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Need restaurant recommendation in Glendale/Pasadena area

I'll second Smitty's, Houston's and Meat District. I also have had good experiences at AKA Bistro in Old Town Pasadena.

And as much as I'd like to second Old School Eatery, I have had such inconsistent service there I just can't recommend it.

Dec 17, 2014
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

It's Healthy Organic Food but like having a Uptown Banana Split with all the extras

Welcome back! Your carne asada/salsa posts from a few years back greatly improved my tailgating experiences - I still owe you a thank you for that!

And The Salad Box menu sounds delicious - I'm not over that way often but next time I am I will be sure to check them out.

Nov 10, 2014
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - November 2014 [Old]

Pumpkin bread pudding. In the freezer section.

Luckily I'm not the only one in the house obsessed with it - otherwise I'd likely polish it off in a day.

Nov 06, 2014
RoxyGrl in Chains

Copenhagen Pastry in Pasadena

Thanks Karen! We have heard great things and are looking forward to having you in the neighborhood.

Oct 27, 2014
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Copenhagen Pastry in Pasadena

I don't recall exactly, just saw it as I was driving past. It is on the North side of Colorado, just East of Rosemead

Oct 27, 2014
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Copenhagen Pastry in Pasadena

I noticed this weekend that the sign is up (NE corner near Rosemead and Colorado) - anyone know if an opening date has been announced yet?

Oct 27, 2014
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

BOV800XL Breville Smart Oven

I have it as I frequently store things on top of the oven and this prevents melting, etc.

It's certainly not a necessity, but I have found it pretty handy and have used it for serving crackers/cheese/etc on occasion.

Sep 03, 2014
RoxyGrl in Cookware

Best Ice Cream Parlor in LA (like Farrells used to be)

Ahh, someone else remembers Morgan's! Mr Morgan lived across the street from me when I was a kid and on 4th of July would give all us neighborhood kids free ice cream.
What I wouldn't give to go back and visit that shop just one more time!

Jul 05, 2014
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

How to ask guest to pay for meal/drinks at dinner?

Hear hear JT!!

Threads like this make me eternally grateful for my friends and family who understand events like this are about spending time with people they care for, not about obsessing over etiquette or griping because someone did something differently than they would have.

Jojo, I think some of the more helpful (and recommended) suggestions on wording above would be fine. And I hope your husband has a wonderful time.

May 14, 2014
RoxyGrl in Not About Food

Vicious Dogs - Sierra Madre

Just noticed that Vicious Dogs is going in to the old Mountain View Restaurant location at Sierra Madre Blvd and Baldwin. Have never been but am thinking it might be a good addition to the neighborhood. Anyone have any opinions or insight?

Jan 11, 2014
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Best way to bring smoothies to work?

I love the Klean Kanteen products. The insulated bottles have all sorts of lid options - some of which are spill proof while others are not. An extra benefit is that it will keep the contents cold for hours.

If you have an REI near you they carry bottles and lids


Jan 02, 2014
RoxyGrl in Cookware

Best Cheeses from Trader Joes [moved from Los Angeles area board]

Try the Cinnamon Toscano with the Raisin Rosemary crisps. So Delicious!!!

Oct 28, 2013
RoxyGrl in Chains

I got Fritos! Where's the Chili?

My vote goes to Dog Haus in Pasadena (and Alhambra). Their tater tots with chili and cheese? It may kill me but I am pretty sure I don't care.

Oct 22, 2013
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Help turn my Smoothie into a Super-Smoothie!

In no particular order, I sometimes add chia seeds, greek yogurt, protein powder, kale/spinach and/or coconut milk

Aug 16, 2013
RoxyGrl in Home Cooking

Need Rec for Meet-Up for friends to meet the baby.

Golden Road Brewery in Glendale has long communal tables, counter-ordering and, obviously, beer. No hard liquor but there are indoor and outdoor tables and a nice casual atmosphere.

Jun 04, 2013
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

AYCE Korean BBQ?

Oo-Kook just opened a location on Rosemead Blvd in Temple City (where Sizzler used to be located).

Apr 15, 2013
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Recipes from Smitten Kitchen blog.....what are your favorites??

I recently found myself with a few slightly overripe pears and, after a google search, made her Roasted Pear and Dark Chocolate scones. I tossed them in the freezer and pulled a couple out a few Sundays later and popped them in the oven. Those few minutes of work very nearly resulted in a marriage proposal... to say they were a hit would be an understatement.

Feb 19, 2013
RoxyGrl in Home Cooking

Bahooka is Closing

I have, a couple of times. More for the flaming drink bowls than the food but it was a nice option to have. I will miss it.

Feb 16, 2013
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Monrovia Canyon Park

If casual is okay I'm a huge fan of The Market Grill in Monrovia. No ambiance to speak of but great burgers, sandwiches and salads.


Nov 07, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Last Minute Advice (Today) on 1 Lunch, Ice Cream, and Dinner. Visiting from SF!

The best and worst part about Mother Moo's location? I can walk there.....

Oct 25, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Orleans Corner, Arcadia... anyone been?

Monrovia Market Grill would be a better choice (IMHO)

Oct 06, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant suggestions near Dodgers Stadium

My choice would be Mexicali Taco but it's very casual (order at counter, etc).

Aug 23, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Xanthan Gum

Any store with a decent selection of Bob's Red Mill products. Think I got mine at Ralph's

Jul 01, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Funniest Thing a Server Said to You

Very high end establishment - 12 fabulous courses, wine pairings, 4+ hour event. During the cheese course somehow one slipped from the waiter's hand, bounced off the cart, flew halfway across the room and rolled underneath an older gentleman's chair. A nearby waiter snapped it up and deadpanned "don't worry about it sir, we'll just grate that on your pasta later".

Also, not a server, but my brother the chef was in town visiting and wanted to check out the cleaver selection at a small shop in an alley in Chinatown. It was after dark when he arrived and asked to see their knives - the clerk looked around, leaned over and asked "for cooking? or for keeling?" Fair question I suppose, but a little disconcerting. We headed to the car shortly after ;-)

Jun 11, 2012
RoxyGrl in Not About Food

Restaurant near San Gabriel High

Big 2nd to Dog Haus - esp with kids

410 E Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801

Jun 09, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Where should I get a gift card from for an advanced home baker w/ limited supplies?

Second this!

Jun 08, 2012
RoxyGrl in Cookware

Pho-Licious - Delicious Pho in Arcadia

I was there last night as well and am heating up my leftovers as I type this. Ate too many shrimp spring rolls and couldn't finish my entree!

Everything was excellent, as usual.

Apr 20, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Long Beach breakfast joints, there seem to a plethora of joints in just very few blocks...

I've always enjoyed my breakfasts at the Coffee Cup

Mar 27, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast in Arcadia

if it was me... I'd probably hit Market Grill for lunch and then Merengue for potato balls and pastries to go.

Just a suggestion!

Mar 13, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast in Arcadia

It's my understanding one of Portos bakers defected and helped launch Merengue. Not sure if he is still there but I haven't noticed any change in the menu or quality that would lead me to believe he isn't.

Mar 12, 2012
RoxyGrl in Los Angeles Area