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Shumi in Somerville

Thanks for the replies. I was not looking for a validation of my impressions, as much as sincere opinions (without the rancor of some posters [I have to say I have enjoyed the recommendations of both rgr and bgut, but they can both be very critical of posters' opinions, especially re: Nicholas]. If either happens to read this I hope they are kind]. That being said, I think gwh
's assessment is correct. Basically, raw fish takes a huge precedent over cooked items at Shumi. My question is why can't there be a balance between the two? THAT would make for a destination place. Good eatin everyone!!!!

Sep 19, 2009
augustus67 in Mid-Atlantic

Shumi in Somerville

Went there last week for the first time last week for a special occasion based upon glowing recommendations from this board. I enjoyed the food, and found the decor to be fine and warm. Service was also nice. That being said I did not find it to be special jewel so many have proclaimed it to be (maybe we ordered the wrong stuff?), and I would not go out of my way for it again when there are other comparable alternatives closer to me.

Started with an order of shumai and gyoza. Shumai was okay, but tasted like shumai at most Japanese restaurants, ie. okay but I suspect frozen, mass-produced, not home-made (could anyone confirm or dispel that assumption with confidence?). Gyoza was also just okay, but appeared to be home-made.

For mains we had the sushi/sashimi for 2, an order of the ramen, and an order of the tempura udon. First, the sushi/sashimi was good with a nice variety. It certainly tasted very fresh, which should be standard but is not always so. Highlights were the tuna sushi and sashimi and the spicy mussels.

Then, for me, a test of the quality of a true Japanese restaurant, the udon. The udon part was excellent. The tempura part, not so much. The udon had a nice, flavorful, clear broth. The tempura shrimp had far too much batter. Adding excessive amounts of batter does not mask the use of smaller shrimp, it actually calls attention to it. Either use larger shrimp with less batter and charge more, or use the same size shrimp with less batter. After the first bite I had to strip off about 2/3 of the batter. That being said the tempura batter was of perfect consistency, and it was very well fried (just use less of it!). So overall, very good udon.

Ramen was okay. Pork in it was overcooked. Broth was good, but a little bland (kind of the opposite problem from the ramen broth at Momofuku in NYC which could have been good, but was way too salty. A halfway point between the two would be ideal). Had the regular size order, which was very generous.

Overall, very good, but not the sublime experience so many people have written about here which would make it a destination spot, imho.

Sep 16, 2009
augustus67 in Mid-Atlantic

is there any good pizza in somerset county?

The best I have found is Lubrano's in Somerset (the town), but it is a litlle inconsistent, and I suspect there is better around (in Somerset county/Rutgers area). Pleeeeeeeeeeeease help. Thanks!!!

Apr 28, 2009
augustus67 in Mid-Atlantic

MY REVIEW: Somerset Diner, Somerset, NJ; Diner Food and More

This is a very mediocre diner. They take a lot of shortcuts with their food, especially with dinner. I guess they are okay for breakfast or for a burger. Beyond that I would not expect to much. Went there for dinner with parents, and they have had some mediocre experiences there, so they ordered what they thought was a safe option-a grilled cheese sandwich. This place could not handle it. Excessively greasy bread put together haphazardly, with a couple of slices of cheese in the center so that about a third of the sandwich had no cheese. That really convinced me that this place is for breakfast or a burger, but little else.

Oct 27, 2008
augustus67 in Mid-Atlantic

Please help with Wildwood rec's!!!!!!!!!! Please.

Sorry, I want to ask for help. I am taking my parents to Wildwood for a long weekend, and I need rec's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (but for dinner-reasonable but reliable places. I just want you to know how much your rec's mean. My father is blind, but comes from an era where food is not as plentiful and delicious as it is now (and has been for a while). Therefore, one of his few pleasures is a good meal. So thank you in advance for your help.

Jul 23, 2008
augustus67 in Mid-Atlantic

Please help!!! Need rec for b-day dinner in Somerset NJ. Anything nice.

my parents live in somerset. thank you for your suggestions one and all. much appreciated.

Jun 15, 2008
augustus67 in Mid-Atlantic

Please help!!! Need rec for b-day dinner in Somerset NJ. Anything nice.

Regardless of cuisine, just need a recommendation for a good place to eat in Somerset area. Thanks.

Jun 13, 2008
augustus67 in Mid-Atlantic

Diners in Somerset County, NJ

Any recommendations for a good diner in Somerset County? Closest one to me is the Somerset Diner on Easton Ave. and I amnot really too thrilled with it.

Mar 18, 2008
augustus67 in Mid-Atlantic