patisseries, bakeries, dessert houses etc.

Do you all mean Anna's Cakes?
I can't seem to find Ann's Cakes.

Can someone recommend a good chinese restaurant in Manchester?

Appreciate any recommendation(s)!

Sep 11, 2006
HappyTraveling in U.K./Ireland

Sunday lunch/brunch in Vancouver?

I believe we paid about CAD45 each person.

Sunday lunch/brunch in Vancouver?

We enjoyed a good sunday brunch buffet at the Cafe Pacifica located in Pan Pacific Hotel (at Canada Place).

as quoted on their website:
"Vancouver's most popular Sunday Market Brunch features fresh local seafood, colour salads, succulent fruits, dim sum, omelettes, wok dishes, carved roasts of the day and decadent desserts. And that's only the beginning! There's also live music, friendly smiles, and a stunning view of Vancouver's famous harbour."

check out:

Senyor Parellada in Barcelona - Photo report

Hi Perceptor,
Your photo reports are very enticing!

While this is not a food related question, can you kindly tell me how you manage to capture such amazing shots of the interior of the restaurants? Do you use a tripod while opening the aperture and/or shutter speed?...or are these on auto mode?
What camera are you using, btw?
Any tip is appreciated. thanks

Sep 06, 2006
HappyTraveling in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona in August

We stayed near the Placa Catalunya area and considering how central and accessible the location is to the public transportation, I would stay in the same area in a heart beat.

Check out these hotels:
(we stayed at the Hotel Continental Palacete, but do check out the sister hotel too).

Check out the gastronomic pages of our eating "expedition" in Barcelona :
Our favorites were: L'Olive (not documented) and Taller de Tapas. See to be convinced.

To have a better idea of the restaurants, you should also check out:

Have fun. We sure did.......

Jul 09, 2006
HappyTraveling in Spain/Portugal