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Need some Denver Recommendations

Hi Everyone,

I know its annoying when someone from out of town wants some suggestions. Its easy to the forums. But, I was hoping to get some advice from the locals.

I am taking a lady (who is from Denver) to dinner and I have never been to Denver so I know nothing. I would like a nice romantic place, smaller perhaps... My goal is to take her to a place that may not be well known to someone who lives in Colorado. I guess I am looking for something in the Denver/Aurora area.

For my initial search (first 8 pages of "Denver" search) I came up with the following:


What should I add to the list of possibilities?

Feb 26, 2009
monkeyrra in Southwest

Pho/Tempe/Scott romantic rec

Oh man...I have found gold. I love this site. Can't wait to search my own town here in Cali.

Until then I have been lurking for the past 4 hours for a restaurant somewhere in the Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale area. Of coarse good food is a must, but I want a smaller restaurant that is not EXTREMELY well known. I will be taking someone out who has been in the area for only a few years and would like to impress her by taking her to a nice restaurant that hopefully she has never heard of. A small, romantic environment is a requirement.

I have decided on Coronado Cafe' for the moment and was wondering if anyone can think of a better restaurant for me to consider.

Restaurants I have ruled out:
Radio Milano
Chelsea Kitchen

Any other recommendations or if you feel I should reconsider any of the restaurants I ruled out?

Thanks in advance

Mar 17, 2008
monkeyrra in Phoenix