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Liverwurst: any real stuff left, and where?

Blue Danube is a Hungarian sausage house that also makes their own smoked and unsmoked liverwurst. It's a short bus ride south on Islington from the Islington subway station. They also have wonderful fresh meats; our family swears by their prime rib steaks. Hungarians come from all over the GTA and points beyond.

If you're making the trip, then you should walk a couple of blocks to Vatra Cheese & Deli (1092 Islington Ave 416-237-0297

Catering suggestions in central Etobicoke

We ended up having The Canadiana cater a roast beef dinner. Not what I would choose for a party, but it suited this group, the price fit our budget, and the folks I dealt with at The Canadiana were great to work with.

By the way, this is The Canadiana at 5230 Dundas St W, in Six Points plaza, not the one by the beer store in Mimico.

South Etobicoke Report (Long)

Didier sold Le Petit France over a year ago. I'm not sure what he's doing now.

Driving the 401 - Toronto to Montreal

I second this recommendation. When we're passing through Kingston at mealtime, Lukes is our preferred choice. Friendly service and great food!

"Loblaw Great Food" - it ain't Wegman's

We live near the Burnhamthorpe Market. While it looks spiffed up after the remodelling, the merchandise doesn't really seem to have changed much to justify the "Great" superlative. As Embee says, there's lots of staff. I was there last Saturday afternoon, and there were cashiers looking for something to do!


Thanks for the suggestions, CampySD, I'll pass them along to my daughter.

Huge Chowfind: Chodang Soon Tofu

The 30 Lambton goes along Dundas; there' s a bus stop across the street from Chodang. The 30 goes into Kipling, not Islington station. It doesn't run very often, so if a bus isnt there, take a 45 or 46 from Kipling, get off at Dundas and walk three minutes east along Dundas to get to the restaurant.

Catering suggestions in central Etobicoke

I'm helping to organize a church banquet for 120 people in central Etobicoke. Any recommendations for caterers that could bring in the main course for this size of crowd?

Huge Chowfind: Chodang Soon Tofu

Thanks for putting us onto Chodang Soon Tofu, ACD. I've been four times, and always enjoy it immensely. The food is great, the owners are very welcoming, and such a bargain!

The rice has barley in it. I'm not sure if that's what gives it the purple colour.


My daughter and I were in Fredericton last week to check out UNB.

While walking around downtown, we looked at the menus for the ethnic restaurants mentioned here. Mains are all at least $3 to $5 more than we're used to paying in Toronto.

We ended up at El Burro Loco. In contrast to the reviews here, our service was okay, but the food was mediocre and pricy. Frozen peas and corn in a Mexican taco?

She loves UNB, but isn't looking forward to the lack of decent, inexpensive ethnic food. I guess she'll be cooking in the residence kitchen to get her ethnic fix!