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good local eats: Hartford, Worcester, Pittsfield

Next week actually. From the 17th to the weekend. Thus, the what's in season notes a wonderful.

good local eats: Hartford, Worcester, Pittsfield

I don't yet know if the group plans to do any excursions. Please do tell any way for areas south just in case. Thank you.

good local eats: Hartford, Worcester, Pittsfield

Oh, thank you for the diner report. Do any of them do any must order dishes (breakfast, desserts, etc)?

good local eats: Hartford, Worcester, Pittsfield

I'm a Floridian that has not ever been to these locations in the Northeast. I would really love recommendations for local favs on food and drink in all three locations.

Are there any food dishes or home brews specific to your area or the Northeast in general? Please do tell.
Any local specific local eateries/breweries that do those treats really well? Please share.
All recommendation welcome from snacks to desserts.

Time frame: a week in Harford, 5 days in Worcester, and 3 days in Pittsfield.

Thank again in advance for educating a visitor who wants to see your area like a local.

Mongolian BBQ South Florida

There used to be a spot on NW 163rd street. It was one of two Chinese restaurants next to each other. Don't know if its still there. Haven't been in years.

Happy hunting.

Mar 30, 2008
theaterdrm in Florida

Vegas Bars Serving Real Drinks

Wow, this is a great thread to revive.

I just arrived in Vegas and am dying to find a place (restuarant or bar) that makes drinks well. I'm talking the old style coctails, like a Sidecar.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind paying a lot for drinks if they are THAT good.

Aug 09, 2007
theaterdrm in Southwest

Quiet place for lunch near Boca

You could try the Tin Muffin, which is a couple of blocks further east on Palmetto Park from Charley's Carb. Cute little place with nice food and a relaxed place.

They are only open for lunch. I would call and check their hours before you go.

Jan 21, 2007
theaterdrm in Florida

Good meal near Miami airport

Yes, most eating areas are not within walking distance from the airport, but there are buses that regularly travel up and down LeJeune (42nd street). I think its the 42 bus that will take you right in the area of the good eating locations that you are requesting, such as Little Havana and Miracle Mile in Coral Gables.

Jul 23, 2006
theaterdrm in Florida

seeking good local eats in Buffalo, NY

Hello! My apologies for the last minute request. I'm going to visiting relatives in Buffalo for a week and am seeking any recommendations for locally specific eats. Inexpensive is most preferrable.

Is there anything that stands out for you as a local that brings you comfort/joy? That's what I'm seeking. Ideas:
Hole in the walls places; homegrown; microbrews (not necessary but seeking locally made if any of note); great dessert/dish made by said person who's been doing it for ? years, etc.

I have already made note of Zetti's pizza, which is not too far from Clarence, where my relatives are.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you.